‘Revenge Of Others’ Episodes 7 & 8: Recap And Ending – What Makes Osung A Murder Suspect?

Soo Heon had only threatened Hyeok Geon and left him alone without assaulting him, but he was found dead the next day. Soo Heon became a murder suspect in “Revenge Of Others” in no time as he used the same technique on Hyeok Geon as he used to torture Jung Kyung. Chan Mi saved Soo Heon for the time being by stealing his backpack and later calling him to Busan to get it back. She suspected Soo Heon of killing Won Seok and asked him to confess if he was the killer.


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What Were Won Seok And Jae Bom’s Relationships?

Chan Mi fires a bullet at Soo Heon, but it only scratches his arm. Soo Heon comes at Chan Mi to stop her from shooting further and keeps telling her that he didn’t kill Won Seok. Chan Mi doesn’t trust him and wants an answer to why he killed Won Seok. Her doubt subsides when she gets a call from her brother’s number, but nobody speaks when she picks up the call. Won Seok’s mobile phone was never found, so whoever has it is the murderer.


Chan Mi comes back to her senses and apologizes to Soo Heon. She buys him a new hoodie and bandages his wound herself. Soo Heon has forgiven her already and takes pictures with her at a photo studio to commemorate the day he was wounded by an actual bullet. It is already late at night, and they decide to take the first train back to Seoul in the morning. Soo Heon leaves first in the morning but faints at the railway station. Since then, no one has been able to contact him.

Jae Bom has not been able to sleep, thinking that he has something to do with Won Seok’s death. Osung told him to forget that he had any ties with Won Seok, but it only intrigued him more. He asks Osung to tell him the truth, and the next day, Osung brings him an envelope. Jae Bom had jumped off a building, and just a day before, he had given this envelope to Osung. Osung had to open and see the envelope after this incident. Jae Bom sees many of his pictures with Won Seok, clearly showing that they had been in a romantic relationship.


The police detectives have been looking for Soo Heon and have reached out to Su Yeon and Chan Mi, but neither of them really knows where Soo Heon is. Soo Heon had told Chan Mi to take care of his cats if he ever disappeared, and Chan Mi did so. Soo Heon’s school teacher becomes concerned as well and tells Ji Hyun to check on why Soo Heon’s been missing school. On the other hand, Jae Bom has been missing school as well. His mother has installed a GPS tracker on his phone, and she asks Osung to look for him.

Jae Bom goes to meet Soo Heon at his home but sees Chan Mi enter the house instead. He calls Chan Mi to meet him outside and barges into Soo Heon’s house when she goes outside. He notices that Chan Mi and Soo Heon have been living together. Osung tracks Jae Bom’s location and reaches Soo Heon’s house, and at the same time, Ji Hyun comes looking for Soo Heon as well. Ji Hyun gets jealous after seeing Chan Mi’s things at Soo Heon’s place and wrecks the entire house.


Soo Heon has been admitted to the hospital, and just at the time of his discharge, he runs into detective Jin, who is his doctor’s wife. She understands that Soo Heon didn’t hide on purpose and promises not to tell anyone about his illness. Soo Heon returns home to find Chan Mi injured. Someone broke Chan Mi’s scooter’s brake on purpose, and Chan Mi barely survived a deadly accident. Chan Mi suspects Ji Hyun and, again, gets into a fight with her, but Su Yeon stops her before it turns into an assault case.

Ajung remembers that it is Won Seok’s birthday, which means it is Chan Mi’s birthday as well. As Soo Heon returns just in time, they throw a surprise birthday party for Chan Mi. Jae Bom is also present at the party, and Osung comes looking for him again. However, Soo Heon notices something odd and extremely suspicious when Osung leaves. Chan Mi heard a familiar mobile ringtone when she received a phone call from Won Seok’s number. For some reason, Evu and Osung had the same ringtone on his phone.


What Does Detective Hyun Hide From Detective Jin?

Soo Heon tells Chan Mi about Osung’s ringtone, and she gets riled up. Soo Heon calms her down and tells her that they will solve this situation wisely and not make any rash decisions. On the other hand, Jae Bom gets into a fight with Osung because he thinks that he is manipulating him, just like he did with Won Seok. Jae Bom is afraid that his relationship with Won Seok will make him look like a fool because he doesn’t even remember it.

Soo Heon and Chan Mi return home, and while discussing Osung’s ringtone, they decide to steal his phone and check his call log to see if he got a call; at the same time, Chan Mi gets a call from Won Seok’s phone. Chan Mi doesn’t trust the police and doesn’t want to report this to them as Osung’s father is the chief of police. The police detectives have found a receipt at Hyeok Geon’s murder scene, and it can become crucial evidence if they find out who the receipt belongs to.


Detective Jin and Detective Hyun have been going around to different places that use receipts with a certain type of barcode but haven’t been able to get much out of it. However, detective Hyun finds a match at a study cafe, and the cafe owner scans the torn barcode for him. He only gets the information about the entry time from it, but the CCTV footage shows him who entered at that time—it is Gi Osung.

Su Yeon hits Osung purposely and gets into a fight with him to distract him for a while. That’s when Soo Heon steals his phone and hides in the washroom to check his call log. However, he realizes that Osung has changed his phone, and that’s why there are no call logs from a week ago. Osung tracks down his phone from Ji Hyun’s phone and calls his number when he comes closer to the washroom. Soo Heon leaves the phone and hides.


Detective Hyun has kept it secret from his senior detective Jin that the receipt belongs to Gi Osung. Instead, he meets the police chief to inform him about his son. The chief is unable to believe it and requests detective Hyun to investigate it a little more before reporting to his superior. The police chief is not one to cover for a criminal, but he is still a father and has to do what he can.

Someone attacks Soo Heon while he is coming back home, and the person turns out to be Sejin, who still suspects that Soo Heon is Won Seok’s murderer. Chan Mi assures him that Soo Heon is not the murderer, and then he confesses that he was the one who trashed Soo Heon’s house, but he didn’t mess up Chan Mi’s scooter.


Soo Heon returns to school and asks Ji Hyun to tutor him on the lessons that he missed. It is just his excuse to go to Ji Hyun’s home. He follows Ji Hyun to her home after school and sneaks into Osung’s room. On the other hand, Chan Mi asks Jae Bom for a favor to arrange a meeting with Osung. This is only her tactic to keep Osung from going home. However, Osung finds out that Soo Heon is at his home when Ji Hyun mentions it in a social media post.

Detective Jin finds out that Detective Hyun has hidden important evidence from her when she gets a call from the study cafe owner. The cafe owner asks Jin if they want to take the CCTV footage as it will get deleted soon. Jin goes to the cafe and sees Osung in the CCTV footage. She lashes out at detective Hyun for betraying him.


Soo Heon doesn’t find Won Seok’s phone or any other evidence in Osung’s room, but he sees the polaroid of Jae Bom and Won Seok together. Osung comes home just in time to see Soo Heon coming out of his room. He gets angry and starts beating him, but detective Jin arrives and arrests him to take him for interrogation.

Min Seon Ha’s father accidentally sees Su Yeon while making a delivery, and he comes looking for her the next time. He was happy that Jung Kyung had learned his lesson, but he started bothering Seon Ha again. He requests that Su Yeon help him bring Jung Kyung back to his senses. After Hyeok Geon’s murder, Su Yeon and Soo Heon decided to stop doing such work, so Su Yeon didn’t promise Seon Ha’s father anything.


‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 8: Ending

Osung gets interrogated by detective Jin, and he claims that he doesn’t know how his receipt ended up at Hyeok Geon’s murder scene. The detective lets him go, but Osung notices something odd. Jin mentions Soo Heon a lot of times while interrogating him, and Osung tells Jung Kyung that Soo Heon could be the one who assaulted him. Soo Heon’s mother’s health has worsened, and she has been put on life support. The doctor has asked Soo Heon whether to keep her on life support or stop because her chances of waking up are low, and Soo Heon might not be able to pay for her expenses.

Osung has come forth as a prime suspect in “Revenge Of Others,” but Soo Heon is still not off the hook. He needs to be careful, and that’s why Su Yeon doesn’t want him to mess with Jung Kyung again. However, Ajung cannot see him struggle and makes a deal with Seon Ha’s father on Soo Heon’s behalf.


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