‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Is Sheila Upset About John Leaving?

The seventh episode of Physical Season 3 ended with Sheila profusely apologizing to Greta for not treating her right. Greta could see the sincerity in her eyes and quit her job with Kelly Kilmartin. She realized Sheila meant business when she came running back to her. Her hallucinations and inner voice also start affecting her relationship with Carlos and her daughter Maya, but she believes she can control them. Physical Season 3, Episode 8, Sheila and Greta will most likely have bigger plans for their fitness studio.

Spoilers Ahead

What Are Sheila And Greta’s Plans For The Studio?

Sheila and Greta get together to discuss how to work on their plans to make their fitness studio a lot more approachable than before. Sheila’s plan to cover up the mirrors in the studio in the previous episode seems to have worked. Women feel more confident because the focus of the studio is on mental and physical fitness and not on how the body should look at the end of the day. As Sheila rightly pointed out, mirrors are demeaning. Large mirrors at workout spots only increase body image issues, something that Sheila dealt with for a long time. She intends to break that pattern and wants to make her clients feel comfortable in their skin. We feel Sheila and Greta are on the right path, making this space only meant for women to feel relaxed and unwind after a stressful day.

One aspect to notice in this scene is that Sheila is finally starting fast food without any inhibitions. Greta is happy for her business partner or friend for having overcome her biggest obstacle. Her inner voice and hallucinations in the form of Kelly seem to have disappeared. We assume Sheila’s deliberately not eating food may have aggravated her critical inner voice and hallucinations.

Sheila and Greta plan to rebrand their studio, which will reflect on their partnership. They name it “Strength in Numbers.” They also plan to hire more trainers and visit other gyms and strip clubs to hire them. Physical Episode 8 is more about women empowering the female gender. For the first time, Sheila is not berating any other women and is keen to help them out. This change of heart is because there was nobody other than Greta to help her recover from her body image issues and her bulimic episodes. This time, she and Greta want to help other women.

Why Did Danny Break Up With Fidelia?

Danny prepares for his breakup speech so that his words are not misunderstood by Fidelia. He wants to break up with her because he feels Sheila will make a big issue if they continue dating, and Fidelia might end up losing her job. Danny might also be worried about losing custody of his daughter, Maya. His relationship with Fidelia is new at this point, and he cannot take responsibility for her. Danny is probably scared to be in a relationship after his marriage broke down. We feel he might still be hung up on Sheila, which is pushing him to not pursue Fidelia anymore. He goes ahead with the breakup, and Fidelia points out that Sheila has moved on and he should do the same.

Danny ends up drinking more than he should and takes his daughter out on a drive for some midnight snacks when his vehicle almost meets with an accident. Overwhelmed by pain and fear, he apologizes to Maya and makes her promise not to mention this incident to her mother. It is wrong of Danny to make Maya lie to her mother. Sheila, as a parent, deserves to know what happens in Maya’s life. Keeping her in the dark will only make their relationship worse. Danny should probably start talking to a counselor or therapist, who will probably be able to help him find closure and open up about dating other women.

How Do They Plan To Get A Business Loan?

Greta lets Sheila know that to expand their business into a franchise model, they will require a huge amount of capital. Greta also lets her know that she is not keen on asking her husband, Ernie, for any money. Greta and Sheila want to do this on their own, and they plan to approach banks for a business loan. Greta feels she already owes her husband a lot, and he tends to take advantage of that. This might be the reason she wants to take this step on her own instead of running to him for more money. Ernie has not been shown this season, and we assume Greta has kept him at bay so that he does not interfere with their plans. We wonder if Ernie and Danny were purposely not informed about their plans with the studio. They assume the men will create issues and will try to put their ideas on hold.

Greta and Sheila go from bank to bank with their existing and future business models, only to be turned down by all of them. Most of the bank managers were older men who had no intention of helping women become businessmen. Since the show is set in the 1980s, women were always looked down upon because they could not run a business on their own. If Sheila and Greta had approached the banks for a business loan with their respective husbands, the banks would likely have approved them in no time. This is the kind of misogyny society thrived on in that decade. We can also say this kind of behavior still exists.

The only option left for Sheila is to ask Maria Breem for some capital. This was her last shot at expecting some financial help, so she reached out to Maria and her husband, John. She approaches Maria in the hope of influencing her to get capital from John. The lady was courageous enough to come forward and expect Maria to feel sympathetic towards her cause. Sheila accidentally let out private details concerning Maria and John. Sheila was desperate at this moment, and she was willing to sacrifice her self-respect to ask Maria to help her. 

How Do Maria And John Intend To Keep Their Marriage Intact?

Maria confronts John about Sheila’s proposal. John is in shock, as he did not expect all of this to come back and haunt him. Maria was honest about wanting to make this marriage work, but now she thinks John’s never really going to commit to it. Maria feels betrayed at the thought of John going back to Sheila repeatedly to talk about their marital issues.

John and Maria want to make this marriage work, but they do not know how. Their faith does not encourage them to approach an actual marriage counselor. For every problem they face, their solution is to stick with each other for the sake of the family. John cannot lose his wife and kids at this point, and he is desperate as well.

John and Maria finally plan to leave their home in California and move to Mexico to restart their lives with their kids. The couple is very conservative, and they think moving to another country will solve their issues. We think they don’t realize that moving to a new place does not solve their core marital woes. Hopefully, they will find a way to fix their marriage in a foreign country.

Does Sheila Want To BreakUp With Carlos?

Sheila and Carlos break up because he is done with Sheila constantly obsessing over her business. He snaps at her for not giving their relationship enough time. Carlos is being misogynistic by expecting Sheila to spend her time with him while all he talks about is food, which is his profession as well. This proves that Carlos is a hypocrite and selfish, like Danny, who never considered speaking to her about any issues before snapping at her.

Carlos walks out when Sheila reveals that she had an affair with John Breem. We assume this is the end of Carlos and Sheila’s relationship. Sheila was probably not hurt by it because she was too busy worrying about herself, Greta, and the studio. She has begun focusing on herself from now on. Carlos walked out on the first sight of a crack appearing, and now she would rather focus on herself and have friends like Greta who support her dreams.

Is Sheila Upset About John Leaving?

John decides to let Sheila know about his plan to head to Mexico with Maria. He figured she had the right to know about it from him instead of hearing about it from someone else. John probably liked Sheila, which is why he thought she deserved closure. After letting her know, she requests that he meet her one last time. Physical Episode 8 ends with the two of them meeting at a parking lot right outside her studio because they do not trust each other’s emotions when they are inside a confined space. Sheila is vulnerable and upset. She most likely liked him a lot more than she led on.

They start kissing each other when John notices a movement inside her studio. They follow the sound only to see Danny and Fidelia getting intimate with each other in the middle of the studio. Sheila is shocked to see her ex-husband make a move like this. We are not sure what the outcome of Sheila learning about their affair could be. She might use this revelation to blackmail Danny into investing in her business. Danny and Fidelia will have to come up with a strong excuse for getting physically intimate at Sheila’s studio. Physical Episode 9 will shed light on this affair and its repercussions.

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