‘Physical’ Season 3 Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Was Sheila Frustrated With Danny?

The eighth episode of Physical Season 3 ended with John Breem and Sheila meeting one last time. John revealed that he will be moving to Mexico with his wife and kids to work on his marriage. Maria and John had hit a major roadblock in their marriage, which made them take this extreme decision. John and Sheila kissed one last time when they realized someone was at Sheila’s studio, only to find Fidelia and Danny getting physically intimate with each other, revealing their affair. Physical Episode 9 will have Sheila and Danny discuss the supposed affair the latter is having.


Spoilers Ahead

What are Danny and Sheila fighting over?

Physical Episode 9 begins with Sheila preparing herself to inform her daughter about the big move she is planning to make. This is a revelation because, in the last episode, there was no indication of Sheila wanting to make a big move. Her only intention was to expand her studio and turn it into a franchise business. We are not sure if this big move involves Greta as well. Sheila’s preparation to talk with her daughter showcases the nature of the relationship she has with her. As a parent, she should not hesitate to speak to her offspring about any subject. Since Maya is a toddler, it should not be a difficult conversation at all.


She hears noises from her apartment, and she wonders if Carlos is back. Sheila, at some point, wanted him back, which is why she might have assumed that Carlos had come to meet her. Instead, she finds Danny looking for the missing piece of the Statue of Liberty costume at Sheila’s home. They begin fighting over Sheila not having sent the entire costume to his place. Sheila and Danny have so far been good at co-parenting. Sheila had made it clear that she could not be the only one taking on the burden of taking care of their child. Danny, who was not good at it initially, comes around and equally contributes time to Maya’s upbringing.

As Physical Episode 9 progresses, we notice that the entire setup is inside Sheila’s home. The next twenty-four hours in the show will be about Sheila and Danny confronting each other on various topics. Since there are only three characters in this episode, it will be interesting to understand Sheila and Danny’s dynamics post-divorce and if they can stand to be around each other for a long period.


Why does Maya ingest the small toy?

As Sheila and Danny are looking for the torch she made for their daughter’s costume, she is sure she’d sent it over to Danny’s place. By accusing him of losing or misplacing it, she wants to imply that Danny is probably not a good father. We believe there is an inherent anger she has towards him for being selfish for most of their marriage. She feels Danny is still the irresponsible one. We believe Danny, on the other hand, is getting better at being a parent. Apart from the near accident he had with Maya in the car, Danny will make sure she stays safe.

Sheila eventually brings up the subject of his affair with Fidelia. We feel this was uncalled for because Danny has the right to date anyone he likes as much as she does. She was not ready for the rude surprise she got at her studio. As an ex-spouse who is dating her employee, Danny should have handled the situation sensitively instead of sliding under the rug and prolonging the conversation.


Their argument reaches a point when, out of frustration, Maya ends up ingesting a tiny toy. The girl probably did it to get her parents’ attention. Maya, as a young child, could see her parents drifting apart and not focusing on her. Sheila and Danny should not forget their daughter on their journey to fulfill their lives. It’s implied they should have considered what Maya feels before arguing about subjects that might not matter in the grand scheme of things.

Sheila ends up finding the torch they were desperately looking for. She realized she had not sent the item after all. She did not want to lose the argument, which made her throw it straight into the trash can. Sheila prioritizes her ego more than her daughter’s well-being by placing her desire to win the argument over getting on with Maya’s play at school and not talking about this conversation ever again.

Did Sheila and Danny’s relationship begin as an affair?

Sheila and Danny somehow find themselves in trouble, as they are petrified of Maya getting sick because of the toy. This is the first time Sheila and Danny suddenly end up on the same page and realize their daughter is more important than their petty arguments. We think Sheila and Danny have a lot of baggage from their marriage, which they never sorted out when they were together and during their divorce.

After a long day of back and forth involving Maya and her antics, they snuck her to bed, but not before she revealed the accident Danny had gotten her into. Sheila confronts him about the incident that put their daughter in danger. As they sort this matter out quickly, Danny starts talking about how they initially met. It is revealed that Danny and Maya were in different relationships, and they pursued each other while being committed to other people. Danny does not hesitate to talk about it, while Sheila feels uncomfortable, to the point where it seems she feels ashamed of this history.


Sheila wants to forget how her relationship began. It probably reminded her of the love she had for John, for that relationship began with an affair as well. She feels this is the pattern of her lovelife, and it will be difficult for her to break away from. We believe her relationship with Carlos ended because there was no passion like an affair brings. Sheila has started understanding herself and wants to get away from the older version of herself who sabotaged her mind and body repeatedly.

Why was Sheila frustrated with Danny?

Sheila was frustrated with Danny from the beginning of the day. Matters get worse when she reveals that she will be moving to Los Angeles. This is the big news she was planning to share with Maya. Sheila’s move to another city was not discussed at any point in this season. It came out of nowhere, and there is no indication that Greta agreed to this plan.


Danny questions her decision, which bothers her as they are not a married couple, and he doesn’t have a say in her life anymore. Danny claims to know her and starts talking about seeing a good side of her as well. It is not clear why Danny was trying to pacify her. He may have wanted her to stay back to remain close to his daughter. Sheila rather angrily confronts him and frustratingly lets him know again that she is an awful person. The woman he knew was a character she had to switch it on. She claims to have learned the art of hiding her true self from people. Danny is heartbroken to see Sheila having emotionally distanced herself from him, and it probably makes him wonder if he knew her at all. He wants to believe that he understands her, but Sheila’s words prove the exact opposite.

She reveals she threw the Statue of Liberty torch in the trash so that she wouldn’t lose the argument they were having. Sheila proves that she does not put herself in the highest regard, and Danny should also not put her on a pedestal. Sheila’s inner critic somehow creeps up on her, which makes her say many awful things about herself. Danny is surprised that his ex-wife has low self-esteem.


Physical Episode 9 ends with Sheila and Danny ending up sleeping with each other. Maybe their arguments worked like an aphrodisiac for her. The next day, Danny wonders if this could be a beginning for them again. But Sheila is far from considering reconciliation. If Danny had known the new Sheila, he would have seen her career-focused goals.

We think Danny is seeking the wife Sheila was. He believes that was her real form, and this version is a façade. He asks if she genuinely thinks Danny doesn’t know her at all. Sheila responds that Danny knows her just as well as anybody else. Sheila meant that Danny did not know her at all. She put across a version of herself that Danny never caught on to. Sheila is not planning to put on a show just to make someone happy. She was done being someone else, and it made only Danny upset. Sheila wants to be content with herself, which is why she states that Danny knows just enough about her. He has become one of those people who will probably never get into her inner circle unless he tries to accept her for who she is.


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