‘Saint X’ Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: How Does Emily Know The Cabdriver Clive Richardson?

As Alison’s parents and the resort authorities search for her all around the resort, Alison’s lifeless body floats at the bottom of a waterfall at a distance. Gogo, one of the concierges, takes cover and prays to God, apologizing for what he has done. Based on Alexis Schaitkin’s novel “Saint X,” this series explores the mystery behind the rape and murder of teenager Alison from multiple perspectives and timelines. Years later, when her younger sister Emily comes across one of the two men who were held responsible for her death, she decides to find out the truth. “Saint X” Episode 1 is the beginning of a complex plot. Here goes.


Spoilers Ahead

Let There Be Bay

Emily and her boyfriend, Josh, are about to leave the bar. Josh offers to accompany her, and she knows that Josh is scared to let her walk home alone in Flatbush, Brooklyn. She assures him that she will be fine. On her way home, she bumps into a couple of troublemakers but ignores them and keeps walking. Bill and Mia are having breakfast when a little black girl offers Mia a cookie. Her father asks them if they have children. Mia answers that they have a daughter. Bill has an expression of sorrow on his face as he stares at Mia. Emily and Josh are shopping when she spots the same soda bottles that she last saw at the resort. Josh gets worried that it might bring back the trauma, but she assures him that she isn’t freaking out. They return to their apartment.


Bill and Mia Thomas, along with their daughters Alison and Clairey, arrive at the beautiful Indigo Bay resort by the Caribbean Sea for their vacation. As much as Alison is against how her rich capitalist parents have brought them to a vacation destination where most people do not have proper shelter, she is happy to be there. Later, as they are at the beach, concierges Edwin and Gogo arrive to let them know about the excursions planned for the day, which include a snorkeling trip and a hike on a place called Faraway Cay (more like a faraway cave). The latter is believed to be haunted. They also have a volleyball match. Alison decides to stay back for the match with Clairey. Later on, Gogo tells Edwin that he can’t join him that night for the party because he has to look after Clive Jr.

Little Clive “Gogo” Richardson is on his way to school for the first time. He is on foot with his strict grandma, who warns him not to be naughty or else the witch from Faraway Cay will turn him into a goat. He has a stuttering issue, and his friends make fun of him in class. However, Edwin befriends Gogo, and they become good friends as the days pass.


A Familiar ID

Emily is on her way to meet her friend Sunita, who is waiting for her at a café. The driver tells her that the forecast is for rain, but it’s sunny outside. However, there’s no telling when the weather will change. His words remind Emily of something. She glances at the driver’s ID stuck on the back of his seat. The name is Clive Richardson. But she remembers him by another name, Gogo. Clairey is Emily. But why did she change her name?

The police tell Bill and Mia that two local men were spotted partying at the bar with Emily last night. They left the bar at midnight, after which she went missing. The men have been arrested, but Emily is nowhere to be found yet. Young Clairey, who is missing her sister, answers a knock and finds Gogo standing. He has brought tea.


‘Saint X’ Episode 1 Ending Explained – Does Emily Speak To Gogo?

Emily leaves her phone inside the cab and gets out. As soon as she sits down at the table inside the café, Sunita notices that her hands are shaking. They leave the place immediately and sit at a park, where Emily tells her about Clive and how it transported her back to the island when she was small. She returns to her apartment later and tempestuously tells Josh that she has lost her phone.

Edwin and Gogo plan to invite Alison to the volleyball game. Sara, Gogo’s girlfriend, and mother of Clive Jr., arrives at the Indigo and asks for Gogo. The game begins. Gogo meets Sara, who tells him that she will need money to go get new tires for their car at night. Gogo promises that he’ll get the money. The game is over, and Alison returns to her mother by the pool. The sun sets in the Caribbean. As the Thomases are having a great time dancing to Caribbean folk music, Gogo and Edwin ogle at them, especially Edwin, who seems to be very interested in Alison. After dinner is over, Alison puts Clairey to bed and goes out. She finds Edwin and Gogo sitting and chatting, and then she goes to meet Tyler, her new friend. But on the way, she overhears Ethan abusing her as he walks past her. He is the same guy whom she defended against during the volleyball match in the afternoon. She doesn’t say anything.

Emily hurries out for a walk. Gogo has just gotten into his cab when he hears a phone ringing in the back. He finds it and picks it up. Emily returns to her apartment and apologizes to Josh for behaving with him the way she did. John accepts her apology. She wakes up in the middle of the night and dials her phone from the landline. Gogo picks it up, and they fix a time the next day when they will meet, and he will give her the phone back. Emily is about to meet Gogo.

We know that Clairey and Emily are the same person, as are Clive Richardson and Gogo. From “Saint X” Episode 1, we learn about Gogo and Edwin’s friendship, Alison and Tyler’s chemistry that some grown men with wives and kids are jealous of, and Emily’s issues. It can be that she changed her name from Clairey to Emily only to move on from that trauma. We do not know if she is still in contact with her parents, Bill and Mia. “Saint X” Episode 2 will probably reveal that, but one thing that we can be sure of is that Emily is about to meet her sister’s potential murderer.


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