‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 5 & 6: Recap And Ending – Who Disappeared With Soo Heon’s Backpack?

Someone broadcast the video of Won Seok falling out of the window during a seminar, and the entire school saw it. The video clearly showed that Won Seok was pushed, and he did not jump by himself, which made the police reopen his case as a murder. “Revenge of Others” has Chan Mi encountering suspicious incidents, and she cannot trust anyone. The sender of the letters to Chan Mi seems to be Jae Bom, and Chan Mi is curious about what he has to tell her.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Is Soo Heon’s Next Target?

Chan Mi understands that Jae Bom is not the one sending her notes when he tells her that he only followed her inside because he was worried that someone might attack her again. That’s when they see someone passing by and follow the person, but the person disappears. Jae Bom asks Osung if it is him, but he denies it. The police detectives apologize to Chan Mi for not believing in her earlier, and Chan Mi tells them that if they had investigated earlier, they would have found some evidence. Soo Heon is next to be interrogated, as he reported the case. Chan Mi told them that she had seen someone take Won Seok’s phone, but Soo Heon claimed he didn’t see anyone near Won Seok.


After Won Seok’s adoptive parents find out that Won Seok was murdered and did not commit suicide, they let out a sigh of relief and asked Chan Mi to take his belongings away. Chan Mi takes Soo Heon with her, and Soo Heon lashes out at Won Seok’s parents for not showing compassion to Won Seok or Chan Mi. They return to Soo Heon’s gym and drink the whiskey in Won Seok’s bag. It makes Soo Heon wonder if this is all that remains of people when they die, and he starts crying.

Ajung has returned to school, and Chan Mi finally gets a chance to talk to her. What she finds out from Ajung is more shocking than Won Seok being a bully. Won Seok lied to Chan Mi by saying that Ajung was his girlfriend. They were a fake couple for a brief time but Won Seok kept on lying to Chan Mi. Chan Mi feels as if she doesn’t really know how his brother lived. Ajung is a free-spirited person, and she casually mentions to Soo Heon and Su Yeon that she is pregnant and is going to keep the baby. Su Yeon has to accompany her as her older sister because she is still a minor. At the hospital, a young boy barges into the doctor’s room and threatens the doctor with violence unless she drops the lawsuit against him. Ajung recognizes that boy; he is Hyeok Geon, who went to the juvenile center while in middle school because he murdered a girl. It turns out that the girl he killed was the doctor’s daughter, and the doctor has filed a lawsuit to ask for more punishment.


Chan Mi still cannot believe that Won Seok deceived her, so she goes to the cafe that Won Seok often mentions. The part-timer Sejin tells Chan Mi that Won Seok used to sit alone in the cafe and that he was a nice guy. This is the first time Chan Mi hears someone say something nice about Won Seok. Won Seok had helped Sejin when he used to get bullied in school for having gay fathers. Won Seok sympathized with Sejin because both of them were adopted. He had even told him about Chan Mi.

Jae Bom has not been close to Soo Heon, but he takes him for a car ride and even gives him VIP tickets to a basketball game. Though his motive is not clear, Osung is definitely not happy with it. Jae Bom has been in an accident recently and has forgotten most of his memories. He finds a picture in a book but doesn’t recognize the other person in it. He shows the picture to Osung the next day, and Osung drags Jae Bom away, saying the person in the picture is Won Seok.


Su Yeon meets Ajung’s doctor and offers to punish Hyeok Geon for his crime. Su Yeon’s sister was also murdered when she was young, but the punishment meted out to the perpetrator was not enough for the pain she must have felt and the pain that She continues to feel. Soo Heon needs money, and the doctor is giving him enough to pay for his mother’s medical bills for six months. Su Yeon has already figured out the day when they can catch Hyeok Geon alone, and Soo Heon only has to do his job.

Hyeok Geon has been working late at night at the body shop when Soo Heon catches him alone and ties him to a chair with his eyes and lips sealed. He forces Hyeok Geon to apologize to the doctor and leaves without hurting him, unlike last time with Jung Kyung. Soo Heon tells Su Yeon about the work done, and that Hyeok Geon will apologize to the doctor. However, the body shop is sealed by the police the next day because Hyeok Geon is found dead on a chair.


Who Recorded Won Seok Falling Down The Window?

Sejin from Cafe Piano finds Chan Mi early in the morning because he has something urgent to tell her. Sejin is going to the USA soon and needs to get something off his chest before he leaves the country permanently. Sejin knows that Chan Mi is Won Seok’s sister, and he has been sending her notes at school because he wants to talk to her. Sejin accidentally took the video of Won Seok falling from the window, but he got so scared that he dropped out of school and abandoned his phone. However, when he dared to watch the video again, he saw someone pushing Won Seok, and that’s why he played the video in front of everyone and tried to contact Chan Mi. He suspects that Soo Heon is the murderer because he saw someone walking out wearing white sneakers and red shoelaces like Soo Heon wears. Chan Mi is shocked to hear Soo Heon’s name and cannot really absorb the sudden wave of information.

Soo Heon or Su Yeon have no idea that Hyeok Geon is dead, and they act like nothing has happened the previous night. Osung burns Jae Bom’s picture with Won Seok because it could cause the detectives to interrogate Jae Bom, but he doesn’t remember anything, which makes him look suspicious. Right after this incident, rumors spread in the school that Chan Mi is Won Seok’s sister and Osung’s stepsister. Ji Hyun gets into a fight with Chan Mi, which leads Chan Mi to assault Ji Hyun.


After finding out that Chan Mi is Won Seok’s sister, Ajung finally tells Chan Mi everything that she knows about Won Seok. Won Seok was a decent guy until he started hanging out with Osung. Ajung thinks that Osung used to manipulate Won Seok into bullying others. Sejin tells Chan Mi that even he felt the same, but later, he also noticed that Won Seok had stopped listening to Osung and had the upper hand over him. Chan Mi already knows that Won Seok bullied Lim Se Mi for Osung, but there seems to be more of a connection between them.

Soo Heon used the same method to threaten Hyeok Geon that he used for Jung Kyung, which easily led the police to suspect that the perpetrator was the same in both cases. They interrogate Jung Kyung, and he tells them that he only remembers the distinct smell of alcohol and oil from the perpetrator and that he had a strong punch. The detectives interrogate Chan Mi again, but she tells them there is nothing suspicious about Soo Heon. However, Soo Heon has to go through a severe interrogation as the detective asks him about his workout schedule, his martial arts skills, and his sneakers as well. Soo Heon has no idea that Hyeok Geon is dead or that he is being seen as a suspect.


Ji Hyun’s father is a police chief and wants to have Chan Mi expelled from school, but Osung persuades him not to do so to maintain Ji Hyun’s reputation because she didn’t treat Chan Mi well either. However, Osung and Ji Hyun have different plans altogether. The step-siblings have agreed on something for the first time; they want Chan Mi to stay in the school. Ji Hyun wants to bully Chan Mi, but Osung’s plan is unclear yet as he apologizes to Chan Mi on behalf of Ji Hyun and promises to help her find Won Seok’s murderer. The police detective reaches Ajung’s doctor while investigating Hyeok Geon’s case, and that’s when the doctor finds out that Hyeok Geon is no more. The doctor shows no remorse, and if anything, she is happy for the justice served to her daughter. Right after the detective leaves, Su Yeon enters the doctor’s office and gets shocked to find out that Hyeok Geon has passed away. She panics and meets Soo Heon first thing at the bowling alley. She asks Soo Heon if they should turn themselves in, but Soo Heon claims that he hasn’t murdered Hyeok Geon.

Jae Bom has been facing unusual incidents for some days, and this time he ends up in a horse stable with no idea how he reached there. He calls his mom to pick him up, and his mother immediately recognizes where he is from his description. However, this unusual incident has brought back some of Jae Bom’s memories. He tells Osung that he has remembered that he tried to kill himself in the horse stable. He wants Osung to be honest with him and tell him if he has anything to do with Won Seok’s murder.


‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 6: Ending

Soo Heon has been a suspect all along, and when the detective realizes that he works at a bowling alley, her suspicion only grows stronger as Jung Kyung mentions the smell of oil and alcohol. She forcefully checks Soo Heon’s bowling alley locker and even goes so far as to break open his gym locker. Soo Heon is worried that she might find the bag, which has all the material he used to torture Jung Kyung and Hyeok Geon. The detective finds nothing against Soo Heon in either of his lockers, and Soo Heon doesn’t understand where his bag has disappeared. The next day, he finds a note that asks him to come to Busan if he wants his bag. Soo Heon doesn’t have to guess that it is Chan Mi, as she comes from Busan. “Revenge of Others” has high schoolers do anything but study. There aren’t enough cards against anyone to surely say that one is the perpetrator. 

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