‘Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Is Agatha Dead?

Directed by Paul Ziller, Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans begins in the cozy setting of Sir Alistair’s beautiful castle, where Goldy and Marla are catering a fundraising night. The castle is filled with guests and stunning medieval decorations, setting the stage for Sir Alistair to make some big announcements. But just as he’s about to speak, he collapses to the floor, dead! Everyone is shocked. Could the murderer be among the guests? Adding to the chaos, conman Edmund Schultz has escaped from prison, and US Marshal Gerard Track is here to sniff him out. Did Schultz crash the party, or was he the killer? Also, there is another twist to the story: Edmund is actually the father of Tom, the main detective in the case, who was also at the party! With so many enemies of Sir Alistair, the case becomes incredibly complicated. But fear not, because what we uncover in the end will blow your mind! So, join us as we unravel the mystery together and see if Tom and his team can crack the case in Foiled Plans: The Mystery at Sir Alistair’s Castle!


Spoilers Ahead

What happened to Sir Alistair?

The film opens with Goldy and Marla busy preparing for catering at Sir Alistair’s castle. He’s a wealthy and proud man who always favors winners and dislikes losers. Sir Alistair is hosting a fundraising gala for Elk Park Prep School, where they teach fencing. But there’s a problem: the school hasn’t produced any champions, only securing silver medals. This frustrates Sir Alistair, especially with Coach Pierre, whom he feels isn’t doing enough for the school, and he sees his students as failures. As night fell, the guests started coming. They’re all eager to donate money and hear Sir Alistair’s big announcement for the night. As guests arrive, there’s an unexpected addition: US Marshal Gerard Track, who wasn’t invited. The butler, Klaus, knows Sir Alistair won’t be happy about an uninvited guest, but he’s shocked when he learns why Track is there. It turns out a convict named Edmund Schultz has escaped from prison, and Track suspects he might be at the castle due to a past connection with Sir Alistair. And guess what?


Edmund is the father of Tom, a detective, and Goldy’s husband, who’s also at the party. Tom denies any involvement in Edmund’s escape, as they have not spoken for twenty-five years, but the news still rattles him. As they’re gearing up for the big announcement, Goldy notices the butler is missing, which is strange. Suddenly, Sir Alistair appears on his own, his legs trembling oddly. And just as he’s about to speak, he collapses dead on the floor, blood pooling from his back. Panic sets in! What was his announcement? Was he about to fire Coach Pierre? And who’s the killer? Could it be Coach Pierre seeking revenge for fear of losing his job, or is it Edmund, hiding somewhere among them? Doctor Richard, one of the guests, confirms the worst: Sir Alistair was stabbed in the back with a sharp fencing épée. Suspicion falls on Coach Pierre first, given his potential motive to kill Sir Alistair. Suddenly, the festive ball turns into an active crime scene within mere minutes!

How did Agatha die? 

As the movie unfolds, it becomes clear that Sir Alistair had plenty of enemies, making the suspect list long and tangled. His butler was fed up with Sir Alistair’s rude behavior. Then there’s Agatha, who might have had an affair with Sir Alistair; her husband, Ivan, might have known about this. Could Ivan have murdered Sir Alistair out of jealousy? Another clue surfaces: sequins found on Sir Alistair’s body. These sequins belonged to Charlie, the juggler hired for entertainment. Charlie is an ex-con, and there is a possibility that he might have known Edmund and possibly worked with him. And let’s not forget Coach Pierre, who was caught burning his resignation letter and tampering with evidence. Meanwhile, Goldy chats with Agatha, hoping to gain some insight as she was pretty close with Sir Alistair, only to discover shocking news: Sir Alistair would have died of cancer within a week anyways, a secret unknown to the guests. Why would someone rush to kill him if he was already on his deathbed?


Goldy and Tom delve deeper, discovering a hidden room in the library with gold bars and a diary connected to offshore accounts. Was Sir Alistair involved in money laundering? They come across a familiar name: Orson Riggs, the man Edmund murdered twenty-five years ago and Sir Alistair’s poker buddy. Was Sir Alistair involved in Orson’s death, hiring Edmund to settle the debt? There was another twist: Agatha was the judge who sentenced Edmund to prison. As Gerard questioned Agatha about Edmund’s case, suddenly, screams echoed through the castle, drawing everyone’s attention. Rushing to the scene, they found Gerard on the floor, shot in the left hand, and Agatha’s lifeless body thrown out from the window, which landed in the snow. But Doctor Richard noticed something peculiar: Agatha’s dilated pupils, indicating she was strangled before being thrown. Who could do something so awful? Gerard says it’s Edmund. He accuses him of shooting him and strangling Agatha before throwing her out the window. Now, everyone is dead set on finding Edmund, no matter where he’s hiding.

Who was the murderer? 

As they were determined to find Edmund, they heard the grandfather clock making a strange noise. Upon investigation, they saw the gun hidden inside. Then, they realized something shocking: it was Gerard Track, the US Marshall all along! He was the only uninvited guest. Twenty-five years ago, Orson Riggs was about to expose Sir Alistair’s gambling and money laundering schemes. Alistair had him killed, but he needed Edmund to take the blame since they were poker buddies and Edmund owed him money. Gerard planted evidence against Edmund. Agatha knew about this, and as she was about to expose Gerard, he strangled her and it was him who threw her out the window, not Edmund. Sir Alistair wanted to set things right before his death. His big announcement was that he wanted to free Edmund, knowing he was innocent. Gerard knew this, and he killed Sir Alistair to silence him. Even though they didn’t tell him about the hidden gun’s location, Gerard himself said that he had nothing to do with hiding it in the grandfather clock. This further proved that he was the one behind the whole mess. The truth was finally revealed, leaving everyone stunned. Gerard’s betrayal was a shock to them all!


In Curious Caterer: Foiled Plans‘ ending, the police arrive to arrest Gerard. Sir Alistair sent a confession to the prison, and the authorities, along with further evidence, proved that Edmund was innocent and that he and Gerard were the masterminds behind it all. Justice has been served! After 25 years, Edmund, the innocent man, was finally released from prison. Now, he and Tom have a lot to catch up on. Maybe this time, they can reconnect with each other again.

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