‘Shahmaran’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Cihan? Was Davut Alive?

Earlier in episode 6 of “Shahmaran,” we saw Cihan become wild in an effort to own Sahsu. He was so envious of Maran for being the chosen basilisk that he took the evil side to surrender Sahsu to Arun, but Maran didn’t let that happen. After Maran finished his shedding process, he went to confront Cihan. As the massive combat began, let’s see who would prevail in this fight between them.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Cihan? Was Davut Alive?

“Shahmaran” Episode 7 begins with Cihan’s fatal defeat at the hands of Maran, who pulled out his fangs. Sahsu was taken aback seeing Maran brutalizing Cihan in this manner. Even approaching him was difficult for her. She explained to him that she had been trying to get in touch with Maran for a while but that he had not even returned her texts. She didn’t anticipate being with a murderer who beat up innocent bystanders. Maran, however, argued that he had only punished him and also ensured assistance in rescuing him. However, Sahsu was so kind-hearted that she could even felt pity for Cihan, who was on her way to killing her. Maran escorted her home, but Salih informed him that Davut had been gone for some time. Davut was standing close to the edge of a cliff with plans to commit suicide when Maran arrived to find him. Maran called him from behind, stopping him from committing suicide. Davut was shocked, appearing to be in a trance. Sahsu forgave Maran when he returned home with her grandfather. But when Maran arrived at his home, he discovered Lakmu had come to stand up for his son. He brought up the fact that basilisks couldn’t attack one another, and that Maran had breached the laws by attacking Cihan. Maran was forced to punish Cihan as he had attempted to take Sahsu to Anavarza. We observe Lakmu returning home and promising Cihan that he will no longer join Ural. Instead, he gave Arun his approval to continue his hunt for Sahsu. Ural, who appeared to be a doctor, advised Sahsu to take Davut to the hospital.


Another incident involved Tutku, the school’s professor, who was bitten by a basilisk. She became a wicked creature once the snake took possession of her. She announced an expedition to Anavarza, where the hissing sound began to entice Sahsu to peer into the well. In “Shahmaran” Episode 2, this was the well that every traveler began to jump into. Sahsu, however, peered inside it and discovered the Shahmaran necklace dangling from a branch. She attempted to grab it, but Diba stopped her. She received the necklace from Tutku. Tutku insisted on her staying at her place for a short period of time, but Sahsu refused. Diba, who had a psychic vision, touched Tutku’s hand and realized she had been possessed by a basilisk. Sahsu was preparing to take Davut to the hospital the following day, but Davut was adamant he wouldn’t go. Sahsu was disturbed to see her grandfather being so stubborn, but Davut approached her and explained that by not remembering his tragic past, he would be able to forget the suffering and release his daughter’s spirit. Sahsu also recognized this and gathered up all of her mother’s letters to burn them over a log fire. She also flung the Shahmaran necklace along with the letters. As a reaction to that, we see the strange, naked woman getting startled.

In the interim, Maran visited Cihan to check on him. He returned his fangs, which he had removed from his mouth. Maran revealed that it wasn’t him who attacked Cihan first, but Cihan who initiated the fight. According to Cihan, Maran was not a believer in their faith and rituals, so he shouldn’t be the one chosen to give birth to Shahmaran. Maran didn’t think it was wise to argue with a selfish person whose heart was full of envy and hatred. This was the obvious reason why Maran was chosen over Cihan. Diba informed her father about Tutku, and Ural made the decision to have a feast in their courtyard and invite every basilisk to that party. They would also call Tutku with this defense. Maran noticed that his birthmark of the basilisk was beginning to lift his head, which indicated that Sahsu’s love was causing his heart to expand. Their prophecy would be complete if Sahsu walked just a little bit closer to Maran. When Maran tried to check on Mirac, he discovered that he had fled. Maran informed his father about his escape.


Mirac appeared to be planning something more sinister, possibly harming Sahsu or her family. Ural and his family would undoubtedly need to take significant precautions if they were to stop Mirac. Additionally, we see the lying, naked woman telling Arun that the moment has arrived at the episode’s finale. One by one, the omens that we still didn’t understand were starting to come true. We can thus conclude that the prophecy, which is also unknown to us, would be fulfilled and that we would finally learn what the prophecy is about in the final episode of “Shahmaran.” Let’s look into the final episode to know what would truly occur if Maran and Sahsu got together.

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