‘Still Up’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Does Danny Help Lisa?

Danny is ready to help Lisa under any circumstances, even if that means walking out of the house in the middle of the night. It is worth mentioning how in the 6th episode of Still Up, Danny overcomes his social anxiety and steps out of the house, just to go and help a drunk Lisa. How the thought of Veg proposing to Lisa affects Danny in a subtle manner until he again comes across Amy in the middle of the road also gains a significant point. Danny’s feelings have grown slowly, but they have bloomed for sure, as we can see him zoning out after pondering what Lisa says. Will Danny be able to help Lisa in her vulnerable state? Will Amy’s re-arrival affect Danny’s feelings for Lisa? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Trouble Does Lisa Get Into?

Lisa is seen at one of her friend’s hen parties in London. She is asked all kinds of questions by her friends at the party about getting married to Veg. She drinks too much at the party and zones out, only to wake up to find that all her friends have left. She calls Danny from a payphone and tells him that she has lost her phone. She tells him that she had also tried calling Veggie, but that did not wake him up. Danny asks Lisa where she is, but she is not able to answer that as she is drunk beyond her wits. The phone, however, disconnects because Lisa forgets to put money into the payphone, and she walks away. Just as Danny contemplates walking out of the house, Lisa calls him again from the phone of a shopkeeper, and he tells Danny that Lisa was in Well Street, Hackney. Danny requests that the shopkeeper put Lisa on a bus to her home. However, Lisa takes the wrong bus and ends up in a laundromat in Bermondsey, and she video calls Danny from the laundry-keeper’s phone.


Danny tells her that he will book her a cab, and that is when Lisa tells him she has to wait for a small game that she was playing with Lena. She says that there was a dryer in front of her, and she and Lena were trying to find out what was inside it and that they had bet money on it. Danny tells her to go out of there, as he thinks that Lena is trying to take advantage of Lisa. She also tells Danny that she is very hungry, and Danny tells her that she has been eating cookies all night. When she tells Danny that she got them from one of her friends at the party, Danny asks her to stop eating them because they were supposedly cannabis cookies. Just then, there is a raid in the laundry shop, and Lena gets arrested for selling drugs. As Lisa was about to escape from the shop, she is advised by Danny that she should not communicate much with the police. She however misunderstands his instructions and says out loud that she was drugged by her friends at the party. She immediately gets arrested by the police. Danny tries explaining on the video call that Lisa was innocent and did not know that they were drug cookies, but to no avail.

How Does Danny Try Helping Lisa Out Of The Situation?

Danny tries to find Lisa by mapping out the area that he thought she was in and then finding any nearby pubs. He tries to guide her home whenever she calls, but the connectivity is lost when Lisa loses her phone. After Danny finds out that Lisa has been nabbed by the police, he does not give it a second thought and goes out of his house. He goes to his neighbor, Adam, for his car, but Adam tells him that his car is out for repair and books him a cab to Bermondsey. His social anxiety makes it difficult  for him to go out, but he fights that and takes a cab. The driver tries conversing with Danny, but he avoids the conversation, waiting impatiently to reach out to Lisa and help her out. Just as they are about to reach their destination, the driver gets a call from someone and, in a frenzy, turns his car around. Danny keeps asking him, but he does not answer any of his questions, only to stop near his own house to catch his wife cheating with another man. As the driver goes into his house, the man jumps out of the window, gets into the car, and drives away. Danny asks the man to drop him around the corner and reaches the laundrette. He then receives a call from Lisa, and she tells him that she was home and was let off with a warning for smoking marijuana. She is amazed to learn that Danny has come all the way to help her, and just then he disconnects the phone. As Danny is walking back, he thinks about what Lisa told him on the phone from the police station about Veg proposing to her and that she would say yes to him. Danny’s anxiety kicks in, and he tries to calm himself by putting earphones on. As he is waiting for his nerves to soothe, he sees Amy coming up, and that results in a very awkward situation between them.


Final Thoughts

There are a lot of possibilities that the series of events could take a turn from this point in Still Up. Lisa could get married to Veg, or Danny could re-engage with Amy, narrowing down the scope of Danny and Lisa expressing their feelings for each other. They could also just express their feelings for each other and end up happy together. After this episode, it is clear that even Danny has very strong feelings for Lisa and that he could go to any lengths to protect her. It is very important for Lisa and Danny to understand each other’s value before it is too late.

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