‘Still Up’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Veg Visit Danny?

There is a sudden gap created between Lisa and Danny after the previous series of incidents, and they end up not talking to each other for almost a week. The heartstrings of Lisa are pulled a bit too hard by the director, John Addis, in the seventh episode of Still Up. She misses Danny too much and ends up at his house, ruining her own relationship with her fiancé, Veg. The 7th episode may be the beginning of the end of some relationships and revelations. Still Up Episode 7 focuses on how Lisa tries mending things with Danny and ends up messing things up further in the process. Will Lisa ever stop finding excuses to talk to Danny and just reveal her feelings? Will the return of Amy affect Danny’s relationship with Lisa? Let us find the answers to these questions!


Spoilers Ahead

What Makes Lisa Go To The Storage?

Lisa is seen talking to Veg about how yoga and herbal tea have been helping her get better sleep. Before Veg goes to bed, he asks Lisa about a hobby horse that his father had made for Poppy because his parents wanted to take a photo of Poppy with it. Lisa tells him that she will find it for him. Lisa was reminded of how the horse had scared her, and she had put it away in the storage. After Veg has gone to bed, Lisa leaves a note for him saying that she is going out on a walk and goes to the storage room to find the horse. She is seen leaving voicemails for Danny, saying that this was the longest that they did not talk and that she really appreciated him stepping out of his apartment to help her the other night. Meanwhile, Danny is spending some quality time with Amy in his apartment, making her breakfast, playing some games together, and speaking his heart out.


Why Does Lisa Decide To Go Over To Danny’s House?

Lisa is seen to come across one of her college diaries in the storage room and tell Danny all about its contents, leaving him voicemails. After Lisa’s messages go unread, she is worried and calls Danny’s neighbor, Adam, to check up on him. As Amy is about to leave Danny’s apartment, Adam turns up, and he says that he has been sent by Lisa to check up on Danny. Lisa has a video called Adam just to check up on Danny, which annoys Amy, and she leaves, further aggravating Danny’s irritation with Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa found a cat in her storage boxes while going through her things. She pets the cat and tells it that she wishes she could take it home, but Veg is allergic to cats. She gets the idea to drop the cat at Danny’s place, as he would take good care of it, and heads out with the toy horse and the cat towards Danny’s house.

Why Does Veg Visit Danny?

We see Veg getting up in the middle of the night to find Lisa out of bed. He heads out straight to Danny’s place and lands there with a bottle of French wine for him. Danny is surprised to suddenly see Veg at his place. On asking him why he was there, he lies that he was out on the run and gives other excuses just to get into Danny’s house. He asks Danny if Lisa was at his house, but Danny tells him that she was not there. He suspiciously looks at a lipstick kept on the table and asks Danny about it, only to be told that it belonged to his girlfriend, Amy. He tries finding Lisa everywhere in the apartment with an alibi of using Danny’s bathroom, but finds her nowhere. We almost feel that a physical hassle is about to ensue between Danny and Veg, but thankfully, that is avoided by Danny’s maturity. When Veg is convinced that Lisa is not there, he sits down with Danny for a glass of wine and tells him how, when he was sleeping, Lisa had a world of her own going that he had no idea about. He acts strange, doing some push-ups, and explains to Danny how Lisa has been pulling away from him in recent times. As they are having a man-to-man conversation, Veg pours out his heart to Danny, bringing out his inner insecurities about losing Lisa. He later requests that Danny not tell Lisa that he was there.


As he is about to leave, Danny stops him and talks to him about the song I’ll Be Your Mirror by the Velvet Underground, which is a love song. As Veg seems to have lost context, Danny explains that it was one of the greatest love songs, which says that every individual is trying their best. However, many people end up feeling that they don’t fit in, but it really takes just one person to recognize one’s true self and decide whether they want to be with them or not. Danny also further compliments Veg to make him feel good about himself; he says that he has a steady job, has his own home, and takes care of Poppy. This lightens Veg’s mood, and he gives Danny a hug and leaves his apartment. Just as Veg walks out of Danny’s building, he sees Lisa coming in, and both get shocked to see each other at Danny’s building at such late hours.

Final Thoughts

This is probably the last nail in the coffin of Lisa and Veg’s relationship. There are high chances that Veg will misunderstand Lisa and think that Danny is often visited by Lisa without his knowledge. Lisa, who is apparently innocent, would probably not get the chance to explain her point to Veg. She also does not have any idea about the budding relationship between Danny and Amy. How did so much change just over the course of a week? The two friends, who share almost everything with each other, ended up not sharing major life events, which might come as a subtle shock to the audiences while watching Still Up Episode 7. The insecurities of the characters ring right through. Lisa had made up her mind to finally come down to Danny’s place with the alibi of dropping off the cat after her increased insecurity over seeing Amy at his apartment on the video call. Veg’s insecurity was also quite evident, as he had finally decided to give up on his daily routine and take a peek into the nightlife of Lisa.


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