‘Saint X’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Is Clive’s Childhood Friend? What Is Edwin’s Plan?

Episode 4 of Saint X ended with John noticing Emily talking to a guy in front of their home. She has begun her assignment of making Gogo trust her. In Alison’s timeline, we have Ethan as a suspect alongside Edwin. In Gogo’s timeline, we find out that Sara has married Edwin, but we do not know if Edwin has come to New York or is still in the Caribbean. Saint X Episode 5 is an oxymoron. Nothing happens, but a lot happens anyways. And it’s unnervingly restless, much more so than the previous episodes.


Spoilers Ahead


Ethan and his wife watch from their resort balcony as Allison’s parents and the police search for her in the nearby woods in the middle of the night. Olivia tells Wes that she has made a very big mistake. Tyler’s father is glad that Tyler has told the cops what he wanted him to say. Edwin finds Gogo and tells him to tell the police that they never saw Allison after dropping her off at the hotel. Gogo finally tells Edwin to go away as Gogo doesn’t want to see him again. The next day, we see Edwin holding a plane ticket to New York. All this sounds like some huge conspiracy, with Allison’s death in the middle.


 Gogo is outdoors and calls someone and asks if that person is still in New York. He needs to meet; meanwhile, it’s Alison’s birthday, but Emily has decided to spend it like any other day. She arrives at her office and meets Sunita, who tells her how worried she got when Emily didn’t pick up her call the previous night. Emily tells her that things got “intimate” between her and Clive because, for the first time, he opened up about himself. Sunita reminds her that she has to complete her work by the same night, which means that she had better stop wondering about Clive and Edwin, at least until she has made her final cut of the finale episode she is editing. Emily promises to get it done by the next day. Her phone rings, and it’s her mother, Mia. She doesn’t answer it. Mia realizes that her daughter is busy. She tells Bill that she plans to do something special on Alison’s birthday. Bill plans a movie and dinner. Later, we see him go through pictures of Alison and Emily from their vacation days at Indigo Bay.


Alison and Edwin are having a great time making out away from people’s notice. As they are kissing, Edwin tells her that he knows about her and Tyler. Alison seems to be a bit surprised by this. After all, she doesn’t like people spying on her or telling her things. She can hook up with two or more guys if she wants, but she doesn’t like it if and when one of them finds out about what she’s doing because it compromises the boundaries and perhaps the standards that she has set for herself. Edwin meets Gogo later on and tells him that he has arranged for two tires that he can give Sara. Gogo is overjoyed. Back at the beach, Bill tells Alison that he knows about Edwin and is completely fine with it, but she should be careful because not only can Tyler find out about it, but it can also get Edwin fired. Tyler meets Edwin and asks him to plan a private picnic spot at the beach for him and Alison. Edwin graciously assures him that he will make the necessary arrangements.


Josh curiously inquires about the taxi driver he saw the other night speaking to Emily. Obviously, she doesn’t want him to know that she is tracking the potential murderer of her sister as it would only make him tell her how dangerous it is. She doesn’t want to hear it. So, she quickly brushes it off saying that the guy had an umbrella and helped her avoid the rain. She then gets a call from her mother, only to hear her speak about Alison and how wonderful she was. Mia doesn’t even reply when Emily tells her, “I love you.” It seems that Mia misses Alison a lot more than Emily, and the only way for her to miss Alison properly is to speak to Emily about her. Emily tells Josh that she knows that her parents will never love her as much as they love Alison. Josh tries to reassure her and tells her how much he wants her to be better than she was earlier. Josh knows something’s up, but he loves her enough not to stop her from coping with it and believes that she will come out of it on her own. Emily, under the excuse of working after dinner, meets Tyler, who is now a grown man. She asks him about Clive and Edwin. Tyler tells her that Edwin was a charming and deceitful guy who slept with many girls before Alison, while Clive was someone who did whatever Edwin told him to do. There is a high chance that Edwin is in New York because Edwin was obsessed with the place.

Final Cut

Alison meets Edwin and tells him that she would not have him compromise his job for the sake of being with her. Edwin appreciates her. After she leaves, he tells his friend that he will sleep with her on the last night of her vacation, just like he did with the other girls. Ethan is still ogling Alison while ignoring almost everything that his pregnant wife is telling him. Alison tells Olivia about Tyler’s surprise that evening. As they are talking about it, Bill comes and tells Alison that her sister Clairey is waiting for her to swim with her.


Mia sends Emily a picture of her with Alison in the swimming pool at Indigo Bay. Emily sees it and, more than anything else, gets jacked up to follow Clive again. She thus goes to Little Sugar and waits for him. He finally arrives, and she finds out that he is going to meet an old friend from his childhood days the next night. Thinking that it could be Edwin, Emily tries to inquire about the friend, asking if it is a man or a woman. At this point, Clive just snaps at her, wondering if she is interested in him even though he is not, and tells her to let him mind his business. In other words, Emily needs to stay in her lane. Clive then leaves. The next day, Emily tells Sunita that she thinks Clive is going to meet Edwin. But Sunita is more concerned with the work Emily is supposed to submit by the end of the day. From the way Emily speaks about Clive and him confronting Edwin, Sunita realizes that she is starting to like Clive and warns her. She reminds her that maybe Edwin is responsible for Alison’s death, but Clive is involved too. So Emily needs some perspective. Emily promises to finish the final cut and submit it.


When Sara finds out from Gogo that Edwin has tires for her, she realizes that they must have been stolen. She tells Gogo to take them back. Gogo is at his wit’s end because whatever he does seems to make Sara hate him. Sara apologizes and walks away. Some other night, after finding out that Sara has broken up with Keithley, Gogo approaches her and reminds her how nice a person she is. It is clear that he loves her a lot. Sara admits to Gogo that she is responsible for making her mother’s boyfriend leave. Now, she will have to look after her mother. [We know that it was long ago that Edwin promised Sara that he would help her get rid of her mother’s boyfriend if she stayed away from Gogo.] Gogo offers his help. Sara takes him behind her house, and they make love. Months later, Edwin confronts a pregnant Sara for what she did. He tells her not to marry Gogo.


Emily is going through more information on Edwin on her laptop in her office when she hears Sunita leaving. This is her chance to track Clive and see if he is indeed meeting Edwin. She follows him to some kind of art exhibition, where she sees him meet a woman. It is his good old friend Bery Wilson, and all the sculpture exhibits are hers. Clive reveals that he hasn’t spoken to Sara since she remarried. Bery tells Clive that she has a printout of an email from his son’s new father. Emily stays out of his sight but sees him reading the piece of paper that Bery gave him. As Clive goes through the letter, the expression on his face changes, and it seems as if he has been struck with horror. He glances at Bery for a second before rushing out of the room.

What Is Tyler’s Surprise?

Tyler brings Alison to his surprise picnic spot at the beach and tells her how he wants what they have to continue even after they leave Indigo Bay. Before she can say anything, he kisses her and tries to get intimate with her. Edwin has been watching all this unfold from a distance. Alison tells Tyler to stop and that they can be nothing more than friends, and she leaves the spot. Also, Ethan’s wife, Dana, has finally managed to seduce him to bed. Outside, Olivia and Wes have been kissing when she spots Tyler flouncing away. She excuses herself from Wes and goes after him to find out what’s wrong. She has already anticipated that Alison has broken up with him. Sara meets Edwin and tells him to stop trying to control her by “doing things” for her and, at the same time, badmouthing her to Gogo. He can either come clean about his feelings for her or get over them. All that Edwin tells her is that she has no idea what she is saying. We have no idea what he means either but it’s definitely not good. That guy is never upto any good. 


Emily calls up Sunita to tell her about Clive’s letter and that she thinks it’s from Edwin. But Sunita isn’t concerned about any letter anymore and doesn’t even care about what Emily is up to. Emily didn’t submit her work, and she has thus been fired, as has Sunita. She is crying and hangs up the call on Emily’s face. Back at Little Sugar, Clive is having some sodas when a guy comes in asking about his wife, Emily, who took home some tasty plantains from the place earlier. It is Josh. Clive hears what the guy says but doesn’t react. Josh looks around and, after glancing at Clive for a second or two, realizes that he is the same guy he saw talking to Emily in front of their home the other night. Episode 5 of Saint X ends with Josh walking out of Little Sugar, thinking to himself.

At this point, we have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen. What does Edwin have in mind? What’s Tyler thinking? What will Olivia tell him? What will be Emily’s next step? What is Josh planning to do? What’s in the letter that Bery gave Clive? Is Edwin in New York? All we have are questions, and there is not even a hint as to who could have killed Alison or what led to her death. You are free to wonder if it was her father, Bill, who killed her after spotting her having a lovemaking session with Edwin. Let’s wait to find out what Saint X episode 6 has in store.


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