‘Shahmaran’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was The Prophecy? What Was Davut’s Real Identity?

Previously in episode 7 of “Shahmaran,” Maran was terrified when Mirac escaped from captivity. Ural, his father, had intended to host a gathering in their courtyard to summon all the basilisks. But his true intent was to contact Tutku, who had been taken over by a malicious basilisk. We may discover all the answers in the finale scene of “Shahmaran” Season 1. The prophecy and Sahsu and Maran’s true identities might be revealed. Let’s explore that.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was The Prophecy? What Was Davut’s Real Identity?

“Shahmaran” season 1, episode 8 opens in the courtyard of Ural’s home, where he organized his party. His daughters were seen greeting the visitors, and among them were Sahsu, her grandfather, Davut, and Salih and his pregnant wife, Medine. Sahsu spotted Cihan, who had also attended the celebration. She called him and re-established their friendship, as she didn’t harbor any resentments towards him, but when Maran saw Cihan at the party, he lost his temper. Ural attempted to stop him, but he made himself clear that Cihan’s mistakes would no longer be tolerated. Maran and Sahsu exchanged looks as it appeared that they were finally getting close to one another. He was lured to Sahsu, who took him to the lake, their favorite spot, where they were able to finally get close.


After a romantic evening together, Sahsu’s back began to grow scales that resembled those of a snake. Following their romantic encounter, they went their separate ways to attend the party with their families. Cihan, was preparing to attack Maran at the party in order to exact revenge, but his father intervened to stop him. He didn’t want his kid to be hurt, but Cihan was a spoiled jerk who was certain about his choice. Lakmu felt at peace because he understood the true significance of the prophecy. He told his son about it and advised him that Maran would suffer the greatest damage if Sahsu and he came into contact. Cihan was satisfied to hear that, but his thirst of taking revenge wasn’t yet quenched. Salih discovered Medine to be in severe abdominal discomfort as if she were ready to give birth. Given that she had only been pregnant for two months, Medine reassured her husband that the pains weren’t indicative of labor. She mockingly told her husband that she was giving birth to a human child, not a snake. Ironically though, a snake actually was inside her womb, according to the foretold omen.

Ural welcomed Professor Tutku, who had also arrived at the celebration. However, his daughters and the milkmaid were waiting for her when he brought her to their stable. Tutku was forcefully taken by them and set down on the table. The snake was apparent as soon as she opened her mouth. They held her down and Maran pulled the snake out of her mouth and killed it. Davut began to experience a heart attack in the meanwhile and walked towards his house instead of asking for help. However, soon after he passed out, Maran and Sahsu discovered him and tried to revive him. But as it was to no effect, Maran was forced to expose his true self. To bring Davut to life, he bared his teeth and bit Davut’s neck. Sahsu was aghast to see her lover in such a state. She sprinted out of the house, telling Maran to get away, but Maran had to tell her everything because she was entitled to know. He related Shahmaran’s tale and how Camsap, her one and only human lover, betrayed her.


Shahmaran had always lived in secrecy in the woods, but when she met Camsap, she fell in love and persuaded him to swear he would never tell anyone where she was. However, Camsap breached his word when his king became ill. He revealed Shahmaran to the vizier in an effort to save the monarch. But he forced the vizier to swear they wouldn’t murder her. The vizier, though, betrayed his word and murdered Shahmaran, dismembering her body into three pieces. The king, the vizier, and Camsap received one piece each. While the king and the vizier received health and wealth, Camsap, on the other hand, obtained the tail that contained Shahmaran’s wisdom and immortality. That’s why, despite drowning in guilt after betraying his love, Camsap couldn’t commit suicide.

Since the 12th century, he had lived multiple lives and had attempted to kill himself numerous times, but he had always failed. He was able to recall the suffering and anguish of the betrayal that drove him to commit suicide in each of his reincarnations. That wasn’t just Shahmaran’s tail’s fault; it was also her sister, Lilith, who cursed Camsap to live this way. The human race would be in peril if she were to awaken because she had made mankind her eternal foe and was capable of eradicating them all. However, according to a prophecy, only a chosen human of Camsap’s bloodline and a chosen basilisk could put an end to this peril of mankind by falling madly in love and giving birth to Shahmaran. Sahsu was a chosen human for the fact that she was not the grandchild of Davut but rather Camsap, according to Maran. Camsap experienced another incarnation as Davut and recalled the suffering he had endured in his previous life that had led to his suicide attempt. But he left his daughter and stayed in the village since he didn’t want to kill himself in front of his daughter and leave her with that trauma. Sahsu was terrified to learn the truth and sprinted into the woods.


Meanwhile, Mirac, who had escaped Maran’s grasp, arrived at Davut’s place and stabbed him in the stomach; however, it is unknown whether he survived. As Maran pursued her to find out where she was, Cihan blocked his path to provoke him into a fight.

Who Was Lilith?

Salih accompanied Medine to Ural while she was having labor pains. Ural realized that this was the last omen which was about to be fulfilled. He then escorted her inside and told Salih not to enter. Despite giving birth to a snake, Medine tragically perished in the process. Ural was also aware of the prophecy and how the union of Maran and Sahsu might unleash evil on the planet. When his daughters learned the truth, they were horrified and hated their father for misleading them and Maran.


However, Maran overpowered Cihan into the woods and started looking for Sahsu. But Sahsu no longer needed any assistance. She found herself growing scales on her body and having the supernatural strength to defend herself from Arun. Arun was compelled to succumb to her after she used her power to counterattack him. The episode ends with Maran finally spotting Sahsu walking out of the lake. The two of them shared a kiss and looked forward to spending their lives together. The naked woman, who was lying on the chilled cell, appeared to be Lilith, who had trouble waking up throughout the entire season. However, when Sahsu and Maran shared a kiss in episode 8’s final scene, we saw Lilith raising her head, giving a clear hint that, if season 2 of “Shahmaran” were to air on Netflix, we would be able to see her as the main antagonist who would do everything in her power to eliminate humanity.

Final Words

Personally, I am delighted to have finished “Shahmaran” because it took a lot of my patience to finally reach a plot and discover that it is going nowhere. This series would be nothing without the slow and steady character development, stunning visuals with a surreal touch, and a promising mythological source of inspiration. Those who can stomach a slow-burn suspense thriller without receiving a satisfying answer will undoubtedly enjoy it. The series had everything to attract an audience, but in the end, it couldn’t provide the satisfaction. Audiences prefer answers rather than be left in the dark, so with an ambiguous ending, “Shahmaran” season 1 didn’t work out as an effective piece of storytelling.


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