‘Sight Unseen’ Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Kelly Chan Alive?

Sight Unseen is a gripping detective thriller series that introduces us to Tess Avery, a former detective whose life takes a sudden turn when she loses her sight. The story unfolds as Tess, haunted by the regret of letting a suspect escape, leaves her job but is determined to help her partner Jake solve this mystery. The plot thickens as Tess embraces her new reality with the help of the EyesUp app, which is a beacon of hope for the visually impaired. Sunny Patel, Tess’ dedicated assistant, becomes her eyes in the investigation. Sight Unseen episode 1 is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending suspense, drama, and a touch of humanity. As we delve into Tess’ journey of coping with blindness and her relentless pursuit of justice, the audience is hooked. The unexpected partnership between Tess and Sunny keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover not only how Tess lost her sight but also how she brilliantly cracks the case with Sunny’s assistance.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Tess Decide To Leave Her Job As A Detective?

Tess Avery, a determined detective, faced a life-altering challenge when assigned to investigate a potential murder involving Kelly Chan. As she and Jake, her partner, approached the crime scene, Tess began to realize something was wrong with her vision. Confused and disheartened, she struggled to make sense of the blurry world around her. As they were conducting their investigation, a speeding car collided with theirs, resulting in Jake sustaining a head injury. The impact left Tess even more perplexed, as she could not get hold of the suspect, who swiftly drove away right before her sightless eyes. Thus, she went to the doctor, who revealed that there was a growing scotoma in her right eye, which ended up rendering her unable to see clearly for weeks. Devastated by her inability to apprehend the suspect, Tess thought about leaving her post as a detective. In a moment of vulnerability, she turned to the EyesUp app for assistance, a virtual guide helping her navigate the world during her temporary blindness. Tess, determined to adapt, sought guidance from Sunny Patel, who was her assistant on the app. The turning point came when Jake told Tess they found the suspect’s car with blood and ropes. It made Tess feel bad because she understood she let the suspect and maybe Kelly Chan slip away before her eyes due to her impaired vision. Feeling a sense of responsibility, Tess made the difficult decision to resign from the force, realizing her limitations and the potential risks her condition posed to ongoing investigations.


Why Did Not Tess Suspect Mark? 

After the intense interview with Mark, Kelly Chan’s husband, Tess couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t adding up. She decided to stay back, lingering in the shadows, to eavesdrop on the conversation between Jake and Mark. As Mark professed his innocence and shared his alibi of being with his brother Justin, Tess strained to make sense of the situation. When Mark came out of the interview room, he showed concern for their son Ethan’s whereabouts and Kelly’s need for heart medication. Intrigued and feeling a surge of empathy, Tess rushed to Jake, expressing doubts about Mark’s guilt and even questioning whether Kelly was truly deceased. Jake, however, remained steadfast in his suspicion, pointing out the damning evidence of Mark’s DNA found on various crime scene elements. Despite Tess’ attempt to argue Mark’s potential innocence, Jake’s trust in her began to waver, fueled by her unexpected departure from their shared detective office. Amid this uncertainty, Tess received a call from the guide who had assisted her through the EyesUp app. The guide shared Tess’ belief that Kelly might still be alive, prompting Tess to reluctantly seek her help as a second pair of eyes. The next day, Tess took a bold step by visiting Mrs. Chan, Mark’s mother. In this meeting, Tess encountered Evin, Mrs. Chan’s caretaker. Evin, who was present during the conversation, revealed insights into the family dynamics along with Mrs. Chan, stating that Mark and Kelly had disagreements. Moreover, they disclosed that Justin, Mark’s brother, had not reached out to them after the supposed death of Kelly. Tess, absorbing this newfound information, took Evin’s number, recognizing its potential significance in unraveling the mystery surrounding Kelly’s disappearance. With this encounter, Tess embarked on a new path in her quest for the truth, leveraging every lead, connection, and second pair of eyes she could find to solve the perplexing case.

Was Evin A Suspect?

Tess, despite her visual impairment, carefully pieced together the puzzle that led her to suspect Evin as the kidnapper. As she delved into the investigation surrounding Kelly Chan’s disappearance, Tess noticed subtle yet crucial details. The attack at the crime scene suggested the assailant was searching for weapons in the kitchen drawers but settled for a mortar instead of a readily available knife. Tess reasoned that someone familiar with the house would know the location of the knives, which meant that Kelly’s husband did not kill Kelly or kidnap her. Additionally, Tess utilized her keen observation skills to uncover an intriguing detail: the medicine cabinet. Through the EyesUp app and Sunny Patel’s guidance, Tess examined the cabinet, discovering that the meds belonged to Mark, not Kelly. She further remembers Mark’s alibi at the police station, saying that Kelly has a heart condition. Thus, it proves that whoever kidnapped Kelly wanted her to stay alive. This revelation was pivotal, leading Tess to question the motive behind the kidnapping. She recalled a past case involving Grace Hennings, where a similar method of kidnapping was employed, where the kidnapper took medicine for the victim while kidnapping her. Tess drew a parallel, suspecting the same perpetrator might be involved in both cases. The combination of these clues, along with Patel’s assistance, helped Tess form the hypothesis that the kidnapper sought to keep Kelly alive due to her heart condition, narrowing down the list of potential suspects to those familiar with the family. Evin, the caretaker with access to the Chan household, emerged as the prime suspect in Tess’ investigation when his name surfaced in Grace’s missing person report. The association with Care Hill, where Evin worked, further intensified Tess’ suspicion.


How Did Tess Rescue Grace And Kelly Chan?

Tess’ determination to unravel the truth led her to a breakthrough in the case. Following Patel’s guidance, Tess visited Evin’s house, and through the EyesUp app, she observed various items, including an inhaler on the table. Convinced that Evin was involved, Tess proceeded to investigate further. By breaking into Evin’s house, she discovered medication matching Kelly’s heart condition and, more crucially, a gun hidden under the table. Tess, guided by Patel, continued her search and went to the basement, where she discovered a locked door. With her exceptional sense of deduction and the assistance of Patel’s vision, Tess opened the door to find Grace and Kelly duct-taped, confirming her suspicions and ultimately leading to their rescue. As Evin came home, Tess turned off the lights. But she accidentally dropped her earpiece, through which she was listening to Patel’s guidance, and it made a noise. Evin noticed Tess and threatened to kill Grace. Tess, determined to rescue them, found her earphone again, listening to Patel’s guidance, shot at Evin’s hand, and freed Grace and Kelly. Finally, Evin got arrested, while Tess successfully saved the two women.

Tess’s tenacity, coupled with technology and Patel’s guidance, played a crucial role in uncovering the truth behind the kidnapping and saving the victims. After rescuing Kelly and Grace, Detective Jake urged Tess to return to the force, but she declined without revealing the reason for her sudden departure. Instead, she relied on Sunny Patel’s assistance to navigate her new reality. However, the episode’s ending took an intriguing turn, as it hinted at Sunny harboring her own secrets and inner demons. Through Sunny’s vision, the audience glimpsed her haunting nightmares involving a bloody hand and a knife. Questions arose about Sunny’s true identity and the mysteries she concealed. The first episode of Sight Unseen concluded with an air of uncertainty, leaving viewers intrigued and eager for answers regarding Sunny’s enigmatic past and the challenges Tess would face in her quest for justice while grappling with her own personal struggles.


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