Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Why Did Nami Join Arlong’s Crew?

Previously, in One Piece episode 6, Nami’s betrayal and her association with Arlong’s fish-man crew were revealed. Luffy, Usopp, and Sanji sought help for Zoro’s severe injury, bringing him to Baratie, where they found Zeff, who tended to Zoro. Zeff used a unique fish skin treatment, speeding Zoro’s recovery. As Zoro regained consciousness, he pledged loyalty to Luffy. Amidst Sanji and Zoro’s playful rivalry, Sanji joined as both a fighter and a cook. Meanwhile, Luffy, with Buggy’s head, surprisingly gained an unexpected ally in their mission to reunite with Nami. In the seventh episode, when the first season of One Piece is coming to a conclusion, we find Arlong to be the main antagonist in the story. Nami’s tragic backstory was also revealed, explaining why she decided to join the Fishman crew.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Were Bellemere And Nojiko?

In One Piece Episode 7, Luffy and his determined crew continue their mission to locate their crewmate, Nami. They were curious about why Nami had aligned herself with Arlong and what had motivated her to do so. They were prepared for a challenging showdown with Arlong and his fish-man crew. Nami began experiencing memories from her childhood when she lived with her adopted sister, Nojiko, and her mother, Bellemere. Although they weren’t related by blood, Bellemere, a former marine, had taken in the two girls, and they lived as a happy family. However, from a young age, Nami had a tendency to take things without asking for permission, like when she once took a map book from a bookshop in Coco Village. Genzo, the village’s scar-faced sheriff, forgave the young girl after Nami promised not to repeat such behavior.


Meanwhile, when Nami was playing cards with the crew members, Arlong asked her to meet with him in his room. When Nami went to meet him, we saw his room filled with maps, including the highly sought-after Grand Line map. Arlong reminded her that she had to gather ransom money from Coco Village, where she had a troubled history with the villagers. Reluctantly, Nami explained her difficulties with the villagers, but Arlong threatened her life and forced her to return to Coco Village. Nami wanted to discuss the deal she had made with Arlong, but he avoided any conversation, claiming that Nami could rely on a fisherman’s word.

Luffy’s crew arrived in Coco Village and witnessed Sheriff Genzo struggling to collect the ransom money for Arlong. In the midst of this, Nami appeared and took the money from Genzo. However, before she could return with the money, she had a confrontation with her sister, Nojiko. Despite their once-happy family life, Nojiko despised Nami for working with Arlong’s crew, and Nami had to accept the consequences of her choices. As Nami was on her way back with the money, she noticed Luffy’s crew observing her. She approached them and asked them to leave. Luffy expressed his desire to have Nami back in their crew, but she refused. It was clear that she was trying to protect her friends from Arlong, but Luffy was determined to find out the whole truth behind Nami’s actions.


Why Did Nami Join The Fish-Man Crew? Did Arlong Keep His Promise?

Meanwhile, in the Marines, Garp assembled his troops to track down Luffy. He first went to Baratie, where his grandson had been for a brief period. Garp wanted to find out where Luffy and his crew had gone, but extracting information from Zeff proved to be a challenge. However, once Garp arrived at Baratie, he couldn’t resist indulging in a large steak while chatting with Zeff. Zeff remained tight-lipped about Luffy’s whereabouts, but not everyone in the restaurant was as discreet as he was. When Koby and Helmeppo had a few drinks at the bar, Koby intentionally mentioned that Garp was Luffy’s grandfather, and it was evident how both of them had an immense love for meat. Unfortunately, the bartender overheard their conversation and agreed to reveal where Luffy and his team had headed from Baratie. With this information, Koby informed Garp, and they left Baratie in pursuit of Luffy.

Luffy and his crew were determined to uncover Nami’s painful past, so they went to Nojiko’s house to learn more about Nami. Nojiko initially had reservations about welcoming Luffy’s group, but Sanji, their skilled cook, offered to prepare a delicious meal to win her trust. After enjoying Sanji’s meal, Nojiko finally opened up to the group and shared the heartbreaking story of their childhood.


When Arlong’s crew attacked Coco Village, they demanded a hefty ransom from each villager. When village sheriff Genzo stood against it, Arlong even scarred his face. Bellemere, the adoptive mother of Nami and Nojiko, had hidden her two daughters underground in their home. She grabbed a rifle and awaited Arlong’s arrival, but he managed to disarm her, leaving her helpless. Arlong demanded the ransom money, but Bellemere could only provide enough for one person. However, when Arlong was about to leave, he noticed three dishes on the table. He forced Bellemere to reveal her daughters, who then came out of their hiding place out of fear. Faced with the threat to her daughters’ lives, Bellemere decided to sacrifice herself and asked Arlong to spare her daughters. Arlong heartlessly shot Bellemere to death, leaving the two girls without their mother’s presence. However, Nami, clutching the maps she had drawn, approached Arlong. Impressed by her skills at drawing maps, Arlong accepted her into his crew, intending to use her as a navigator. It was Arlong who forced her to have the fish tattooed on her arm and even tied her up in a cellar.

Nami’s choice to join Arlong’s crew deeply disappointed her sister Nojiko, but in her heart, she also knew that something had compelled Nami to make that decision. Luffy, angered by Arlong’s continued tyranny over the villagers, was determined to seek revenge, and the rest of his team vowed to stand by his side on this journey.


Meanwhile, corrupt Marines like Captain Nezumi had ties with Arlong. When Nami reminded Arlong of the deal they had made, he demanded that she fulfill her part of the agreement. Nami headed to Bellemere’s grave, where she had hidden a box filled with a staggering amount of money and treasure worth a thousand million berries. Nojiko discovered Nami doing this, which raised her suspicions. As Nojiko confronted Nami, Captain Nezumi approached them, intent on taking the millions of berries. It became evident that Nezumi was sent by Arlong to seize the money from Nami.

With all the money having been extracted, Nami broke down in tears and finally confessed everything to her sister. When Nami had joined Arlong’s crew, she had made a deal with him, promising a thousand million berries in exchange for the freedom of herself and her village. However, instead of keeping his promise, Arlong not only stole the money but also set Coco Village on fire. Nami saw herself as a failure in her quest to free her village and began to slice up the fish tattoo that she had on her arm. However, Luffy stood by her side. He placed his straw hat on Nami’s head, a hat he had never allowed anyone else to wear. Luffy and his crew vowed to take revenge on Arlong’s crew and put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.


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