‘Physical 100’ Season 2 Survival Match” Quest 2.5, Explained

Season two of Physical: 100 began on a high note, with many contestants who come from several sports-related backgrounds fighting tooth and nail to cement their position in the reality game show. The show started with 100 initial contestants.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The First Quest End?

As the first quest ended, that number was reduced to half, with only fifty people remaining to compete in the game. The first quest had individual bouts between two contestants in three different arenas. As fifty people were eliminated through this round, all of them broke their ceramic busts as a part of their exit from the game.


What Was The Maze Quest All About?

This was followed by the maze quest, which was the first time in this season that the individual contestants were put in ten different groups fighting against each other. Winning the maze quest would take the team forward to the next task, while the groups that lost would again face the risk of elimination. The maze quest, as the name suggests, was not a hard task to follow but difficult to execute, which led to five teams facing the heat of being removed from the game.

The second quest was a long task that involved the red and blue teams filling two of the three sets of scales in the maze with heavy sacks. The total weight on the red or blue side of the scale would determine the winner. This also included both teams’ members trying hard to stop one another from filling in the scales. Since most of the contestants belonged to various backgrounds that required all of them to engage in rigorous workouts daily, tackling each other was an easy task.


Was A Survival Match Introduced?

The second task was won by teams led by Kim Dong-hyun, Andre Jin, Lee Won-hee, Lee Jae-yoon, and Hong Beom-seok. Twenty five people were ready to move on to the next round, and it could be assumed they would continue to remain part of the same team till the end. To everyone’s surprise, Physical: 100 introduced a wildcard game, also known as the survival match, for those who were eliminated in the maze quest. Even the contestants who lost in the maze quest were surprised to have been given a chance to survive another game that would allow them to move ahead and win the prize money of 300 million South Korean won.

Who Was A Part Of The Survival Match?

The twenty-five winners of the maze quest gathered around the gladiator-style colosseum filled with sand. The sand pit of the survival match had twenty-five contestants and there were pillars placed inside the arena that were a crucial part of the survival match. On gathering, the contestants were introduced to the rules of the survival match, which included four rounds of three minutes each. In each round, at the end of three minutes, each pillar would be controlled by one single contestant. The number of pillars in the contest would reduce as the number of eliminations increased.


What Was The Surprise Element Of The Survival Match?

The catch that comes with the end of the survival match is that the winner would be declared the team leader, and the said person could choose four contestants out of the group he or she managed to defeat. Adding another team to the game would increase the competition. This was yet another shock for the winning team, who never expected another team would be given a chance to move ahead in this reality game show. By the end of the fourth round, two contestants would be fighting to control one last pillar within the given time limit. As the game began, there was anticipation and excitement over who would be eliminated. There were many shocks and surprises as the game progressed, and the number of contestants kept decreasing after each round. By the end of the fourth round of the survival match, Jung Ji-hyun was declared the winner.

Why Was Jung Ji-Hyun An Obvious Winner?

Jung Ji-hyun was someone who was expected to win because of his very meritorious background. Jung Ji-hyun was an Olympic gold medalist and had represented South Korea several times at the national and international level, which made him the most experienced person in the sand pit. His win was not a surprise, but the person fighting him in the final round, Jang Jun-hyuk, put up a great fight and did not give up till the last minute just because he was facing a seasoned wrestler. Jang Jun-hyuk was lauded for his performance in the final round and somehow expected he would be retained by Jung Ji-hyun when he selected his team to move forward in the game.


Who Did Jung Ji-Hyun Choose For His Team?

Jung Ji-hyun was finally given the power to select a team for himself, and this would be the deciding factor for his survival in Physical:100 moving forward. The five winning teams were also keen to find out who Jung Ji-hyun would choose, as some good contestants had been eliminated during the maze quest. Jung Ji-hyun’s team would allow the rest of the five teams to formulate a game plan to tackle them as more quests await them. Jung Ji-hyun chose Kim Min-su, Amotti, Kim Jee-hyuk, and Lee Jang-kun as members of his team.

Everyone expected he would choose contestants from his team that lost in the maze quest, but Jung Ji-hyun turned out to be a lot smarter. He threw a curveball and chose all the team leaders of the groups that lost in the maze quest. Many dubbed his team as the Avengers, for he would be aided by not just physically strong but mentally resilient men as well. This team of Avengers was something to look forward to in the upcoming quests, and they quickly turned into a major threat to the rest of the five teams. 


The survival match turned out to be a lot more interesting than anyone anticipated. Everyone expected this match would be equivalent to a loser’s match during World Cups. The five teams that won the maze quest would have to up the ante as they all moved forward to the third quest of Physical: 100. Jung Ji-hyun now has a team that has stamina, power, and amazing reflexes.

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