‘Saint X’ Episodes 2 And 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Emily Speak To Clive Richardson?

Episode 1 of “Saint X” ended with Alison and Tyler spending some quality time together by the sea. She will be leaving the next day. Coming to the present, Emily has been able to pull off a meeting with Gogo to get her phone back. Before talking about what happens in Episode 2 and 3, let us remind ourselves of the different timelines that we have seen till now to make things clearer.

  •     Gogo AKA Clive and Edwin’s childhood [a small portion]
  •     Events before the disappearance of Alison
  •     Events after the disappearance of Alison
  •     Clairey AKA Emily’s present life

Spoilers Ahead

Kiss And Cocaine

Clairey tells her parents (Bill and Mia) that Alison didn’t return last night. Alison returns and tells them that she was hanging out with Tyler. They are getting along pretty well. At breakfast, Edwin makes her pina colada extra strong, just as she had said she liked it. It brings a smile to her face, and thus to his too. Later, Edwin offers Gogo a chance to make more money for Clive Jr. and Sara. All they need to do is meet a guy named One-Eyed Mike the next day. Mike is a drug dealer. All they will have to do is sell his cocaine to the customers who ask for it. Some of them already have asked him for it. But Gogo is completely against it. He even tells Alison to be careful of Edwin, as he is trouble. However, he changes his mind and accepts Edwin’s offer later on when he sees Keithley, another guy from his childhood who Sara used to date when they were kids, speaking to her. Gogo doesn’t like the guy because he shows off how rich he is. Meanwhile, Alison meets Ethan and politely reminds him of what he did. Even his pregnant wife, who has noticed how he looks at Alison, tells him to be careful. But Ethan just can’t take his eyes off Alison. Todd, Tyler’s father, tells Bill how Tyler and his mom hate him because he doesn’t care about anything except money. He also tells Bill that his son is a coward. That night, Alison and Tyler kiss, after which she arrives at the fire pit where Edwin and Gogo are having drinks. Gogo doesn’t like her being with them because he knows Edwin is up to no good. He asks Alison if her parents know where she is, but she states that she doesn’t like to be told what she should do. Well, we all know how that turned out.


A Death Faraway

A few hours after Alison’s disappearance at night, Gogo and Edwin are arrested by the police chief for drunk driving. They were last spotted with her as all three left the bar. Bill knows that the two guys are responsible, but there’s no proof. Desmond, a concierge, and friend of Gogo and Edwin, takes Brett, his wife, and their two daughters to the Faraway Cay for a hike. Brett and his wife thank Desmond for doing it, as it is a big respite for the kids with all that’s been going on surrounding Alison’s disappearance. A few minutes later, a scream from the little girls who are in the plunge pool at the bottom of the small waterfall reveals the lifeless body of Alison floating.

Go After Gogo

The morning after Emily spoke to Clive, a.k.a. Gogo, she visited her therapist and told her that she has been doing well of late, especially by living with Josh, who has accepted her issues with open arms. She has no problems living in Flatbush, which is a Caribbean neighborhood. Emily then meets Clive at a café and takes out her phone. Clive refuses to accept any money, so Emily thanks him and leaves. She arrives at work and tells Sunita that she hasn’t been able to get over her meeting with Clive. Sunita suggests she tell Josh and not go around looking up her sister’s death on the internet, which will only make matters worse. However, Emily musters up the courage to look up her sister’s death on the internet. It was the headline for a year. She goes through a lot and cannot help but be reminded of her sister, whom she loved so much and who loved her a lot. She finally makes up her mind to do what she wants to. That night, she excuses herself from Josh’s party and stalks Clive as he walks out of the eatery they met at earlier.


A Young Secret

Edwin meets Gogo after school. Gogo tells him that they need to do something about Sara’s father, a minister, who treats her and her mother badly. Edwin reminds him that it is for Sara’s mother to sort out and they should not get involved in the matter. No one knows what the father is capable of. One night, while Sara’s mom and dad are arguing, she finds Edwin outside her house. He tells Sara that he can help her and her mother, but in return, she will have to stay away from Gogo. He then kisses her and runs off.

Coca-Cola And Kisses

Gogo brings Clive Jr. to work. Later on, as Gogo, Edwin, and Desmond are talking about Mike, Gogo finds out that Sara and Keithley are outside. He takes Clive Jr. and goes to meet Sara. He sees Keithley leave in his car and asks Sara why she spends time with the guy, knowing he is married. Sara tells him that it’s because Keithley is there for her when she needs someone. Gogo wasn’t even there with her when she gave birth to Clive Jr. Saying this, she leaves. Later, Edwin decides against taking Gogo to Mike because he cannot afford to have Gogo all weak and lost in thoughts about Sara. It is nighttime when Edwin returns from Mike’s place with the cocaine and snaps at Desmond for not telling him that Mike is gay. Alison befriends Olivia and tells her that she likes both Tyler and Edwin. While Tyler’s interesting, Edwin is a grown-up. Alison is on her way to meet Tyler when she comes across Edwin. They kiss. She then goes and meets Tyler. They share drinks and kisses.


Cover For A Tour

Gogo and Edwin tell Officer Roy that they dropped Alison off at the hotel. Their silence spoke louder than their words ever did. However, under orders from the mayor, he tells the press that Alison’s death was an accident because there is no way Gogo and Edwin could accompany Alison to the Faraway Cay and then be found where they had been by Roy in less than 2 hours. This was just an excuse, as Roy had been told by the mayor not to claim any kind of responsibility for Alison’s death as it would hurt the tourism business. Clive was found in possession of drugs and arrested. Bill and Mia tell the press that the evidence that cleared Gogo and Edwin was introduced by Officer Roy. The authorities couldn’t afford to have their tourism tanked by a rape and murder allegation. Bill, Mia, and Clairey leave the Indigo Bay resort in tears.

‘Saint X’ Episode 3 Ending Explained – Does Emily Speak To Clive Richardson?

Emily tries to follow Clive but unfortunately loses him. The next day, she tells Josh about looking up her sister’s death. She snaps at him for comparing Alison’s death under mysterious circumstances with that of his sister, who died surrounded by loved ones. The next day, she again follows him to Little Sugar Restaurant. She approaches him, and he accepts her treat after much insisting. She tries to initiate conversation, but it doesn’t work. Clive thanks her for the meal and leaves. Emily returns to her office and finds that Sunita knows what she has been doing because Josh texted her. Now, Emily is responsible for telling her what’s going on. So, she takes her along, and they follow Clive [we do not know how Emily finds him every time] to his house in a car. There she screams Gogo from inside the car, and Clive reacts. He looks around and rushes inside his apartment. Emily then tells Sunita that “Gogo” is how he was addressed at the resort. She is going to earn his trust to find out what he did to her sister. She returns to her apartment and tells Josh that she is looking into her sister’s death. However, she doesn’t tell him about Clive. Meanwhile, Clive is woken up from sleep by a nightmare where he sees the witch of Faraway Cay.


Clive has not come out of the trauma that he went through during Alison’s disappearance. He surely knows something. We are also yet to know about Edwin and his present whereabouts (and that’s only if he is still alive). As we go back in time, we realize that Alison is confused between Edwin and Tyler, so she hangs out with both of them. We can assume an impending brawl between Edwin and Tyler in case either of them finds out that the other is trying to get close to Alison. Also, we have to wait to see what Edwin does with the cocaine and whether he gives it to someone. On going further back in time, we find out that Edwin perhaps had feelings for Sara, and her ending up being the mother of Gogo’s child is the reason why he has been trying to convince Gogo to leave her so that he can have her. “Saint X” Episode 4 will reveal more about all of this.

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