Circle Of Trust In ‘Squid Game: The Challenge,’ Explained: What Happens In Game 7?

The sixth game of Squid Game: The Challenge featured a game called ‘Glass Bridge’ that had the contestants walking on it. Safe and unsafe tiles placed on it were the catch, and many people who ended up stepping on the unsafe tiles were eliminated. People who survived the ‘Glass Bridge’ game moved on to the die game as part of the dorm room test. The die game eliminated three players. The remaining nine players in the game moved on to the penultimate game, which would decide who the finalists would be.

The nine players have dedicated a lot to this game show. They are the lucky few and the intelligent ones who saved themselves from being removed from the game show. There was no other way to survive in this game show if not for good fortune and a basic understanding of how the makers are preparing challenges for them. The smartest of the lot would understand that this game is essentially made to pit people against each other. There is no place for emotion or attachment. The makers are going ahead and daring to be different by making sure the contestants are constantly surprised and kept on the edge. The nature of these games personifies that. The nine players have mastered this spirit so far.

The seventh game of this challenge is totally based on the intuition of the players, because at this point they will have to guess to make sure they survive this game. A guessing game with an elaborate ruse in this challenge is called the ‘Circle of Trust’. The ‘Circle of Trust’ is an elaborate game played by the remaining nine members.  All of them would be blindfolded and asked to sit in a circle. One of the soldiers in the red jumpsuit would touch them gently, and this would be an indication for the said contestant to remove the blindfold and place a box in front of the respective player they wanted eliminated. The player will have to guess who placed the box. If they answer correctly there will be no consequences, but a wrong answer will lead to their elimination.

As the game began, each of them was given the chance to place the box in front of the player they wanted out of the game. This player, as mentioned earlier, could potentially be a winner as well. Everyone is a target at this point, and no one is safe. Every person placing a box considers the other person to be a threat. This is the beauty of this game, as it exposes friends and enemies as the challenge unfolds. The current target was the contestant named Mai, who seemed to have gotten a hang of how to be one step ahead of the contestants around her. Many have tried to one-up her in previous games, but she managed to win and move past it. There were legitimate plans made to make sure Mai did not go forward, but there were some contestants who wanted her to stay and continue being a part of the game show.

The percentage of people who liked Mai was high, but a lot of them got eliminated. She would have to survive on the bare minimum of support she had around her to enter the finals. She was given the box more than once by the contestants in the circle of trust. She was able to guess who the players were, which led to their elimination. Mai was also given the chance to place a box in front of the person she believed was a big threat to her candidacy as a winner, and the other contestants could not guess it was her. ‘Circle of Trust’ was a far more intense game because it exposed the real intentions the players have about each other.

As the game went on, six players were eliminated. Only three players finally survived the Circle of Trust. Mai survived the game and, with two other players, moved on to the final game. The final game will bring them closest to the prize money. Along with Mai, whose contestant number was 287, Phill and Sam were the remaining players. Their contestant numbers were 451 and 016, respectively, and they were afraid of Mai’s prowess as well. Mai was undefeated to this point and eliminating her in the upcoming games in the final would be the priority of the men.

As Squid Game: The Challenge moves to the finale, a lot could be learned and unlearned from all the games that were completed. Hopefully, they will be utilized in the final by Mai, Phill, and Sam for their benefit.  It would be interesting to watch what kind of games have been paved out for the final three contestants of the game. As most of the contestants have been eliminated, the prize money collected in the orb is 45,30,000 dollars. They are a few thousand away from the full prize money.

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Smriti Kannan
Smriti Kannan
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