Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Episode 8 Recap, Ending & Anime Differences, Explained: Did Garp Arrest Luffy?

Previously, in One Piece Episode 7, Luffy and his crew continued their quest to find Nami and confront Arlong, the leader of the Fish-Man crew. Nami’s tragic backstory unfolded as she allied with Arlong to save her village, Coco Village, from his extortion. Arlong had ruthlessly murdered her adoptive mother, Bellemere, and forced Nami to draw maps for his crew. When Nami attempted to fulfill her end of the deal, Arlong betrayed her, setting the village ablaze. Nami confessed her painful past to her sister, Nojiko, as Captain Nezumi tried to seize the stolen treasure. Luffy and his crew stood by Nami’s side, vowing to seek revenge on Arlong and end his reign of terror. In the last episode of One Piece season 1, the intense battle between Luffy and Arlong determined the fate of the Fish-Man crew. At the same time, Vice Admiral Garp, who had been an obstacle to Luffy’s journey, had a moment of realization that ultimately helped his grandson achieve his dreams.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Luffy And His Crew Eliminate Arlong?

In One Piece Episode 8, the story unfolded in Coco Village, where the Straw Hat pirates came to the rescue after the village had been devastated. Many houses were destroyed, and the villagers were in a tough situation. Witnessing this injustice, Luffy and his crew wasted no time and headed to Arlong Park to confront Arlong. However, Arlong Park was heavily guarded by Arlong’s fishmen, blocking their path. While Luffy and Nami went to Arlong’s room to get a map, Zoro, Sanji, and Usopp took on the fishmen to clear their way.


During an intense action sequence, Zoro and Sanji, playfully teasing each other’s abilities, managed to defeat some of the fishmen. However, one fisherman named Chew chased Usopp into the woods, making it challenging for Usopp to fight back with his slingshot. Chew had the unique skill of turning liquid into bullets and shooting them from his mouth, making it difficult for Usopp to counterattack. But Usopp finally came up with a plan to put an end to his menace. He applied ketchup from a bottle to his chest and pretended to be dead. When Chew turned away, thinking Usopp was defeated, Usopp swiftly got up and used his slingshot to target Chew’s bottle of alcohol. This caused it to ignite, which ultimately led to Chew’s death.

While Zoro and Sanji battled other fishmen, Zoro unexpectedly pulled Buggy’s head out of a bag, hoping he might assist them in dealing with the fishmen. However, once Buggy regained his body, he selfishly left the scene. On the other hand, Nami successfully obtained the Grand Line map and made her escape. Meanwhile, a fierce showdown took place between Luffy and Arlong. Luffy struggled to defeat Arlong because Arlong’s teeth would grow stronger every time Luffy broke them. Realizing that he couldn’t beat Arlong in a direct fight, Luffy came up with a clever plan. He decided to use his gum-gum ability to destroy Arlong’s little kingdom.


Luffy powered up his gum gum attacks and started punching the walls of Arlong Park, until the entire building collapsed onto Arlong. As the structure crumbled over Arlong, it seemed like he was finally defeated once and for all. At the same time, Zoro and Sanji managed to defeat Kuroobi, Arlong’s brother, putting an end to the Fish-Man crew’s threat. The crew waited anxiously for Luffy’s return, and when he emerged from the ruins unharmed, their victory was sealed. Nami reunited with her crew, and it became clear that Sanji was developing feelings for her. In the upcoming seasons, it’s likely that their chemistry will be explored further.

Did Garp Arrest Luffy?

After the Fish-Man crew was defeated, Nami went to visit her mother’s grave, where Nojiko approached her. Nojiko apologized for her past behavior and wanted Nami to stay, as they were starting to rebuild their sisterly bond. However, Nami had bigger plans now that she had her freedom back. She intended to sail with her crew to find the One Piece. Nojiko understood, and they shared a heartfelt moment, remembering their mother. Nami placed a tangerine pinwheel on her mother’s grave, just as she used to do in her childhood. The pirate crew celebrated their victory with the villagers, but Garp and his soldiers arrived in the village. Earlier, they had been informed by Nezumi that Luffy’s crew was responsible for the destruction of Coco Village. Garp knew Nezumi was a corrupt marine trying to frame Luffy for Arlong’s crimes, but he still came to deal with the situation.


Throughout Luffy’s life, Garp had hoped he would become a mariner, but Luffy chose to be a pirate. Therefore, Garp ordered Koby to arrest Luffy to divert him from the path of piracy. Surprisingly, both Koby and Helmeppo refused to arrest Luffy because they knew he wasn’t the kind of person who would harm innocent people. Since no one followed Garp’s order, he confronted Luffy on his own. During their battle, Luffy couldn’t land a hit on Garp, who counterattacked him with even more powerful punches. However, Luffy’s determination touched Garp’s heart. Luffy declared that no matter how much he was beaten, he’d never give up on his dream. Garp revealed he was testing his grandson’s passion for his dreams and allowed Luffy to pursue them. He advised Luffy to be prepared for the even tougher challenges ahead. Nezumi tried to intervene, but Nami took personal revenge by knocking him unconscious.

Did Luffy Get His Wanted Poster?

The next day, Luffy was overjoyed to find his name on a wanted poster with the highest bounty in East Blue. Many, including Captain Buggy, Garp, and even Shanks, noticed the poster. Captain Buggy pledged to capture Luffy for the bounty, and surprisingly, Alvida, who was previously thought to be defeated, was alive and joined Buggy in this pursuit.


Garp also noticed his grandson’s wanted poster and felt a sense of pride, but remained focused on training Koby and Helmeppo to become excellent marines. Meanwhile, Dracule Mihawk approached Shanks with Luffy’s poster, and Shanks couldn’t have been prouder. Despite their rivalry, Mihawk and Shanks celebrated Luffy’s rise as a great pirate.

On the Going Merry, Luffy and his crew had become a tight-knit team, ready to embark on their journey to the Grand Line. They raised their Jolly Roger flag, which now featured Luffy’s straw hat. Sanji placed a barrel on the deck and encouraged everyone to make vows about their dreams. Sanji aimed to find All Blue, while Zoro aspired to become the greatest swordsman, Luffy aimed to become the Pirate King, and Nami wanted to draw a map of the world. However, Usopp, who was a bit uncertain, vowed to become a great sea warrior. With their dreams in their hearts, the crew sailed forward in search of the One Piece treasure.


In the final scene of One Piece season 1, episode 8, a mysterious figure was revealed looking at Luffy’s wanted poster and smoking a cigar. It could possibly be Captain Smoker, a marine captain and Devil Fruit user, who would become a major adversary in Luffy’s upcoming adventures in the forthcoming seasons.

What Are The Differences From The Source Material?

In the ending episode of One Piece live-action, there are some significant changes that are noteworthy. Like in the live-action series One Piece, Arlong dislikes humans because Fish-Men used to be enslaved by them, just as in the original manga, but the reason was revealed much later. Hachi, an important character from the manga, plays a significant role in the Shabody arc, but it’s unclear how this will be adapted in the show. Nami attempts to set Coco Village’s people free from Arlong, but Nojiko and Genzo are unaware of her deal, unlike in the manga. Instead of the pinwheel in Genzo’s hat, which was seen in the manga, Nami’s adoptive mother made a tangerine-skin pinwheel from scratch in the live-action. Much later in the manga, Vice Admiral Garp arrives in Coco Village and fights Luffy, but in the show, this happens much earlier in the story. In the manga, the crew shares their dreams as they enter the Grand Line, but in the live-action version, they do it after battling Vice Admiral Garp.


The conclusion of One Piece season 1 sets the stage for exciting new adventures. While there may not have been an official announcement, the series hints at more thrilling challenges and adversaries awaiting Luffy and his crew in the Grand Line. The introduction of characters like Captain Smoker promises more gripping and action-packed premises to come. As Luffy continues his quest to become the Pirate King with his diverse crew, fans can anticipate a continuation of the epic journey that has won the hearts of many for so long.

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