The Final Quest In ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2, Explained

Quest four of Physical: 100 ended with four contestants being chosen as the finalists. The penultimate game of the show was the most stressful, changing, and heartbreaking, as each finalist was chosen after fighting against their respective teammates. It can’t have been easy fighting teammates for the coveted finalist position, but they managed to get through it, and the game show finally got to the finale episode.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Were The Finalists?

The four finalists of the show were Hong Beom-seok, Justin, Andre Jin, and Amotti. All of them beat their team members in the game of pulling a 150-kg roller across the arena. They fought against their worst instincts and never gave up on themselves. This individualistic game allowed the men to focus on themselves and was probably one of the reasons why they made it to the final round. These contestants were taken to the arena for the final quest. Unbeknownst to any of them, the rest of the nineteen contestants would be watching the finale from the comfort of a room allotted to them. 


Since all of them had the experience of taking part in games with the finalists, they were aware of their strengths and weaknesses. It was essential for them to know who among the strongest men would be dubbed the winner. The whole point of Physical: 100 was to find out who had the perfect physique of all the hundred participants who took part in it. 

What Are The Rounds In The Final Quest?

The final quest of the show would have three rounds, and the last man standing after the completion of them would be the winner of the show, and he would take a whopping $300 million with him. The four men are excited to be taking part in the toughest parts of the game that will test their patience, and arm, waist, and leg strength, followed by the power to finish every game in their favor. The first round of the final quest involved ropes. The four men were supposed to be holding onto their ceramic torsos that they would end up breaking in case of elimination. The same torso would decide their fate in the game if they held onto them as long as they could. 


Any one of them losing their grip over the rope would be eliminated from the first round. The theme of the three rounds in the final quest was to test the endurance of all the men. The rope test would also prove the contestants would have to work on their power to maintain their grip as long as they could and as much as they could. 

Who Was Eliminated From The First Round?

The first round began with all the men holding on to the rope as tightly as they could and strategizing to make sure they wouldn’t lose hold of it. The men gave everything in their capacity to hold on to the rope for a brief period. Many assumed the game would end quickly because no one was sure if the men would be capable of it. This round went on for a while until Justin began to lose his grip. Justin was the first one out of four finalists to be eliminated from the last quest of the show. Just like everyone else, he had to break the bust to mark his exit from Physical: 100. Justin was not a crowd favorite, and he surprised many of his by making it this far. 


What Were ‘Infinite Squats’ About?

The second round of the final quest was named Infinite Squats. The rules of this round were simple: Hong Beom-seok, Andre Jin, and Amotti would have to squat while holding a weight when the whistle rang. Since the round is named Infinite Squats, the three of them would have to follow the whistle and continue doing the activity. They would receive a brief break when the weight was increased, as it would be filled with more coal. The second round was not an easy task to fulfill, as it would test their power to hold onto the weight and the ability of their core to withstand the weight. The favorite person in this round was Amotti. Round two began, and it took a toll on Andre Jin, whose height was a hindrance to squatting. The weight kept increasing as the amount of coal was added. Hong Beom-seok and Amotti were unstoppable, while André Jin was losing the game. His legs gave up, and André Jin was the second elimination in the final quest. Andre Jin, just like Justin, was not the usual suspect, but it was interesting to find him in the finals, getting defeated by two of the fittest people on the show. 

Who Won “Physical: 100” Season Two?

The third round of the final quest would be fought between Hong Beom-seok and Amotti. This round includes both men using all their might to push a pole in the same direction and knock off a steel post. This was the best of the three round. Two of the three knockouts by any of the two men would be considered the winners of Physical: 100

The first knockout of the third round was done by Hong Beom-seok, and he received a good head start. The second knockout was won by Amotti. The third round turned out to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller, as anybody could have won at this stage. Amotti won the last knockout, and with that, he was declared the winner of Physical: 100 season two. Sadly, Hong Beom-seok did not cut the clutter and would remain a runner-up. He was the last participant to break the ceramic bust. 

Amotti was a crowd favorite as he was one of the most famous fitness influencers in Korea, and a lot of the crowd inside the studio and the audience were aware of his reach. His fitness routines were something to be admired, and his increasing followers were the reason he was chosen for the reality show. Amotti has now been declared the man with the best physique in Physical: 100. His win was not a surprise, and he turned out to be the most deserving candidate to have won this coveted position.


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