‘Chasing Raine’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Who Killed Joi? 

Chasing Raine, directed by Quinanthony and Lee Bateman, follows the story of Clyde Fox and Sky Atlas, two ex-soldiers who fight for custody of their daughter, Raine. Clyde, once a soldier, had a troubled past from his time in the 2015 Angola war, which led to him losing custody of Raine. Sky, also a brave former soldier, has since moved on with her life, remarried, and has another daughter. The conflict arises when Sky’s new husband isn’t comfortable with Clyde’s involvement in Raine’s life and wants to reclaim full custody and relocate to start a new life. In his desperation to win Raine back, Clyde ends up killing someone. But whom? Unfortunately, Clyde’s actions only escalate the situation, and it leads to more complications as his daughter is abducted by a child trafficking gang. And both parents were fighting to save Raine. But what happened ultimately? Did they get her back? Let’s find out from Chasing Raine‘s explanation. 


Spoilers Ahead

Who killed Joi? 

At the beginning of Chasing Raine, we see that Clyde Fox was a soldier in the Angola War in 2015. During that war, he made a mistake by engaging in combat without permission from higher authorities. This suggested he was stubborn and had a lot of anger issues. But that wasn’t all; he also had a drinking problem as well. So, after the war, he and his wife Sky Atlas, who was also an ex-soldier, had to come to a settlement about who was going to take custody of their daughter Raine as they got separated. The court did not grant joint custody, thinking Clyde did not have it in him to be a father figure to his daughter, and gave full custody to Sky. Obviously, Clyde wasn’t happy with this settlement, as he loved his daughter deeply and wanted to be with her all the time. You could see how he talked to the Veterans Counseling Center, expressing his willingness to do anything to have her back.


Meanwhile, we got a glimpse of Sky Atlas’s household. She loved her daughter very much and had moved on with her life, marrying a guy named Niko. However, the situation in their neighborhood worsened as two children were abducted from their school. The case gained attention as more abductions started to occur. Niko suggested they move to Utah for safety, as he had a job waiting for him there and it was a much safer place. But Sky had a life here; she was a trainer at a wrestling center. On the other hand, she wasn’t willing to completely separate Raine from her father, Clyde. She knew how much it would hurt him, and she kind of had a soft corner for Clyde, as they had a beautiful past. So, while she sympathized with Clyde, she also saw Niko’s point and gathered the courage to tell Clyde they were relocating to Utah, which meant Clyde might not see Raine for a long time. This news didn’t sit well with Clyde. He was angry, frustrated, and on the brink of doing something terrible. After all, which father would sit back and let his daughter be taken away from him?

So, when Joi, Raine’s babysitter, was at home taking care of Raine while Sky was out, Clyde arrived with a gun. He banged on the door to be let in, but Joi refused. What happened next? He forcefully entered and followed Joi into the bathroom, where he fatally shot her. Raine, who loved and trusted her father, was happy with the thought of going with him but had no idea about the situation. Clyde told her to wait in the car while he dealt with Joi’s body, putting her in the trunk of his car. He was determined to have Raine with him, no matter what. 


Why did Sky threaten the old couple? 

As Clyde took Raine away with him, he called his sister to take care of Raine while he handled some problems. Actually, he saw a tablet in Raine’s bag that was constantly transmitting her location. So, Clyde, to trick Sky, took the tablet with him. On his way, he saw an older couple waiting outside a house. Clyde thought their house would be the perfect place to hide the tracker, so he did. But little did he know, he was being recorded on CCTV. When Sky saw that nobody was picking up her calls at home, she got frustrated and came home to find nobody there but blood on the wall. Immediately, she knew it was none other than Clyde. She knew he would go to any measure to have Raine. So, she followed the location tracker, only to find out that it led to the old couple’s household. As she went there, she found out that the couple knew nothing about Raine or the tracker. So, she kept asking them questions and even tied them up to threaten them. Then, from the CCTV footage, she saw how it was Clyde’s trick to distract them. You guessed it right! Clyde did all of this to buy some time so he could run away with Raine before Sky caught up with him. She left the house to find her daughter.

What happened to Raine? 

But the problem is, while Raine was enjoying chicken and waffles with Clyde’s sister at a restaurant, Caesar, one of Sky’s associates, showed up to question her about whether Clyde had kidnapped Raine. But how could a father kidnap his own child, right? Little did they know, as they argued in the restaurant, that Raine was actually being kidnapped by a child trafficking syndicate led by an Asian man named Lang. They followed Lang’s van to a secret location and discovered that both Sky and Clyde had gone there to find their daughter. After all, everything they were doing was for the sake of their child, out of love and desperation, you see. Anyway, as they entered the location, they found out that Raine was being held captive there. And then what happened? They barged in, but something bad occurred during the confrontation. Sky was shot by one of the gang members and died. In retaliation, Caesar became angry and wanted to kill Clyde because his stupid tricks had led to Sky’s death. But as he was about to shoot Clyde, he realized that Raine now had no mother, and in his anger, he might make her lose a father too. So, he showed mercy to Clyde.


In Chasing Raine‘s ending, Caesar and Clyde joined forces and fought off all the child trafficking people, saving Raine from there. Now, we can expect that Clyde will finally take care of Raine. Maybe he will get his life together and be better for his daughter.

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