Rock, Paper, Scissors In ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Explained: How Did Mai Win The Final Game?

The seventh game of Squid Game: The Challenge was an immersive experience. Nine remaining players played the Circle of Trust, a game that involved choosing one person to be eliminated while the rest of them were blindfolded. This was an intense game because it involved the chosen contestant picking a rival player for elimination. This game enthralled everyone because the guessing game took up a lot of time, thinking, and analyzing who would want them out of the game. As the game got over, six players were eliminated, and only three players remained to head towards the finale.

The final episode of season one of Squid Game: The Challenge involves only three players who will have to find a way to eliminate each other. One of them would win the prize money of 4.56 million dollars. Mai, Phill, and Sam were all from middle-class backgrounds and were in dire need of money to move up in life. All three of them were nice to each other, but internally, they were ruthless and would do anything to eliminate the other two. This game makes everyone eventually selfish, and all three of them are heading in that direction.

Mai, Phill, and Sam are given a gift box by the soldiers in the red jumpsuits, and it contains a black tuxedo, which they must wear for a feast the show has organized for the three. It is initially understood as an elaborate dinner organized for the three on reaching the finals. Offering them impeccable suits would mean the feast would be elaborate and fancy.

Mai, Phill, and Sam got ready as per the clothes given to them, and as expected, the feast was massive. All three of them had been in the dorm and were used to the simple food they were provided. The feast was a good way to break the ice between Mai and the two men. Mai was aware that Phill and Sam were not very keen on her winning, but the conversation between the three at the dinner table lit up the mood. The feast allowed all three to calm down before the big game was introduced to them. To their shock, right after the feast, a game was introduced for one last elimination before the final game. The feast was set in their dorm, which would make this a dorm test as well. They are presented with three buttons, and each button will emanate a color. The red button would mean elimination, while the green button would give the contestant the power to eliminate one of the two. A gray color, however, will not have any impact on the three of them. Mai, Phill, and Sam should have expected this twist to come after being baited with an enormous dinner.

All three of them were stressed about who would go first because that would set the tone for the other two. It was a difficult choice to make because the probability was very shaky at this point. Mai took the gamble of being the first person to press one of the buttons. Luckily, the light turned out to be gray, which means she will stay in the game. Mai is now safe until either of the men is given the green light. After Mai’s save, Sam and Phills, who claimed to be good friends, had to choose between themselves. Sam took one for the team and pressed the button. He was eliminated as the button emanated the color red. This sealed the deal, as Mai and Phill were pronounced finalists.

The final game between the two was called Rock, Paper, Scissors, a game played by many in their childhood. The game was played the next day in the same tuxedo provided to them. If any of them gestured either rock, paper, or scissors, the dominant factor would be asked to choose a key and try opening a vault placed right next to them. If Mai or Phills have the key that opens the vault, one of them would be declared the winner. This game went on for a long time as Mai and Phill did trial and error with the game as well as the key. A key finally worked, and it was used by Mai. 

Mai was finally declared the winner of the game show and she was beyond elated to have won 4.56 million dollars. Phill was excited to see her win as well. Mai’s win was predicted way back in the beginning, as people finally started understanding her skill set. All her wins in the game from the start worked in her favor, which helped her become the champion of this game and nab the humongous prize money. This was the end of Season 1. Mai defeated 455 players to become the first winner of Netflix’s game show, Squid Game: The Challenge.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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