‘Saint X’ Episode 4: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Bill Find Out About Alison And Edwin?

Saint X is turning out to be quite a restless series in the way it is slowly crouching towards its as yet unknown ending. We have Clairey, a.k.a. Emily, who is stalking Gogo. We have Alison, who is getting more and more involved with Edwin. While these are the primary storylines that we need to follow, a lot else is happening in the background that gives us a better sketch of the characters. Episode 3 ends with Emily deciding to make Gogo trust her just like he and Edwin made Alison trust them before raping and killing her. Gogo, on the other hand, still has nightmares of the witch from Faraway Cay, which means that he is still not over what happened on the night of Alison’s death. Let’s find out what Saint X Episode 4 has in store for us and, more importantly, for Emily and Gogo.


Spoilers Ahead

Things Are Heating Up

Bery pays Gogo a visit in prison. It is his son’s 2nd birthday, and she gives him a sketch of his son that she has made. But he has been avoiding seeing Edwin. Two years later, Gogo is released. He returns home to Sara and their 4-year-old son and tells Sara that he has decided to move to New York to earn money since no one will give him a job in their town. He thus arrives in New York and becomes a cab driver. Days turn into months that turn into years until it is his son’s 10th birthday. It’s been three months since Gogo last spoke to Sara. She is the one who calls Gogo and tells him that she doesn’t need him anymore. She has gotten married.


Emily has planned yet another meeting with Gogo at the Little Sugar Restaurant. As much as Sunita doesn’t like it, she knows Emily wouldn’t listen to her because she is bent on finding out more about the guy and her sister’s death.

Edwin brings Gogo gifts using the money he made from selling One-Eyed Mike’s cocaine. Edwin offers a 10% commission if he can only keep the cocaine safe for him. Gogo doesn’t like the way Edwin is headed but takes the cocaine because he needs the money. Edwin gladly tells him how things are “heating up” with Alison Thomas. Meanwhile, Alison and Olivia are taking a walk while talking about the guys they have dated. Alison tells Olivia that she has dated two guys so far but intends to spread the love further. In other words, she is aiming to sleep with Tyler or Edwin. Or maybe both, as an excited Olivia suggests. They meet Alison’s parents at lunch. Bill has already noticed his daughter exchanging glances and smiles with Edwin. Little Clairey asks Alison if they can play that night. Unfortunately, Alison has plans for the night. Olivia offers to play instead. As the two girls walk away, Alison smiles at Tyler and gets one in return. She is managing the two guys quite nicely. Wes arrives a few seconds later and tells Tyler that he isn’t the only guy Alison seems to be interested in.


Worry Or Not

It is nighttime when Gogo bumps into Emily again near his house. She asks if he can walk her some distance. He agrees, and as they are walking, Emily asks him about his free time, intending to coerce him into revealing anything that she might find useful or effective. Emily also tells Gogo that she loves playing checkers. This is intentional, as she remembers that Gogo played checkers with her during the trip. And from Gogo’s expression, it seems that he remembers playing it with Alison’s little sister Clairey too. However, he doesn’t say anything and keeps walking. At dinner, with Emily not around, Josh asks Sunita, whom they have invited, about Emily’s behaviour and whereabouts. He is worried about her, but Sunita assures him that there’s nothing to worry about yet, and if it comes to worry, she’ll tell him.

Ethan and his wife, Dana, are by the pool. Alison yet again spots the guy staring at her, or at her backside, to be more precise, but doesn’t say anything. She meets Edwin at the fire pit. What begins as a conversation ends with kisses. Back at the beach, Bill finds Tyler hanging out with Wes, which is weird because Alison was supposed to be with Tyler.


Hard Time Trusting

Gogo comes across Emily again at the Little Sugar Restaurant. Emily again tries to get Gogo to talk while playing cards. The fact that Gogo agrees to play cards proves that he is slowly beginning to trust her. During their conversation, Gogo reveals to her that he has a 21-year-old son, but he isn’t close with him [we know the reason, but Emily doesn’t, and Gogo doesn’t tell her either]. The next day again, they are playing poker when Gogo gets suspicious and asks why he always finds her there. Emily tells him that she is lonely, and with him, she feels like she can be herself. Gogo doesn’t trust her and gets up and leaves.

Bill is at the bar and asks Gogo about his friendship with Edwin. The guy has been quite attentive towards Alison, more than usual, but Gogo assures Bill that it is how Edwin behaves with all the guests. Bill even pays Gogo a few extra bucks in return for the special treatment. Gogo turns around to store the cash, and that’s when we spot the expression on his face. He knows what Edwin is doing, and now that Bill has the scent of it, it is only a matter of time before he takes action. Meanwhile, Alison and Olivia are having an afternoon at the spa.


Calm Down

Gogo arrives at Little Sugar the next night and finds Emily waiting for him. He apologizes to her for his behavior last night, saying that he isn’t used to talking about himself. He offers Emily a ride home in his cab, and she agrees. Gogo doesn’t drop her off at home but takes her to a different place, i.e., by the Hudson River, from where the Statue of Liberty can be seen glowing. Gogo brings Emily there because the water helps him calm down, and he hopes that it helps her calm down as well. She tells him about the time she got obsessed with editing a documentary, stopped eating and sleeping, and ended up in the hospital. She thanks Gogo for bringing her there. Gogo mentions Edwin, who used to always talk about coming to New York. Now he knows why. Emily asks if his friend is in New York. Gogo answers that they haven’t spoken for the last 20 years. Edwin betrayed him. Emily asks what happened, but he doesn’t answer. Telling her that it is about to rain, they leave.

‘Saint X’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: Who Did Sara Marry? Where Is Edwin?

Gogo finds Edwin and tells him that Alison’s father knows that Edwin is flirting with Alison and warns him of the consequences. But Edwin is least bothered and knows that if he loses this job, he has other resorts to get a job at. Once he has made enough money, he and Gogo can move to New York. Gogo makes it clear to him that he isn’t leaving his son, grandmother, and wife and doesn’t want Edwin to leave either. Later that night, Alison approaches Ethan with no one else around and tells him to his face that it is understandable that he hates everything about his own life presently, but he has to stop staring at her because it is disgusting. Ethan’s face shows how angry he is, but he doesn’t tell Alison anything. Alison then goes to the fire pit and finds Gogo. Edwin has left for the night. So Alison and Gogo share a beer while talking about his son, Clive Jr.


It has begun raining by the time Gogo drops Emily home. She thanks him for keeping her company, apologizes in case she has said something hurtful, and then goes inside. Unbeknownst to either of them, Josh has seen Emily talking to a black guy from a distance.

Gogo is unable to accept the fact that Sara has gotten married within 3 months of him not being able to speak with her on the phone. The reason he wasn’t able to send money is because he burst an appendix. However, he asks Sara who she married. She answers that it is Edwin. Is this what Edwin wanted her to do in return for helping her and her mother get rid of her father? (Saint X Episode 2) After all, he did kiss her.


As irritating as it is for us to wait for something substantial to happen at Indigo Bay, we cannot help it. However, we have one more person under the umbrella of doubt behind the killing of Alison, i.e., Ethan. That guy hates Alison because he knows he can’t have her. And this toxicity might just have led him to kill her. Meanwhile, Tyler can be after Edwin for being his competitor in the race to get Alison [if we consider that Wes has told Tyler about Edwin]. As for Edwin, we have no idea how he is involved, although he is involved in some way since Gogo makes it clear to Emily. We also do not know if Edwin is still in the Caribbean or New York. Even after four episodes, there is not much information for us to go on. The fifth episode of Saint X will hopefully reveal more.

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