Quest 4 “Intra-Team Match” In ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2, Explained

Quest three of Physical: 100 season two ended in a bittersweet manner. The seventh episode ended with no winners in sight. There was some stress regarding ‘The Mine Transportation Match’; there was some stress about which team from group two would be headed toward the semi-final rounds, while the third team would be eliminated from the game forever. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who Won The Second Round Of ‘The Mine Transportation Match?’ 

‘The Mine Transportation Match,’ the third quest, had the last three teams struggling to finish the game by testing the strength of every participant. Out of three teams in the second group, Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Jae-yoon, and Hong Beom-seok had to face the third and fourth rounds of ‘The Mine Transportation Match,’ which was physically taxing. The third and fourth rounds ended with the mighty team of Kim Dong-hyun getting eliminated from the game. One of their players had a tough time holding onto the monkey bars that were a major part of the last two rounds of the third quest. 


The four teams that are now eligible for the fourth quest, which could be deemed the semi-final quest as well, are: Lee Jae-yoon, Hong Beom-seok, Jung Ji-hyun, and Andre Jin. They were successful in winning ‘The Mine Transportation Match despite all the difficulties. After facing one of the toughest matches there was this season, these teams would be facing another difficult scenario as they moved towards the fourth quest of Physical: 100. Another disclaimer regarding the fourth quest is that Chang Yong-heung of Andre’s team was put out of the game. Since the Asian Games season had begun, Chang had to leave because he was a national-level rugby player. Andre’s team would have to move forward in the fourth quest with only four members. 

What Was The Fourth Quest?

The fourth quest of the game show is the ‘Intra-team Match’. All four remaining teams had hoped the next game would be a group match, as they had begun to bond with their team members. A team match involved discussing the strategies, which was the fun part for all 19 contestants. Everyone was thrown off when the ‘Intra-team Match’ was announced, which meant team members would have to fight against each other. The last remaining member would be headed to the final quest. 


The ‘Intra-Team Match’ involved two large rollers that weighed 150 kg. All five members of the team are supposed to race towards the roller placed at the end of their respective tracks. Each roller must be brought to the starting point. One round of the game ends with the contestant running off to the point where the rollers were placed at the beginning of the game. There would be four rounds for each team, and one contestant would be eliminated every round based on who finished last. The game is not as complicated as described in the article, but this was the easiest way to eliminate fifteen participants out of nineteen.

Were The Teams Excited About This Quest?

No team was excited about this quest because they were initially not ready to compete against their teammates. The runners were not randomly chosen out of the remaining contestants.  The rule was team-specific, and this game was introduced to break their spirit, as going forward most likely there won’t be a team game. After the end of the ‘Intra-team Match’, only four members of each team will be dubbed the finalists, eligible for the last quest of this reality television show. As each sprint began in this quest, there was overwhelming support from the rest of the teams, as they did not want to have any bitterness against one another. Even the team at the arena participating was competitive only during the actual duration of the run. 


Every team slowly lost each member to elimination. The roller game was not as brutal as ‘The Mine Transportation Match’, but it surely was difficult as it tested the strength and speed of each participant. The contestants in this match were on their own and strategized based on the positives and negatives of their bodies. It was heartbreaking to watch every team that worked very well for three group matches across the season resort to individual fights to win this reality game show.

Who Won The ‘Intra-Match’ Sprints?

The first team to participate in the ‘Intra-team Match’ was Hong Beom-seok’s team. After a lot of struggles  pulling the roller, the winner from the first team was their group leader, Hong Beom-seok. The second team to pull the roller was the one headed by Lee Jae-Yoon, and the last man standing from this team was Justin. 


The third team was led by Andre Jin. Replicating the win of the first team, team leader Andre Jin became the champion and headed towards the finals. The final team, Jung Ji-hyun’s, took everything they could from the races that took place before theirs. Amotti, the famed fitness influencer, was the last winner to move towards the finale. 

Each team’s run ended with eliminated contestants breaking their busts as a symbol of their exit. This was the norm since the beginning of the show, and since it was nearing its finale, there was some time given to each contestant to talk about their journey so far and the time they spent with each other bonding and strategizing over many team games. This was hardly the end of the show, as the final quest loomed that would test the skills of the last four contestants. The audience needs to be reminded that these four are now the strongest people out of the hundred contestants that joined “Physical:100.” The last finalists are Hong Beom-seok, Justin, Andre Jin, and Amotti.


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