‘Outer Banks’ Season 3, Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Rafe Kill His Father, Ward Cameron?

In the seventh episode of “Outer Banks” season 3, Cleo and Pope discuss Denmark’s letter to his daughter Clarice Tanny. Surprisingly, she had never opened the letter, and it still carried the seal on it. So, Pope opened it and made a shocking discovery! Clarice had never known about Denmark, and this letter probably reached her after Denmark’s death. In his letter, he spoke about the family legacy and the Royal Merchant, which directly led to the Gnomon and El Dorado. On the next page, Denmark had noted down the translation key for the Gnomon.


In the eighth episode of “Outer Banks” season 3, Sarah realized her mistake and wanted to set things right. Both John B and Sarah had come a long way, and there was no way that Sarah would leave him alone. She knew that John B would need her the most, and the only way to fix things would be to apologize and accept her mistake. All this time, Officer Shoupe had been looking for John B and JJ. Things were taking a drastic turn in the story, as Rafe was planning to kill Ward. Barry planted a very evil plan in Ward’s mind, and without a second thought, Rafe agreed to kill his father to clear his path.

Spoilers Ahead 


Did Rafe Kill His Father? How Did Sarah Help John B?

Rafe had tried to convince his father to leave, but Ward had been adamant about his decision. Deep down, he knew that his son was moving down the wrong path. Ward left the entire business to his wife, Rose. Rafe did not like this decision and started arguing with his father. But Ward wanted to put his past behind him to create a new future, and Rafe was not on board with this plan. He believed that his father was jealous of his success. Rafe decided to blackmail his father and threatened to reveal that he had fabricated his death. But Ward was not scared anymore; he threatened Rafe and told him that he would tell the truth about Rafe killing Sheriff Peterkin. Even though Ward didn’t want to go against him, Rafe left him with no choice. Rafe pointed his gun at him, but in the end, he couldn’t shoot his father. Rafe did not understand that Barry had been fooling him into stealing all the money. He went on manipulating Rafe, building up his resolve to kill Ward.

Topper decided to file an official complaint against John B, and he wanted Sarah to testify against John B. JJ, and John B had no clue that they had been roaming around the city with a tracker attached to the Twinkie. JJ tried to talk to his father’s boss, Mike, but he refused to take them to South America. JJ and John B decided to smuggle drugs to get the passports that would let them get to South America. At first, JJ thought that they would be unloading the drugs, but Mike revealed that JJ and John B would have to supply the drugs to Elizabeth City via a dummy truck. In the end, John B and JJ decided to drive the truck, but a policeman caught up to them, and JJ had to flee from the area. The boys left the truck behind and ran away. John B and JJ fought with each other because their plan had badly failed. But things got worse when Officer Shoupe showed up and arrested John B for hurting Topper. However, Sarah managed to convince Topper to withdraw his case. She told him everything about Big John’s abduction, and Topper gave in to her. Sarah had fooled Topper into believing that she was still in love with him.


Pope decided to talk to Kiara about the glyphs since she had taken a picture from Carlos’ house. It was a painting that matched the glyphs from the letter. Everything was connected to El Dorado, and Pope had the translation key that would help them enter the city of gold. In the end, the Pogues were finally back together, waiting for John B to be released from jail. Sarah apologized for her mistakes, and she was ready to be one of the Pogues again. Moreover, Rafe manipulated Topper into falling out with Sarah. He tried to call her multiple times, but Sarah did not respond. So, Topper decided to check on her, and he found that Sarah had betrayed him. Topper set John B’s house on fire, and JJ and Kiara noticed the blaze but they could not stop it. Topper was heartbroken and drunk at the same time, which is what let Rafe manipulate him easily. There was a high chance that Topper would support Rafe in his plans to hurt his sister.

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