Why Was Tom Hagen Arrested In ‘The Lorenskog Disappearance’?

“The Lorenskog Disappearance” is a 2022 Norwegian series streaming on Netflix. This show highlights Norway’s unsolved case associated with the disappearance of Anne Elisabeth-Hagen. Well, her husband, Tom Hagen, was a Norwegian businessman, and he claimed that his wife had been kidnapped since they spotted a ransom letter in the house. But there were no signs of break-ins or forensic evidence. Forty-six days passed, and the police officer assigned to this case drew all the conclusions, but there were no clues left. The kidnappers stopped communicating, and now there was a high chance that they had no intentions of sending Anne back. Moreover, the officers get a huge clue through Anne’s past as she had fallen in love with one of her friends. Since then, it was believed that Tom wanted to punish her, and in this process, Anne had to sign prenuptial agreements as well. Naturally, a millionaire would always leave resources behind for the family, but in Anne’s case, she would only receive a car and a house that was provided by her parents. Through this point, the officers had to present the case publicly since these restrictions created hindrances in their work.

People began questioning the motives behind this abduction, as this case could be a premeditated violent attack. Tom might have planned this for months or years. Journalists, in this case, highlighted possibilities that are directly connected to Anne’s affair, as Tom might be seeking vengeance for being hurt, and guess what? If he’s responsible for this murder, he’s hurting everyone who had truly loved her. But the case took a different turn when Tom Hagen’s lawyer received a ransom call again. The kidnapper asked for one million euros within 24 hours, and this money was supposed to be paid through bitcoin. According to the kidnapper, Anne was very sick and needed urgent medical treatment to stay alive. Even though the officers had a theory from Tom’s perspective, the case didn’t have enough evidence since the kidnappers carried out the entire communication through the computer.

Tom was not tech-savvy and could barely use the computer. Meanwhile, Tom Hagen’s lawyer went through fifteen thousand pages of evidence to make sure he didn’t miss out on the perspectives of the officers. At the court hearing, the officers asked for four weeks of custody without any correspondence with the media or Tom’s family. The authorities laid out evidence that demonstrates reasonable suspicion. The forensics discovered Tom Hagen’s blood on the scene and that someone had tried to clean it up. Moreover, Tom’s statements were inconsistent as he manipulated the call log on his mobile phone by deleting two calls made to Anne on the day she disappeared. The major evidence of Tom and Anne’s relationship was their marriage. Both of them were planning to get separated. But the family complained about mistakes from the officer’s side as well.

According to Tom’s family, the officers asked for his theories, so he explained his doubts regarding certain people who might be seeking revenge for his fortune. But later, they used this evidence against Tom. But there’s no confirmation of all those findings. The forensic department secured divorce papers from Tom Hagen’s house, and even though Anne had signed them, Tom didn’t. The lawyers were able to determine the reason behind the deleted call logs. According to them, the phone had the capacity to save only six calls to a person. So that explained the deletion of two extra calls from his mobile. The officers assigned to the case were bashed by the media for presenting weak arguments in court. Well, in another way, Tom knew about the bitcoin dealings as it was commonly used for abductions around the world. But even though the officers had been working on the case for the last 18 months, none of the clues linked to Anne’s abduction.

Soon, the officers get a hold of a Vestfold gang who are connected to the dealings in cryptocurrency. Through this, they encounter a man named Mattis, who says he has known Tom for a very long time. Mattis worked under Peter Vam, and together they scammed rich men through beautiful women. All these moments were captured, and their private photos were used as evidence to extract money from them. Well, guess what? Astoria had connections with Tom, and she worked under Peter to scam rich men. Moreover, Tom visited her often. Well, Edon and the Kirap gang had connections with Peter. One evening, Edon drove to Lorenskog, and the next day, Edon came back with a lady in a sack. However, the series showed that Edon had visited Tom’s house that evening, and there are chances that the random lady was Anne. Towards the end of “The Lorenskog Disappearance,” Mattis was found hanging in his cell. Well, now two years have passed, but Anne is still missing to this day.

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