‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Does Sheila Apologize To Greta?

The sixth episode of Physical Season 3 ended with Sheila finally building up the courage to let everyone know through the fitness segment of The Morning Show that she is bulimic. She also indirectly hints that she neither believes the product called diet cookies nor thinks an edible like that exists. Sheila implied that Kelly and Greta are a bunch of fakes who are misleading their customers. Greta is hurt, and she states that her former friend will be sorry for the words she spoke on television. It will be interesting to watch what the state of Kelly Kilmartin’s commercials and Sheila’s position with the television channel are.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Sheila Disturbed?

Sheila has a terrible dream in which Danny and her mother, Liz, constantly mock her for wanting healthy cookies. In the dream, they push her to the edge, saying she is being demanding. They ridicule her physical form as well. This dream is an extension of what her inner voice and hallucinations of Kelly do to her. Sheila’s mental health is deteriorating to the point that her dreams also consist of familiar people who berate her for her existence. She wakes from the nightmare disturbed, and rightly so, because her fear has seeped into her unconscious mind and is messing with it.


She refuses to speak about it with anyone, especially Carlos. She was honest with him initially, but she regressed very quickly. We think she fears being judged by the world and her family. Even though she was partly honest about her journey with bulimia, she has not fully opened up about her body image issues.

Carlos brings up the idea of meeting Maya, Sheila’s daughter. Sheila is not comfortable with the idea, but she does not reveal that. Carlos’ meeting with Maya would mean Sheila is making her relationship official. Sheila, at this point, does not want a long-term commitment. She has trust issues and is trying hard to work around them. We hope Carlos also understands that it is probably too soon for him to be suggesting this idea. She puts the topic to rest by stating that Danny will have to be okay with this meeting. Putting the onus on Danny is probably not the right thing to do.


Is John Suspecting His Wife?

After learning that Grace is not his daughter, he sends an employee of his to follow Maria. He wants to know if she is having an affair. As stated before, John is being a hypocrite for feeling livid about his wife. He keeps forgetting his fling with Sheila and how much it affected Maria. His infidelity could be one of the reasons she was acting out. His employee dismisses his theory because she has photographs to prove that Maria leads a rather mundane life as a homemaker and a mother. John is frustrated because he feels he is the only one trying to make this marriage work.

John is a typical man who expects some kind of remuneration in return for his efforts. Meanwhile, he was never grateful to Maria when she spent most of her adult life taking care of his household and kids. It is good to see him wanting to make amends, but suspecting his wife is not right. Communicating his doubts to Maria could put his marriage on the right path.


John follows his gut and has a conversation with Maria regarding the subject of Grace’s paternity. Maria reveals that she could not get pregnant because of John, and she has tests that prove it. Maria is honest because she has nothing to lose at this point, even if John plans to divorce her. She also reveals that to make their marriage work, she got herself impregnated by some other person’s sperm, indicating that she might have approached a sperm bank. Maria feels she did her part to make her marriage work. She might not be wrong because she believed in actions rather than words. Her actions led to them having a third child, something they both wanted. John will most likely understand her contribution to prolonging their marriage.

What Are Sheila’s Plans After Exiting The Television Gig?

Sheila goes back to her fitness classes, ‘Body by Sheila.’ It is implied that she lost her television gig after she dropped several truth bombs. The television producers were probably not happy with Sheila violating her contract and going rogue. Sheila sticks to her words, and by the looks of it, she is not keen on taking up any other gig that does not fit her goals and ideals. Fidelia, her assistant, is impressed with Sheila’s bold approach to making her business a success. She reveals to Danny that Sheila’s fan following has increased exponentially and that several book deals are coming her way. It is not clear if Fidelia is lying or being truthful because Sheila at no point mentions anything about book deals. Fidelia was probably exaggerating to hurt Danny’s ego slightly. But it is true that Sheila might gain more popularity than before because of this stunt.

Is Greta Fed Up With Kelly And Her Boss?

It was obvious from the previous episode of Physical Season 3 that Greta regretted leaving Sheila to join Kelly’s team. Kelly used Greta to get back at Sheila. Sadly, Greta does not understand Kelly’s game plan. Greta is only keen on being financially stable, but Kelly has no intention of taking Greta’s work seriously. She starts realizing that Kelly is gullible and that she is willing to believe anyone who massages her ego. To get back at Sheila as a team, she plans to use a kid’s puppet show to market Kelly. Greta knows that Sheila’s daughter Maya is a fan of this show, and they plan to influence the kid by utilizing this as a weapon. Greta is going the diabolical way. She plans to use Maya to hurt Sheila. Their deal with the diet cookie company was affected by Sheila’s honest rant on television. Greta feels this is the only way to get their revenge. Their plan works because Maya starts behaving like Kelly at home, which bothers Sheila a lot. If only Greta could understand that Kelly is a petty influencer of that era motivated only by fame. By the looks of it, she does not have any professional goals other than being a popular face.

Does Sheila Want To Break Up With Carlos?

Sheila is bothered by Kelly’s hallucinatory form, which feeds into the idea that she is bored with Carlos. Kelly could be stating the truth because, given the amount of trauma that Sheila has faced, she might like chaos to some extent. Carlos is simple and brings a positive energy that Sheila has not experienced since her childhood days. She does not understand that Carlos might be the healthiest relationship she has been in.


Kelly’s hallucinatory form is the personification of who Sheila inherently is. She lets her get under her skin and reveals the vilest truths to Sheila. The hallucinatory form of Kelly also mentions that Sheila probably wants to pursue John once again by letting go of Carlos because the affair gave her a sense of excitement. She most likely feels the relationship so far has lost its spark. In a fit of rage, she ends up snapping at the hallucination twice. Once in front of Carlos and the other time in the presence of Maya. Sheila finally understood what needed to be done to make herself feel better and get rid of the hallucinations that had been bugging her for way too long.

Why Does Sheila Apologize To Greta?

Physical Season 3, Episode 7 ends with Sheila making an appearance at the puppet show shoot to speak to Greta and Kelly. She bursts out angrily, looking at Kelly and pointing out the fact that the woman is fake from top to bottom. This rage was piling inside her, and this was the opportunity she got to let it out. She is livid at Kelly for taking Greta, her only friend, away. She starts apologizing to Greta for her dreadful behavior. This time, Sheila is being honest. She seems clueless without Greta, and she needs her best friend by her side to get her back on track. Both of them worked well as a team, and they saw potential in each other. Greta was the only one who knew about her eating disorder and helped Sheila remain steady. Her apology was honest, and Greta could also sense the same. She walks away from Kelly as a sign of renewing her friendship and business partnership with Sheila. Greta admits that Kelly’s recurring appearance on the puppet show was her idea. We are hoping Sheila and Greta will be unstoppable from this point on.


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