‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Tess Solve The Murder?

Upon delving into the second episode of Sight Unseen‘s debut season, I found myself grappling with a sense of subdued satisfaction. The initial thrill that gripped me in the first episode was missing here. Instead, the narrative delved into a seemingly straightforward investigation of Charles Adams’ murder, connected to a familial feud where Detective Tess adeptly untangled the web surrounding Hannah’s hit-and-run. Detective Tess, though initially hesitant to rejoin the force, got back in the game with a little nudge from Sunny Patel from the EyesUp app. However, the journey lacked gripping intensity, and the whole story lacked that edge-of-your-seat excitement. No cool fights, no crazy drama—just a run-of-the-mill detective gig. Even though the revelations were interesting, they just didn’t pack the same punch. I was waiting for that heart-pounding moment, you know? Instead, it was more like a detective snoozefest, opting for a simpler, more mediocre detective investigation.

Spoilers Ahead

What Does Hannah Tell Tess?

As Tess is dealing with her loss of vision, she talks to Sunny Patel and gets help through the EyesUp app, discussing a case assigned to her before she leaves the police force. A girl named Hannah got hit by a car when she went jogging, putting her in a coma. The person who did it took off, but now she’s woken up. Her mother calls Tess, but since she left the police force, it’s not officially her case anymore; her colleague Jake’s on it. Patel, though, convinces Tess that she’s the best confidant for Hannah, and as this case was first assigned to her, she should just look into it so that she can tell her what happened and what she remembers. Thus, finally, Tess heads to the hospital to visit Hannah. She tries a bit of mind-game action, aiming to help Hannah remember what went down during the hit-and-run. Tess asks her to recall details from that morning jog, the one where everything went south. She asks Hannah if she remembers anything from the incident—any smell or sound that might help Tess to solve the case easily. As Tess nudges for details, Hannah remembers some brown color and a jingling sound during the chaos of the hit-and-run. She also picks up on another jogger, possibly the one who dialed 911. This jogger’s shoe made a distinct sound, and Hannah even recalls the star signs on those shoes.

How Did The Two Cases Get Linked?

Sunny Patel suggests Tess takes a detour to the spot where Hannah got hit. Together, they visualise what might have unfolded there. Tess wonders why Hannah didn’t hear the car, thinking it could be an electric one without noise. With Max, a friend of Tess, they discover Charles Adams, a wellness guru missing since the day of Hannah’s hit-and-run. Adams owned a vintage electric car, matching the scene’s exact color. The car is also missing. While revisiting the location to contemplate where the car might have gone, they noticed a ditch nearby. Perhaps he fled the scene or even submerged the vehicle in the water. During the investigation, they discovered the car was indeed in the water. To determine how Charles Adams died, they examined skull fractures post-autopsy, revealing that the injuries was not natural and that there was a chance that he had been placed in the car after his death, strongly suggesting that he was murdered. During Adams’ funeral, Tess encounters Ron, Adams’ best friend, Philip Adams, his brother, and Michelle, Charles’ wife, who seems close to Ron, raising suspicions. Tess also meets Ben, Charles’ son. A photo on the wall reveals Ben and Adams in fishing gear by a lake, the same lake where Charles’ car has been found. Intriguingly, Ben wears running shoes with stars on them. The twist emerges as the cases intertwine. The fishing photo becomes a pivotal link—a connection between Ben and Adams. This revelation sparks curiosity about the significance of the star-adorned running shoes. The plot thickens as Tess begins to uncover the intricate threads tying Hannah’s hit-and-run to Charles Adams’ mysterious disappearance and subsequent murder, leading them to think that Charles was murdered by his son Ben. But why? That’s what she wanted to find out.

How Did Tess Finally Solve The Murder?

They suspected Ben of being the one who murdered Adams and hit Hannah with his car while heading home. Pursuing him, they discovered he was in the hospital, apologizing to Hannah and claiming he had called 911 to save her. Detective Tess arrived on the scene, questioning Ben about his actions. Ben confessed it was an accident, explaining that they had argued in the garage about their business issues, leading them to fight when Charles hit his head. Ben then called his mother, Michelle, as he was terrified that his father had fallen unconscious. However, when Tess mentioned that Charles was alive before drowning in the lake, Ben was stunned. Michelle, being a doctor, should have known he was still alive, implying her involvement in Adams’ death as she was already in a relationship with Ron and wanted her husband to be dead. It became clear that both Ben and Michelle were implicated in the incident. The mystery unfolded as Tess delved deeper into the motives and dynamics at play, ultimately leading to the shocking realization that Ben and Michelle had conspired to cause Adams’ demise. The plot thickened with this unexpected twist, leaving Tess to untangle the web of deception and deceit that surrounded the interconnected cases of Charles Adams and Hannah.

As Episode 2, concludes, the suspense surrounding Sunny Patel deepens. Living in isolation for over 500 days, her desperate attempt to step outside on her anniversary night raises questions about the mysterious force keeping her confined. The anticipation builds, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the secrets behind Sunny’s predicament. Meanwhile, Detective Tess reveals her own truth to Jake, disclosing her blindness. Jake’s unwavering support and declaration that she’s his partner inject emotional depth into the storyline. The lingering question of Tess rejoining the team adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, fueling anticipation for the upcoming episode. Viewers can’t help but wonder about the twists and turns awaiting them as the characters navigate personal challenges and the complexities of their investigations. The promise of both Sunny’s mystery and Tess’ potential return to the force leaves audiences eagerly anticipating the next episode, ensuring an enticing blend of suspense and emotional revelations.

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