‘Crakk’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Siddhu Take Revenge Against Dev?

Director Aditya Datt’s movie Crakk: Jeetega… Toh Jiyegaa takes you into the world of extreme sports named Maidaan, which makes you feel like you’re in the world of Roadies or Khatron Ke Khiladi. You’ve got Vidyut Jammwal as Siddhu, chasing his dream of Maidaan glory, just like his brother Nihal, played by Ankit Mohan. Then there’s Arjun Rampal as Dev, the big boss of Maidaan, and Nora Fatehi as Alia, the social media influencer. Also, Amy Jackson joins the crew as Patricia Novak, a cop, who tries to find out about the shady business going on in Maidaan. And if you ask me, watching these guys on screen is like a competition to see who can pull off the worst acting! The story centers on Siddhu, who’s determined to win in Maidaan after his brother’s tragic death in a match against Dev. But there’s more to his brother’s death than meets the eye. It turns out that Dev’s involved in some serious illegal stuff that could wreck Poland! What’s he smuggling? Patricia’s on the case, ready to bust the truth wide open. Will she succeed? Will Siddhu win in Maidaan and take down Dev? Buckle up, everyone, ’cause this Crakk‘s explainer is about to spill all the thrills and chills!


Spoilers Ahead

Who is Dev? 

Alright, let’s dive into the backstory! So, we learn that Dev, the anti-hero of Crakk movie, had a rough start, growing up on the streets until Mark came along and took him under his care. Mark was the big shot in the extreme sports scene, ruling over the game called Maidaan. When Mark stepped back, Dev stepped up to lead the charge. Now, Dev’s got quite the track record in Maidaan. He’s notorious for knocking out his opponents, just like he did to Nihal, Siddhu’s brother, in the previous year’s final match. But here’s the kicker—it wasn’t a fair fight. Dev pulled some shady moves, tampering with Nihal’s parachute before the big jump from the helicopter. Nihal crashed into a building along with his bike, and well, it ended tragically. And get this—Mark knew about the whole setup but didn’t lift a finger to set things straight. So you can imagine the level of sketchiness going on in Maidaan. But wait, there’s more to the mess! It turns out that Dev’s not just playing dirty in the games. He’s smuggling plutonium, a super-dangerous radioactive material used for making nuclear bombs! Thankfully, we’ve got Patricia, undercover police officer, on the case. She’s leading the charge to bust Dev and expose the dark underbelly of Maidaan.


Why did Patricia want Siddhu? 

Meet Siddhu, our main man living in the slums, just like his brother Nihal. They’re thrill-seekers, filming crazy stunts on trains, all to make it to Maidaan. But here’s the twist: Nihal went to Maidaan and never returned, his death a mystery to Siddhu and his family. Despite the risks, Siddhu is determined to chase his dream of Maidaan glory. Without a passport, he sneaks into the country, ready to take on the challenge. There, he encounters Dev, the Maidaan maestro, who lays down the rules of the game. Maidaan offers contestants a chance at self-discovery, but it’s no walk in the park—phones are confiscated, and contestants are tracked every step of the way. The stakes are sky-high, with a whopping 80 million rupees awaiting the champion. In the final showdown, they’ll face off against none other than Dev himself. Siddhu feels a sense of belonging in Maidaan and sees Dev as a divine figure, someone to idolize. But when the first match kicks off with 32 contestants and 16 flags, it’s a do-or-die situation. Siddhu proves himself, snagging the last flag in a nail-biting finish that was broadcast live for all to see. So, Patricia, the clever cop, knew just who to recruit to take down Dev and Maidaan. She understood the history between Siddhu’s brother and Dev, sensing a personal grudge. So, she approached Siddhu and handed him a chip to plant on Dev. If he refused, she’d have to arrest him for sneaking into the country illegally. Siddhu was torn. He didn’t want to betray Dev, but he had no choice. As the tension between Dev and Patricia’s group heated up, Siddhu realized something shocking. Dev might not be the hero he thought—he could be the reason behind his brother’s death!

Did Siddhu Take Revenge Against Dev? 

Siddhu realized that Mark, the main boss of Maidaan and Dev’s father, held all the answers about his brother’s death. But Dev realized that Siddhu and Patricia were getting close to the truth, so he had Mark kidnapped and locked in a container truck named Elise. He put his assistant Zack in charge, not knowing Zack was actually working for Mark and planning to betray him. When Patricia and Siddhu tracked down Mark’s location and rescued him from Dev’s clutches, Siddhu learned the whole truth about Nihal’s death. Mark did it because Maidaan was like his safe place, and Dev’s shady dealings broke his heart. He ordered Zack to gain Dev’s trust and get to know about the plutonium, and from there, Zack fed information to Patricia and got it all confiscated. When Dev found out, you bet he was furious! He was out for revenge, and so was Siddhu, seeking justice for his brother. In the final showdown, everyone else failed the match except Siddhu, who was ready to take on the famous Dev himself. Their last challenge? A challenger races from a mountain top, through a tunnel, and into the city, ending at the Maidaan ground. But here’s the twist—it’s not just a race against each other; it’s a race against time! Both players have bombs strapped to their arms, set to detonate in 20 minutes. The first to reach the final round gets a key to retrieve the flag from a box and defuse the other person’s bomb. It’s a nail-biting competition, but guess who comes out on top? Siddhu! He becomes the champion of champions, grabbing the key and securing victory. But that’s not the end!


In Crakk‘s ending, we see how Siddhu asks for a physical fight with Dev, venting all his frustration on him until the bomb detonates. With each punch, Siddhu releases his inner pain and anger until the final moment. Finally, he grabs the key and triggers Dev’s time bomb, and it ends in Dev’s death in front of the live audience. Justice is served, and Siddhu, also known as Crakk, won, not just for himself but also on behalf of his brother.

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