‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Grace Invest In ‘Space For Everyone’?

The seventh episode of Loot season 2 ended with Sofia informing Molly about the lack of funds for her plan to expand “Space for Everyone” and make it a nationwide movement. Molly also realized she would not go after Arthur, who was happily in a relationship with the Australian model Willa. She had to let go, focus on her life, and work on moving on.


Spoilers Ahead

What was the problem at hand for Molly and Sofia?

Molly and Sofia informed the team about the lack of funds to make “Space for Everyone” a project they could take all over the country. They brainstormed over a bunch of billionaires to whom they were planning to pitch the project in the hope of getting their money to keep “Space for Everyone” running. Molly and Sofia decided to approach Grace Fences, a billionaire ex-wife who, just like Molly, received a huge sum during her divorce from her husband. Molly and Grace used to holiday together until the former’s divorce, and she had hoped Grace would be able to help her with funding the project.


Why was Howard excited about Nicholas’ audition?

Howard noticed Nicholas was practicing his lines for an audition lined up for a role in a Korean show. Nicholas was not keen on taking up this role because, despite his Korean heritage, he was raised in Indiana, and as a result, he couldn’t utter a word of Korean. Howard, a cinephile, wanted him to consider auditioning for the Korean show as it would be a gateway for Nicholas into a new world that might give him new opportunities as an actor if he wants to pursue performance arts.

What did Sofia and Molly witness at Grace’s mansion?

Sofia and Molly decide to meet Grace Fences at her mansion, which she received as a part of her divorce settlement. Both were shocked to witness a huge party being thrown by a distraught Grace, who was high on narcotics and probably drunk as well. The divorce had had a horrible effect on her, and Molly noticed she was spiraling. Grace was kind enough to speak to them and agreed to fund their project, but Molly was not happy with the situation. Grace was frivolously spending money on people and alcohol, and Molly did not feel it was right to take advantage of her dilapidated state of mind. Molly had been in a similar state a year ago, just after her divorce. She wanted to be a friend to Grace, just like Sofia was to her. 


Why did Sofia freak out?

Sofia was on her way back to the office when she witnessed Arthur and Willa kissing each other just outside the office premises. The sight of her colleague kissing his girlfriend freaked Sofia out, and she escaped quickly. On being approached by Arthur about why she ran away, Sofia was quick to admit what she witnessed felt unnatural, and she would rather not have him around for a while. Sofia was someone who had boundaries when it came to sharing information with her colleagues. She did not know what Arthur was doing outside of her office, thus her reaction. Arthur still could not figure out why Sofia was overreacting to something as normal as a kiss. 

How did Howard help Nicholas?

Howard realized the only way for Nicholas to get his audition right for the role in the Korean television show was to teach him the language of his birth land. To polish his skills, he invited a Korean waitress from a Korean restaurant in the hope she would be able to help his friend become better at the language. Nicholas was not getting any better, yet Howard encouraged him. Nicholas eventually gave up because it was frustrating for him to learn a language which he felt should have come naturally to him. There was no one to blame here, and Nicholas exited the conversation, claiming that maybe Howard wanted to sleep with the Korean waitress.


How did Molly try to help Grace?

Molly realized Grace needed a friend to guide her, and as a result, she traveled with her party people to Iceland in the hope she would sober down at some point. Grace was further spiraling in Iceland as she was rejected by the DJ of the party. Molly had gotten drunk with Grace at the party, which was her way to get rid of her pain as well. Molly was informed by Sofia about how deeply involved Arthur was with Willa. It made her sympathize with Grace, whose life had fallen apart as well. 

How did Sofia teach Arthur his lesson?

Arthur kept approaching Sofia about wanting to talk about her overreaction. To teach him a lesson, she invited Isaac just outside their office building and began to kiss him passionately in front of Arthur. Sofia timed the kissing for just when Arthur was about to leave the building for home. Arthur himself was disgusted by the sight of his boss kissing a man in front of him. Arthur was quick to understand what Sofia felt when she saw him kissing Willa. We believe both Sofia and Arthur have boundary issues with people in their proximity. Arthur was someone who was not used to being intimate with any woman for a long time in public. This probably shocked Sofia, and Arthur felt the same about her as well. Both would eventually have to accept the fact that they were in serious relationships and that their partners would be around. 


What did Nicholas realize?

Nicholas had a heart-to-heart with Howard about his heritage and how, all this while, he felt he belonged to no place. He looked Asian, but his upbringing was American. The Asian community will probably look down on him for not being in touch with his heritage all this time. Nicholas had been feeling this way for a while, and he needed to figure out how to deal with this dilemma before taking on a role that could embarrass him. Howard understood his situation and promised to be there for him whenever he wanted to discuss this matter. Nicholas could be an example of many immigrants or children who come to America and do not find their footing when it comes to their culture and traditions. 

Did Grace invest in “Space for Everyone”?

Molly found Grace in a dejected state in her bathtub in Iceland. Molly was honest with her about feeling horrible for the time being because divorce does that to any woman who is walked over by their rich husband. Molly was in the same position a year ago until she found a project to dive into that made her feel alive. 


Molly claims divorce changed her perspective and made her come to terms with the qualities she had in her, which would never have been explored if she had remained married to John. Molly was now a leader, and people were looking up to her. She had a whole office that enjoyed having her as a boss, and she wanted to bring about changes in society moving forward. She imparted all her knowledge from the past year to Grace in the hope she would take tiny steps towards her betterment. This was a classic example of women fixing other women’s crowns and helping them get on their feet to move towards a better life. Molly wanted to prove divorce was not the end of the world, and since Grace had a lot of money post the divorce, she could do anything about it. Grace was happy to have Molly by her side when many seemed to have abandoned her after the divorce. Both went ice skating and reconciled over it. Molly and Grace were probably back to being friends. 

The episode ends with Sofia revealing that Grace was willing to put in all of her money for “Space for Everyone,” which would help them take the project nationwide as they had planned. Since Grace had made the news of her investment public, several billionaires came forward to do the same. This was more than what Sofia and Molly had expected. One step forward by Molly to help Grace saved all the women from going down the pity route. Molly and Grace decided to turn their misery into something good, which would be beneficial to many others who were struggling.


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