‘Revenge Of Others’ Episodes 9 & 10: Recap And Ending – What Does Osung Accuse Won Seok Of?

Gi Osung has emerged as a prime suspect in murders in “Revenge Of Others,” but Soo Heon still has to be careful because he has a lot of eyes on him. Soo Heon had decided not to assault anyone anymore, but his mother’s worsening health condition had him needing the money, so he took up the job to assault Jung Kyung once again. However, this time, Osung has set up a trap for him.


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Does Osung Succeed In Exposing Soo Heon?

Soo Heon refuses to leave the hospital until his mother wakes up, and Chan Mi has to bring him to eat a meal. She has seen Ajung leaving the hospital, but Soo Heon lies that he was alone and gives her the polaroids that he found in Osung’s room. Ajung told Soo Heon that she had made a deal with Seonha’s father because she couldn’t see Soo Heon suffering for money. Soo Heon accepted the offer, and this was what Osung wanted. He had told Jung Kyung to harass Seonha again, which would lead her father to ask Soo Heon for help, and everything fell into place, exactly like Osung wanted.


Chan Mi checks the polaroids and understands that Won Seok is close friends with Osung, Jae Bom, and Sejin. However, Jae Bom is the only person she can talk to about the polaroids. When she shows the group picture to Jae Bom, he gets surprised because Osung never told him that he had a group of friends. On the other side, Osung starts an Instagram account all of a sudden and posts Ji Hyun’s funny pictures in a successful attempt to get everyone’s attention. When Ji Hyun tells him to take down the pictures, he tells her to wait for a few days.

Hyeok Geon’s murder case was cold for some days until detective Hyun accidentally got hold of a lost drone on the body shop’s roof, which showed two people leaving the body shop at different times. Detective Jin thinks that there could be an accomplice in the murder. 


Osung snatches Chan Mi’s bag and finds the stolen polaroids in them. Jae Bom has never seen Osung get so worked up. He takes Chan Mi away from him, but to change the topic, Chan Mi asks Jae Bom to teach her to drive. He agrees right away and takes her for a car driving lesson the next day. As they spend some time together, Jae Bom tells Chan Mi a secret about him: he also has a twin brother, which is why he can understand how losing a twin can feel.

Soo Heon has reached the RV Jung Kyung is living in and has no idea how big a trap has been set for him. Osung has installed CCTV cameras inside and outside the RV to catch Soo Heon with proof. A person parks his car near the RV, and usually, Jung Kyung wouldn’t mind, but Osung tells him to get rid of it because Soo Heon wouldn’t attack him otherwise. This is the final stage of Osung’s trap.


Chan Mi gets a call from Soo Heon’s gym instructor to inform her that Soo Heon’s mother has passed away, and he hasn’t been picking up his calls. Chan Mi calls Su Yeon and Jae Bom, but neither of them knows where Soo Heon is. At the same time, Osung starts a Livestream on his Instagram to expose Soo Heon, and many students join to watch it happen. 

When Su Yeon informs Ajung, she tells her the truth, and they rush to meet Seonha, who knows where Jung Kyung lives. Jae Bom and Chan Mi find the RV and stop Soo Heon before it is too late. Jae Bom replaces Soo Heon and attacks Jung Kyung instead just to prank Osung. However, he gets scared by Osung’s reaction when he sees his face behind the mask.


What Secret Does Osung Know About Jae Bom’s Accident?

The Livestream gets reported to the police, and they take Osung, Jae Bom, and Jung Kyung in custody. Jae Bom’s two lawyers are present with him at the police station, but Jae Bom insists on talking alone with the detective. He tells detective Jin that he was drinking in a nearby park when he saw Osung’s Livestream and decided to pull a prank. He picked up a mask on the street and barged into the RV only to prank Jung Kyung and Osung.

Detective Hyun asks Jung Kyung about his cousins, who were caught with Osung, and why they were involved in their plan. His cousins have a criminal history, and that’s why their so-called little prank doesn’t really look like a prank. Osung claims that it was a prank to gain popularity in school, but for the detectives, the entire Livestream looks pre-planned. When Osung feels like he is getting trapped, he reveals to the detectives that he has been waiting for Soo Heon.


After Soo Heon’s mother’s funeral, Soo Heon, Chan Mi, and their friends pay their respects to Won Seok as well. Chan Mi reveals to them that she suspects that Osung is Won Seok’s murderer for many reasons but cannot tell the police because she doesn’t have definitive evidence. 

Jae Bom takes Osung to the school auditorium and first confronts him about the Livestream, and Osung calls him a traitor. Jae Bom calls Osung a manipulator and asks him why he didn’t show him the other polaroids and specifically showed his pictures with Won Seok. Osung tells him that there is a reason behind it and gives him a clue. He tells Jae Bom that his memory of how he fell from the building is still incomplete.


After finding out about the polaroid group, Chan Mi started wondering if her brother dated any of the boys in the group. She only has Jae Bom to count on and asks him for a favor. Jae Bom is becoming paranoid day by day as he keeps on feeling that someone is trying to barge into his room and harm him. For Chan Mi’s favor or not, he needs Osung to tell him the truth.

Jae Bom asks Osung for the details about his accident while Chan Mi records it secretly but what she hears from Osung is shocking to both her and Jae Bom. Osung tells Jae Bom that Won Seok pushed him down the building, but he doesn’t know the reason behind it. He reminds Jae Bom that tomorrow will be a year since that accident.


Soo Heon returns to school, and Osung tries to get into a fight with him over the failed Livestream. Soo Heon is not interested in talking to him as he is still recovering from grief, but Osung keeps provoking him. However, Soo Heon collapses when Osung tries to hit him and has to be taken to the hospital. Chan Mi accompanies him as she knows his doctor and that he has a brain tumor. 

‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 10: Ending

Chan Mi leaves the hospital after the doctor tells her that Soo Heon is safe now. Chan Mi finds it difficult to believe that her brother tried to kill Jae Bom, and Jae Bom finds it difficult to accept it too. Chan Mi sends a video message to Soo Heon saying that she will stop looking for Won Seok’s murderer because he is not a good person either and that she has no more reason to stay in Seoul. She sends a message to Jae Bom as well, apologizing on behalf of Won Seok.


Soo Heon sees Chan Mi’s message after waking up and goes straight to Osung’s house, where he sees Jung Kyung taking him somewhere, and Osung is wearing shoes with red shoelaces. He follows them to Jung Kyung’s RV and barges inside. Soo Heon calls Osung Won Seok’s murderer and accuses him of trying to frame Jae Bom as Won Seok’s murderer.

Chan Mi has given up on finding Won Seok’s murderer in “Revenge Of Others.” However, after seeing an old picture of her with Won Seok, she realizes that something is wrong. She had heard Osung saying that it had been a year since Jae Bom got into the accident where Won Seok apparently pushed him down the building, but Chan Mi had a photo with Won Seok on the same day in Busan.  


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