‘The Endless Night’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did The Parents Fight For Justice?

The foregoing episode of “The Endless Night” revealed details of the most horrifying events in Santa Maria in 2013. As 242 people lost their lives, 600 of them were critically injured. The second episode began with the fire department, and police officials enhancing their evacuation plans to protect such individuals that can be saved. The fire was so intense that even the officers of the fire department struggled with the smoke. They stepped inside and examined the entire club, where they found many corpses inside the bathroom. Now, they had to get these children back to their parents as soon as possible. They placed the bodies in cold storage and segregated men and women to avoid any confusion. Soon, Marco’s parents arrived, and his father couldn’t gather the strength to check the bodies. So, Marco’s mother, Livia, decided to step in. She carefully walked toward the bodies. Luckily, they couldn’t find Marco among the dead bodies. Now, checking all the hospitals was their final option. Since many people were unconscious and critically injured, many individuals were hard to locate.

Meanwhile, Grazi lost consciousness from the fire and was brought to the hospital. The hospital staff had to turn every floor into an ICU; even the maternity wards were converted. Hospitals lacked respirators, and this created huge havoc. But the smoke had included carbon monoxide and some other chemicals that were responsible for respiratory failure. The doctors awaited the results from the ABG. Apart from respirators, the doctors needed more beds and transportation services. Moreover, Roberto’s desire to set off fireworks inside the club had led to one of his bandmates, Cassio, losing his life in the fire too. 

Even one of the doctors from the University hospital couldn’t find his son. Now, they had to seek help from the Porto Alegre health department to contact other state hospitals. On 27, 2013, Prosecutor Celso and two deputies, Portella and Rocha, were assigned to this case. They couldn’t believe that a place like Kiss Nightclub was permitted to run without proper safety measures. Dede and Thales were the owners of this nightclub, and they planned different ways to escape the officials to avoid any cases being filed against them. The next morning, all the bodies were transferred from the club to the hospital, and parents started gathering around to identify them. At the same time, Marienne’s parents started looking for them; the receptionist told them that Marienne and her friends checked into the Charitable hospital and were never discharged. Some of the patients were moved to the Porto Alegre health department. So they had no choice but to check the gymnasium or the health department. Parents searched the entire hospital and couldn’t find her. Pedro was not ready to check the gymnasium, but Silvana managed to convince him.

At the same time, Marco and Felipinho’s parents arrived at the hospital too. Guilherme’s parents landed in Santa Maria to look for their son. But they soon found out that Guilherme had passed away. Back at the hospital, the staff announced the names of all the casualties to the parents. One by one, parents started stepping inside the gymnasium. Marco had passed away, and so had others, including Thai and Marienne. Within a single night, many parents lost their children to this terrifying incident. It was quite painful to watch how these parents might’ve felt about losing their children. Dede was arrested for questioning, and he denied all their accusations. Being the owner, he was never supposed to permit the band to use fireworks, and that was his biggest mistake. Moreover, he was also responsible for the guards blocking exits in the club. Soon, it was clarified that fire was not the only reason for so many deaths. The fire mixed with cyanide, causing cyanide poisoning inside the club. When the foam caught fire, it released cyanide, and the polyurethane content in it made it even more dangerous for people to inhale.

The cyanide content attacked the hemoglobin and stopped oxygen from entering the bloodstream. Even though many people survived the fire before it got worse, they lost their lives from poisoning. All the band members and Dede escaped from Santa Maria, so Portella and Rocha ordered arrest warrants for all of them. Meanwhile, Grazi gained consciousness, but one of her legs had to be amputated. Dede couldn’t take all the pressure and attempted suicide, but he survived. This episode gave us more insight into the burial of all the victims and how Santa Maria practiced 30 days of mourning for the deceased. Despite all the proof, the officials couldn’t detain the band members or the owners. Pedro decided to fight back, and all the family members gathered for a candle march and asked for Justice for the lives of all 242 people. They had to stand for the lives of their children, as it was the only way all the parents could find closure. Even though everything was settled down, life was never normal for these parents again. Losing their child was too much to deal with, and now, justice had to prevail. 

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Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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