‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 3 & 4: Recap And Ending- Who Has Been Sending Letters To Chan Mi?

It is known that Won Seok committed suicide, but his sister, Chan Mi, believes that he was murdered. Chan Mi transferred from Busan to Won Seok’s high school and discovered the ugly truth about her brother. So far, in “Revenge of Others,” Chan Mi has no clue about who could have murdered her brother, but there are two students who have shown suspicious behavior: Seok Jae Bom and Ji Soo Heon.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Chan Mi In The Auditorium?

Soo Heon beats up Jung Kyung and runs away from the school. He jumps over the wall to avoid showing himself to anyone but encounters Chan Mi, who is passing by the alley. He lies to her that he is working out at the gym, and they go their separate ways. The next day, they meet each other again at the columbarium, where both of them visit their deceased siblings. Chan Mi tells Soo Heon that Park Won Seok is her brother and requests him to keep it a secret. That’s when Soo Heon reveals to her that his older brother committed suicide because of constant bullying.


As Chan Mi and Soo Heon reach school, they see Jung Kyung leaving the school with his parents, and all the students are celebrating. News has already spread in the school that a student beat up Jung Kyung and forced him to drop out of their school. No one knows who that student is, but he has been nicknamed “the hero of the school.”

In a basketball match, Gi Osung pushes Soo Heon, causing him to bump into a pole and pass out. Ji Hyun, who has a crush on Soo Heon, almost gets into a fistfight with Osung. Soo Heon wakes up in a hospital and sees Ji Hyun waiting for him with his belongings. While on his way out, he sees Tae Su Yeon walking inside. Su Yeon meets Sunga’s father, who pays her for punishing Jung Kyung. He pays some extra money because he is happy that Sunga finally got justice. 


Chan Mi meets Gi Osung because she wants to know more about her brother and why he bullied others. She had heard about Osung from Lim Se Mi, who was bullied by Won Seok. However, Osung refuses to tell Chan Mi anything about Won Seok because he doesn’t want to dig into his shameful past after he is dead. Osung leaves in a hurry, and Chan Mi follows him to his home to return his mobile phone. A surprise awaits her as she meets Ji Hyun instead of Osung. Ji Hyun and Osung are stepsiblings, and Osung requests that Chan Mi keep it a secret from others.

Police have opened an investigation to catch Jung Kyung’s assaulter, and some students testify to having seen someone jump over the wall. The detectives check the CCTV footage and see a girl on a scooter. Not many students use scooters, and it is easy for them to recognize Chan Mi’s scooter. Chan Mi has also heard the rumors about the school hero, and she suspects Soo Heon as she had seen him on that night. She sneaks into his house and steals the sneakers with bloodstains on them. However, she sees Soo Heon having a nosebleed and wonders if she has misunderstood him. She tries to run away sneakily, but Soo Heon still sees her.


The detectives interrogate Chan Mi in the middle of the road when she still has Soo Heon’s sneakers with her. They asked her if there was anything suspicious about Soo Heon the other night, and she said that everything was normal. Seeing Soo Heon bleed made Chan Mi change her opinion of him quickly. The detectives meet Soo Heon afterward and confirm his activity from that night. The next day, Chan Mi apologizes to Soo Heon and returns his sneakers. There have been rumors that the hero might have killed Won Seok since he was a bad guy and to clear his name. Soo Heon mentions to Chan Mi that both of them are not related. However, he doesn’t explain to her what exactly he means by that.

Chan Mi gets a letter from someone, and she goes to meet that person in the school auditorium. She waits for a long time, but no one arrives. However, when she starts looking for the person, she gets hit in the head by a brick, and she faints. Seo Jae Beom sees Chan Mi going inside the auditorium, and when she doesn’t come out for a long time, he goes in to check on her. Chan Mi wakes up in a hospital room, and Jae Bom takes her to school after she is healthy again. However, a surprise awaits her at school.


Ji Hyun’s photoshopped, explicit picture has spread throughout the school, and the source of the picture has turned out to be Chan Mi. Chan Mi has no idea about it, as she doesn’t remember anything after the incident in the auditorium. Ji Hyun is about to slap Chan Mi twice when Soo Heon interrupts and takes Chan Mi away.

Why Does Chan Mi Move Into Soo Heon’s Home?

Soo Heon had already told Chan Mi to go back to Busan because he knew she would be bullied. She got hit by a brick and is being framed for spreading Ji Hyun’s pictures, and this is just the beginning. Chan Mi tells Jae Beom the truth: she didn’t faint in the auditorium but was hit by someone. Jae Beom’s father has influence over the school’s administration, and when Jae Beom lies about losing his bag, he gets access to security footage. He sees someone entering the auditorium after Chan Mi, but the person’s face is not visible.


Ji Hyun becomes a victim of another rumor as her being siblings with Osung becomes the new gossip in the school. She has no one but Chan Mi to doubt, as she is the only one who knows that it is true. Ji Hyun tells Osung to take care of this matter as soon as possible because neither of them likes the other, and they don’t want to be seen as siblings. On the other hand, Jae Beom lies to Chan Mi that he didn’t see anyone in the security footage and that the person must have known the blind spots.

Osung’s father is the police chief, and he tells him that he wants Chan Mi gone from school because she has a lot of issues with Ji Hyun. He reports to his father that Chan Mi is living alone in a dorm as a minor, which is illegal. While Osung gets his father to help him, Ji Hyun asks some thugs to help her. Chan Mi goes to meet Ji Hyun but gets beaten up by thugs instead. Soo Heon sees it from his home and rushes to help Chan Mi, but the thugs have already left. Chan Mi is injured and leaves without saying a word to Soo Heon.


Soo Heon goes to Chan Mi’s dorm to return her wallet that she dropped while getting beaten and sees the landlord telling her to leave the dorm right away. Chan Mi has nowhere to go, so Soo Heon brings her to his home. He sleeps in his gym since Chan Mi sleeps in his room. They eat dinner outside, and Chan Mi cooks breakfast for him the next day to pay him back for his help. 

Jung Kyung has asked Osung to find the person who beat him up, but Osung is least interested. Jung Kyung has brought his thugs’ friends with him to school even though he has transferred, and he even goes so far as to make them hit Jae Beom. It was all thanks to Soo Heon, who used his martial arts skills to save Jae Beom. Chan Mi receives another letter in the meantime, which again asks her to go to the auditorium. However, she has her entire class with her as they have a guest lecture. During the lecture, someone intercepts the ongoing video and plays the video of Won Seok falling out of the window.


‘Revenge Of Others’ Episode 4: Ending

Chan Mi comes home late that night, and Soo Heon waits for her. It was devastating for her to see what she had just imagined in her head. After this incident at school, Jae Beom meets Osung at night and asks him why he hit Chan Mi in the auditorium. Jae Beom recognizes that Osung was the one who entered the auditorium that day because he wore the rare luxury shoes that he had gifted him. Osung tells Jae Beom that he has seen Won Seok and Chan Mi’s pictures on her phone, and that’s why he wants them gone in any way. Osung is scared because of Won Seok and Chan Mi’s relationship, but Jae Beom just tells him not to bother her again.   

It was ruled a suicide until now, but the police detectives opened Won Seok’s case again as a murder case. They set up an investigation booth in the school, and Chan Mi is the first one to get called for interrogation as she was on the phone with Won Seok when he died. Moreover, they feel guilty that they didn’t listen when she told them before that her brother was murdered.


The suspects for Won Seok’s murder keep changing in “Revenge of Others” as Osung comes forward with his sociopathic tendencies. He is scared that Chan Mi will find out something that she shouldn’t. Furthermore, the person who has been sending letters to Chan Mi turns out to be Jae Beom, who has sent her yet another letter, and they then finally meet each other.  

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