Is ‘The Lorenskog Disappearance’ Based On A True Story? What Happened To Anne Elisabeth-Hagen In The End?

Based on a true story, “The Lorenskog Disappearance” on Netflix is a 2022 Norwegian crime drama series with five episodes. On October 31, 2018, 69-year-old Anne Elisabeth-Hagen was abducted from her residence. Her news quickly spread like wildfire as she was Tom Hagen’s wife. He is a Norwegian businessman, and to this day, he holds the rank of Norway’s 172nd wealthiest person. Well, this kidnapping caused huge havoc in Norway, and it is one of the most ambiguous cases since 2018. Even though the creators of this series claim that many scenes have been fictionalized, this abduction still happened in broad daylight. Only some characters and dialogues have been changed to instill some dramatic effect in the story. The Norwegian authorities get a 911 call from Tom as Anne goes missing mysteriously, and the kidnappers leave a strange letter behind. They demand a ransom of 9 million euros in the form of cryptocurrency so that none of the transactions can be traced. It’s pretty normal for her to leave the house door open as their surroundings were peaceful all the time.

Anne failed to answer Tom’s calls, and this worried him extremely, so he decided to check up on her. Well, this way, he found out about the kidnapping, and despite having a risk of losing his wife, Tom did the right thing by informing the cops. Anne’s investigation was not open for any discussion since they had to maintain secrecy, a covert operation to avoid getting Anne murdered. The authorities appoint Holger and Anne from Kripos to work with Jorunn and Michael. The officers were extremely frustrated since they had no leads to determine the cause. Holger was aware of the consequences, as they could lose witnesses to this case, and delaying these clues could put Anne’s life in more danger. At this point, questioning the family was the best resort. The officers put in maximum effort to conclude the reasons for this abduction, and everything was done privately as well.

But nothing mattered as the case didn’t show any light. They tried to draw out many possibilities, and this included another fact that Anne might have run away to start a new life, but none of these explanations sat well with the case. Tom claimed to have a strong feeling that someone was watching him on the night before his wife went missing. Even though he didn’t spot anyone, this feeling was extremely unsettling for him to experience. Through the CCTV footage, Jorunn and Michael got a hold of the mysterious car that was parked behind the house, and Michael had also spotted a strange man outside Tom’s company. Now the fingers were pointed at Darius Petrauskas, a criminal who was serving 13 months for a violent crime in Lithuania. He owned a house in Raelingan, and all the windows were blocked, and the officers doubted that this person was hiding someone inside the house.

But there was no one there. At this point, people began concluding that Anne left on her own since she had nothing to claim for herself. The officers appoint a cryptocurrency specialist to contact the kidnappers, but after eight days, they respond by telling her to send the money as soon as possible or else they would kill her. But guess what? None of them can trace the kidnappers. Soon they were able to track the IP address of a person named Ole Henrik Golf, as all the transactions were done from his IP. There were several questionable factors in the case, as after 14 days, the forensics traced the blood stains on Anne’s staircase. But Jorunn was confused, and Jorunn wanted to know why the kidnappers had put so much effort into cleaning the blood but not the drag marks. It’s been more than a month, but still, the cops didn’t have a single clue about Anne’s disappearance.

The case takes a different turn when Anne’s best friend comes forward with her statement. Well, Anne had spent the majority of her time with her since her marriage with Tom was volatile. She had to agree with everything he wanted, and Anne even confessed to abandoning him someday. Well, the officers were convinced that Tom was hiding something from them. Moreover, according to their prenuptial agreement, Anne would never receive anything from his property. It was more than eight weeks since there was no clue or response from the kidnappers, and they’d stopped responding to the crypto messages as well. Through Anne’s search history, they were able to get a hold of details that were related to the divorce.

In reality, after two years of investigation, Tom Hagen was arrested in 2020. Even after questioning, Tom didn’t reveal anything about Anne’s disappearance, and he claimed all the charges were false. According to the officer, the entire kidnapping scenario was initiated to deceive the authorities. But there’s no evidence whether Anne is still alive or not. The officers are still looking for a loophole where they can find a way to figure out the crime. Moreover, Ole Henrik Golf was never a part of this kidnapping. His identity was sold off through the dark web, and many crimes were registered under his name. Maybe in the future, the authorities will shed more light on the case, but as of now, there’s no improvement in the proceedings of the case.

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