‘The Endless Night’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending, Explained: What Were The Irregularities Of The Kiss Nightclub?

The previous episode of “The Endless Night” showed how Marienne, Guilherme, Marco, and many other youngsters lost their lives to the fire. Parents were called to the hospitals to identify their children’s bodies, and their whole lives changed before their eyes. Dede wanted to commit suicide since he was held responsible for the lighting of the fireworks inside the club. Toward the end, the parents of all 242 youngsters decided to fight for their justice. The next episode began with Dede’s questioning at the prosecutor’s office. According to him, all the renovations were ordered by the officials because of the noise, and the fire department was responsible for giving him a permit to use the foam. He denied all culpability and spoke against the officials since he never knew that these items were highly flammable. Apart from Dede, the band members were called to the office as well. They blamed each other for the entire incident, and Roberto claimed that he tried to warn the attendees but stopped to grab a fire extinguisher. Within a matter of seconds, the foam caught on fire on the other side, and Roberto believed that it was a short circuit that was to blame. Meanwhile, all the random claims about the case started to cause chaos among all the families. Ricardo and Livia started fighting for the same reason, but Livia wanted him to find someone reliable for Marco’s case. It was pretty clear that none of them wanted to own up to their mistakes and kept blaming everyone else for the fire.


Fifteen days after the incident, all the parents gathered around for a meeting that was organized under the Association of Victims of the Tragedy in Santa Maria. All the parents decided to use this association to fight back and attain justice. Moreover, Captain Idalina who worked as a nurse and an official in the police department also joined them in doing the same. The government has come up with various programs related to physical and psychological therapy that will help the 600 wounded people gain their strength back. Pedro stepped into the conversation and shared his insight on the case. He wanted all the parents to fight back for justice since the perpetrators were still free. Dede’s photographer revealed horrifying details about the club. Dede was responsible for the whole incident since he’d never placed fire extinguishers at the necessary locations, and the ones that the club had didn’t work even though she survived the fire, but her brother couldn’t. Among all the victims, some of them were the sole earners in the family, and with them gone, the families would end up losing everything. Portella and Rocha tried their best to provide more witnesses for this case. Moreover, people at the fire department needed mental health care since witnessing so much death and suffering was too much for them to process. Soon, more witnesses stepped in, and it was revealed how Kiss had to deal with several complaints related to noise pollution in 2009. Under legal offenses, the officials were ready to lock the club down. So, Dede agreed to renovate the entire club with the help of a prosecutor.

After the complaint, Dede built the guardrails, but they didn’t help him with the noise complaint case. With the help of an engineer, they installed the foam inside the club, but once the inspection was done, everything was taken down. But some foam was left on the ceiling. Portella and Rocha found a document that was signed by a firefighter who had never visited the club. The document was signed after the fire, and to make things easier, Dede hid those papers with the other documents. Dede knew everything and tried to divert the prosecutor’s attention. Back at the hospital, Grazi started walking around, but still, she couldn’t accept that she had lost a limb. Meanwhile, Fernando regained consciousness, and his mother told him about his injuries. Parents started setting up campaigns under the association, and on the same day, they spoke about their children and attached photos of them to a board. Together, they were able to gather 28,000 signatures as a petition for justice, and they submitted all these signatures to the District Attorney’s office. All the parents were invited to a meeting, and the prosecutors shared their insights on this case. But many parents were not convinced, so Guilherme’s father, Geraldo, stepped in and shared his insights on the case since the prosecutors wanted more time to evaluate all the evidence. 


Geraldo shared that Roberto used fireworks that were only intended for outdoor activities because they were cheaper. Moreover, the club only could hold 700-800 people in it, yet the club owners allowed thousands of people to attend. Their permits had expired, and the club only had one exit, yet City Hall didn’t shut it down. Despite all these claims, the prosecutors didn’t lose their calm. The same day, Portella and Rocha received a call from an unknown stranger who reported that City Hall was hiding documents. She further shared that Marcus Vinicius had been hiding a bunch of documents in his office. Luckily, the police confiscated those documents, and they revealed some of the most horrifying details about the club. It showed that the club had more than 29 irregularities, yet they were given permits. The next morning, Rocha and Portella shared this information through a public conference, and more than 28 people were arrested in the case; these culprits included the band members, City Hall employees, employees from the fire department, and municipal secretaries. Two months after the fire, Prosecutor Celso presented the whole report on the Nightclub case to the parents. All four band members were arrested for manslaughter.

Apart from this, Municipal Secretary João Carols Johansson and City Inspector Afrânio Genésio Lima were arrested for the same. Moreover, Dede, Thales, and many other people were indicted as well. But the parents wanted the list of all 28 people who were supposed to be arrested. After the meeting, Celso and Pedro talked about the nightclub, and Celso shared some inside details with him. According to Celso, the firefighters were the biggest culprits in this case. They knew that flammable materials were not allowed inside a club, yet they ignored all the consequences. If the firefighters had reported this, the foam would’ve been removed from the clubs. He further told Pedro that Thales had been connected to different politicians, and he made some kind of agreement with the City Hall. Even though they had all the necessary proof, the prosecutors couldn’t do anything about it because this case was doused with political influence. Luckily, Pedro secretly recorded the conversations on his phone. Well, Geraldo wanted to spend more time with his son, but soon Guilherme’s girlfriend revealed that they had a son together. He was named Alexandre and he was a splitting image of Guilherme, and this little guy was enough to bring happiness in Geraldo and Telma’s life. The episode ended with another shocking revelation and the truth behind all the corrupt officials. The following night, Felipinho’s mother, Ana, found out the truth since politicians were not arrested by the District Attorney. They were trying to save one of their prosecutors, Hernandes Pereira, because he had known about all the issues, and yet he hadn’t ordered the shutdown. Nonetheless, Pedro and Ana could easily bring down some of the other culprits  since they have enough proof to present to the world. 


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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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