‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Sheila Get The Closure She Was Looking For?

The ninth episode of Physical Season 3 was solely focused on Sheila and Danny and the argument they were having for twenty-four hours at her home regarding Maya. The argument was supposed to make both understand how different they have become. Danny can hardly recognize Sheila anymore. She’s not the woman he knew. Sheila has also realized how much she has evolved since her divorce, and she does not intend to slow down. The episode ended with them sleeping with each other and her letting Danny know that he only knows her as much as anyone else does. Physical Season 3 finale will have Sheila move to Los Angeles with her daughter Maya. We would like to know how she adjusts to the new city.


Spoilers Ahead

How does Sheila find Los Angeles?

Physical Episode 10 begins in the year 1986. It is implied that five years later, Sheila is now an established entrepreneur and the most sought-after trainer in the country. There is a montage of Sheila speaking about the significant changes she has brought to the lives of women all around America with her fitness studio, ‘Strength in Numbers’. Sheila has opened multiple franchises across the country, and her business is flourishing as she always wanted.


In the montage, she speaks about giving women the choice to become independent by running the studio and allowing them to discover themselves through aerobics. We assume financially that Sheila and Greta have achieved a lot, but still, there is more that needs to be done to spread their message of giving their mind and body the independence they deserve. Sheila seems content with the life she made for herself. She is happy to have become the mother she always wanted for Maya. Hopefully, Maya also looks up to Sheila and wants to become successful just like her mother.

Maya finds herself talking to John Breem while at home, and it seems they have finally come back together after all these years. It is assumed that John has become the understanding partner that Sheila always wanted, and a good listener to boot. Sheila speaks her heart out with him about the stress of her work. We think Sheila may have found the perfect relationship, but soon it is revealed that Sheila was speaking to an illusion of John that appears to her just like Kelly used to appear.


Sheila is probably lonely now that she has achieved success. Such is the story of many men and women who want it all but end up sacrificing crucial parts of their lives. Sheila could also be missing John, and it seems she may have lost the opportunity to make things right with him.

To combat loneliness, Sheila tries to make plans with Greta where they can just talk about themselves instead of work. Sheila is struggling to communicate with Greta about the loneliness she is battling. Greta, who runs the business, has many things on her plate, but she always has time for her best friend. Greta always tries to understand Sheila’s state of mind, which is a sign of a good friend.


What is Danny up to after five years?

Five years later, Danny is running a local radio show that speaks about his crusade to save the environment. Danny has been at it since the first season of the show about wanting to save his surroundings. Since the show is set in the 1980s, many find his fight ludicrous. Kids and adults of the current generation will treat him like a visionary for raising concerns and issues decades ago. We are assuming he is earning well from this radio station gig because to run a campaign such as this, one requires capital.

Since this is the series finale, the makers bring in Jerry Goldman, the eccentric best friend of Danny, who helped him in the campaign to run for office in the first season. This was just a call back to the friendship they shared, and it seems both need to emotionally grow up to understand how things around them will change quickly.


Jerry arrives for the radio show to speak up in favor of what Danny wants to do for the community in San Diego. Danny and Sheila are finally on good terms after the divorce and seem to have reached a common consensus regarding co-parenting Maya. A pregnant Fidelia is also seen in Physical Episode 10, which proves that Danny is either married to her or that they are in a committed relationship.

Who is following Sheila?

Sheila lives alone with her daughter in a sea-facing home in Los Angeles, and she notices someone breaking her plant pots every night. She seems to encounter this incident regularly, which scares her. Since she is a celebrity, she wonders if someone is stalking her. Anybody could take advantage of a single mother in a city like Los Angeles, which is filled with people who would seek some kind of fame by spooking known personalities.


She realizes that it was Tyler who was trying to meet her, but in an unusual fashion. If anyone remembers, most of these characters were not in season three. Tyler and Bunny were her initial partners, and Sheila conveniently took over the business and made the aerobics studio about herself. This was a version of herself that Sheila did not want to go back to. It feels like years ago, she was desperate to do something with her life. When she finally shared a goal with Bunny, she selfishly abandoned her and chartered her destiny without looking back. Tyler also mentions that Sheila’s legal team went after all kinds of aerobics classes that copied their business model, including Bunny and Tyler’s studio, where they had begun to generate some income. Greta was making sure no other studio could earn off their business model. The irony remains in the fact that Sheila stole these ideas to establish herself in the first place.

Meeting Tyler reminds her of the past she probably wants to rectify. Tyler lets her know that Bunny separated from him, and he wants to make things right with her. He reveals that Bunny has gone seeking work in Mexico. It was Sheila who always understood the dynamics between Bunny and Tyler. Tyler, on the other hand, is talented and a good-looking person but not intelligent enough to make sound decisions. His approaching Sheila after all this time is not exactly closing his chapter. It is the makers’ way to say goodbye to Tyler in a realistic manner.


Why are Sheila and Greta in Mexico?

Sheila and Greta head to Mexico, which seems like the women taking a long vacation after working hard for years. Greta was looking forward to this vacation because she has been wanting to take a break herself after having a handful of work at home. Sheila probably had other plans because heading to Mexico would mean the possibility of meeting John and maybe talking about how she feels right now about him. Sheila eventually breaks down and talks about feeling lonely and how she had a conversation with John Breem at home.

Sheila probably misses him, and this could be the reason she feels the need to have him around. She might be in love with him, but there is nothing she can do to make him come back to her. Greta understands her predicament, and as a friend, she plans to stand by her in this time of crisis. Greta does not judge Sheila at this point because she probably knows there is a version of her friend who is craving companionship, of the kind which she did not find in Danny or Carlos.


Does Sheila receive the closure she was looking for?

Sheila and Greta head to meet John Breem, and Sheila feels content to see him happy in his life. She realizes John has moved on, and she would not want to be the one to ruin his marital life. She learns from him that Bunny has been teaching aerobics to the commune he formed in Mexico. She was not expecting Bunny to be working with him. On meeting Bunny, she apologizes profusely for what she did to her all this time. This apology is reminiscent of Sheila asking Greta to join her company again. She is probably on a journey to self-discovery and a paradigm shift. Her breakup with Carlos could be the reason her successful venture has humbled her. Sheila’s inner critic has faded away, which could be the reason she does not have a mean bone in her. Her inner voice constantly humiliated her, which made Sheila take some drastic and embarrassing steps. This time, there is no voice to pull her down. Sheila is being herself by making amends with Bunny as well as Maria.

Physical Episode 10 ends with Bunny accepting her apology, but this seems like a convenient plot twist. Bunny was livid at Sheila for pushing her out of the business. For her to forgive Sheila after all this time does not make sense because, realistically, human nature is not this kind. Bunny and Tyler practically lost everything, but an apology from Sheila ends the animosity, which seems bizarre. Maria allowing Sheila onto their property feels very uncharacteristic of her because she was livid at her husband for keeping in touch with her. She had also turned down the offer given by Sheila to invest in her franchise business. Maria and Sheila breathing in the same room and conversing is very anticlimactic. Maria has either quickly moved on or this is again a plot convenience to tie up the narrative as the series is about to end.


The last montage has Sheila finally coming to terms with her life and hoping it will sustain her for a longer period of time. She wants things to be fine with everyone around her. She also talks about how people should dance with a group of strangers to music that will help all of them connect. It was her way of implying that the life she has chosen will eventually help others. Sheila also admits that she chose aerobics as her calling to get control over her life, but after all these years, it helped her get rid of it. Aerobics gave her clarity on what she wanted from life, and Sheila was able to achieve that.

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