‘Physical: 100’ Season 2, Quest 3: The Mine Transportation Match, Explained

Quest two of Physical: 100 ended with Jung Ji-hyun winning the survival match, and he was allowed to form a team by choosing four members from the group who were eliminated. This wildcard game allowed Jung Ji-hyun and his team of Avengers to stay back in Physical: 100, which is based on the physical strength of contestants. Thirty contestants are remaining in the show, and more than half of them have been eliminated over the course of several quests. The second quest and the survival match itself led to the elimination of twenty contestants who, on the way out, were supposed to break the ceramic busts created in their honor. 


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Pre-Quest Before The Third Game? 

There were six groups chosen to participate in the third quest of Physical: 100 season two. There are five participants in each group waiting to be assigned their roles in the upcoming quest. The third quest was to have two major groups with three teams in each for the main game. To choose who would be in each group, two people from six teams were asked to carry out pull-ups to test their bodily strength and endurance. The team with the most pull-ups will be given the power to choose two groups that will join them to compete for the third quest. The pull-ups were believed to be the toughest tasks, as not everyone was cut out for them. 


Out of six teams, the last team, led by Jung Ji-hyun, won the pre-quest pull-ups game. The said team scored eighty-four pull-ups in total and was able to choose the team that would favor their win in the upcoming real quest. Jung Ji-hyun chose Lee Won-hee and Andre Jin’s team for the upcoming third quest and openly stated he wanted them in his group as he considered them to be the weakest of the lot. Both teams had a smaller number of pull-ups, which would be an advantage for Jung Ji-hyun in the third quest. 

How Many Were Supposed To Play ‘the Mine Transportation Match’ At Once?

‘The Mine Transportation Match’ was the third quest, and all five members of each team must participate once in two sets of tasks to win. This rule was meant for all three teams in each group. These games would determine who would grab first place. The one team out of the three from each group that has the lowest points would be eliminated. This would mean only four teams would head toward the semifinal. The third quest does not require tackling members of the competitive group, fortunately. It requires each member to have enough strength to carry out the task as quickly as possible without wasting too much time. 


What Were The Rules Of The ‘Mine Transportation Match’?

‘The Mine Transportation Match’ had four rounds. There were two-person tasks and single-person tasks, and the points would be allotted based on how much time team members took to finish each task. The team with the fewest points would be up for elimination. The first two tasks involved placing the carts on the track, pushing them to the end of the rail track, and filling them with heavy sacks. These filled carts were to be pushed back to the starting point, emptied, and then the second contestant would carry out the same activity. Once this is over, a third contestant would do the same task but alone, which would mean filling the cart with the remaining sacks and using all his or her energy to return to the starting point to empty them.

What Was The Second Part Of ‘The Mine Transportation Match’?

The third and fourth rounds involved holding onto monkey bars and pushing the heavy sacks suspended from the rods using the legs until the endpoint. The third round would have two people carrying out these tasks, and the fourth would have only one person relying on his or her strength to push the sacks. ‘The Mine Transportation Match’ was a lot more physically taxing than any other match the contestants had to take part in. Many who underestimated it ended up lagging, which affected their overall points. By the end of the second round, the rest of the teams were helping the third team finish the task. It was rare to find such camaraderie among people who were supposed to compete against each other. Even the best contestants from all the teams had a tough time finishing the cart and the monkey bar task because of the intensity and bodily strength required to end the task in a manner that would benefit their team. 


Who Won The First Two Rounds?

The first two rounds were won by Andre Jin and Jung Ji-hyun’s team, and Lee Won-hee finished last as per the results. His team had not expected it to involve heavy sacks, which would affect their strength and the points as well. It was the underdog team that won these games. 

What Were The Major Setbacks In ‘The Mine Transportation Match’?

To be fair, Lee Won-hee’s team faced maximum hardship as their team members, including the leader, had a hard time finishing group and individual tasks. The men and women from his group had the toughest time pushing the cart on the track. This led to their early exit from the game, as mentioned above. Lee Won-hee himself, in the monkey bar task, had a hard time hanging onto the iron rods. As a team leader, it was his prerogative to finish the task and stand as an example for his team. His act of leadership would be remembered this season, and this round ended their journey with Physical: 100.

Who Won ‘The Mine Transportation Match’ From The Second Group?

As the second group began ‘The Mine Transportation Match,’ all of them had as tough a time finishing the assigned tasks as the teams before because of their nature. The second group of three teams was led by Kim Dong-hyun, Lee Jae-yoon, and Hong Beom-seok; they were equally competitive as the first three groups. There was no indication that the second group got to witness how the first three teams performed to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them. This would have helped them understand the moves to avoid achieving success. From the second group, the first and second tasks were won by Lee Jae-yoon. His team was the underdog, and witnessing them win was a pleasant surprise. Watching Kim Dong-hyun’s loss in the first two rounds of ‘The Mine Transportation Match’ was sad as he was considered the best contestant in the game and a great leader as well. This indicates even the best of the best face major setbacks, which could lead to his and the team’s elimination as well.

The second group’s tasks involving hanging onto the monkey bar ended in a cliffhanger. There is a possibility of Kim Dong-hyun’s facing the brunt of both games, which would expose their bad decision-making skills. It might determine if they would stay in the game or not. Only the next episode would reveal that. The chances of Kim Dong-hyun and his team’s survival in Physical: 100 look bleak. 


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