‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Ward Cameron & John B?

In the eighth episode of “Outer Banks” season 3, Topper decided to press charges against John B, but Sarah managed to convince him to withdraw them. In the end, Topper found out that Sarah was just using him to save John B. He set John B’s house on fire and left as soon after. The ninth episode of “Outer Banks” season 3 began with the Pogues sitting outside John B’s burned-down shack. They believed that the house could’ve burned through a circuit failure. John B decided to put everything in the past and move on to more pressing matters. Sarah had asked her father to help them reach South America to help Big John. This time, Ward was a changed man, and he would do anything to get his daughter back on his side. But Pope and Kiara had to talk to their parents and get their permission for the trip. Cleo managed to convince Pope’s parents to let him go on the trip, and now they were set to head for South America. All this time, Rafe had been coming up with his own plans to hurt his father. Even though he didn’t plan on killing Ward, there could be a strong possibility that Rafe would try to hurt Sarah.


Spoilers Ahead 

Did JJ Save Kiara?

JJ had to escape from Mike because he had lost his drugs. Mike wanted him to pay to cover the loss, and if JJ failed to pay it back, Mike would kill him. As soon as he arrived at the location, John B and the others had been waiting for them, but Kiara was missing. So, JJ took John B’s Twinkie to pick Kiara up from her place. But her parents had forcefully sent her to a wilderness camp called Kitty Hawk. They believed that Kiara had been wasting her life with the Pogues. So, JJ headed toward the camp while Kiara tried to figure out a way to escape. They couldn’t understand that Kiara was trying to cope with all the changes that she had to deal with in the past month.


Kiara was not ready to attend school again, but her parents failed to understand her. This was the only way to keep Kiara in line, from their point of view. The authorities at Kitty Hawk believed that Kiara had been suffering from oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). According to them, Kiara was losing her temper because Mike and Anna had the authority to control her. Well, Kiara tried her best to escape from the camp, but the guards caught her and locked her in the reflection camp.

JJ needed eight more hours to save Kiara, but Mike and his men found him in the middle of the street as Twinkie had run out of gas. So, JJ decided to fool Mike, and this time, he fabricated a story about finding El Dorado. Well, money could convince anyone, and JJ managed to manipulate Mike with his words. JJ entered the camp and pretended to drop off some packages. He lied about Kiara’s pet dying to make sure that the authorities would inform her of the same. Kiara played along with JJ’s act, and now she just had to wait for his arrival. Meanwhile, Kiara was moved to a different dorm, and with so many people around her, things would become more difficult for JJ. But JJ snuck into the quarters at night, and the other girls helped JJ save Kiara from the wilderness camp.


What Happened To Ward? Did Topper Create Any Problems For Sarah?

In the end, Rafe changed his mind, and now he didn’t want to kill his father anymore. But Barry had hired a hitman to kill Ward without Rafe’s knowledge. Rafe tried to talk to Barry, but he had to rush because the hitman was on his way to kill Ward. Rafe managed to save his father on time, but he was badly injured, and he had attacked the hitman. But before they left, a man named Locky Machart spotted Ward, and he realized that he had been alive all this time. Locky informed Officer Shoupe about it. As for Topper, he got wind of Ward’s private plane and decided to check it out. He noticed that the pogues were waiting for the others to arrive so without giving it a second thought, Topper filed a formal complaint with the District Attorney against John B. Now, Officer Shoupe headed down to the airstrip to arrest Ward. John B, Cleo and Pope didn’t want to leave with Ward on the same plane, but with Ward injured, John B had no choice because this could be his only chance to save Big John.

Despite having so many injuries, Ward thanked his son for helping him out and made sure that he knew that he loved him. In the end, Officer Shoupe arrested Rafe as he had landed himself in huge trouble. Sarah helped Ward sterilize his wound. He even apologized to John B for hurting him and Big John. In the end, both Kiara and JJ made it out safely, and they had their rides to leave Kildare County. With Mike’s help, JJ had saved Kiara, and they were ready for their El Dorado expedition on the Barracuda Airlines. As for, Big John and Carlos, they had already arrived at Tres Locas, Venezuela. Now, John B had two more days left before Carlos killed him. Big John just had to wait for some more time because his son would save him from all the trouble. But Carlos is known to be a ruthless man; he would do anything to get the gold, as he was blinded by greed and vengeance.


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