‘Not Dead Yet’ Finale Episode 13 Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Didn’t Nell See Any Ghosts?

The twelfth episode of Not Dead Yet had Nell and Philip finally meeting and having a talk about how they fell apart. Philip apologizes for how he behaved, but in return, he also wants an apology from Nell for exiting the relationship the way she did. Nell realizes she did leave him without any warning, so technically she does owe him an apology. The two of them decide to start talking to see where their relationship can go.


Spoilers Ahead

Nell And Philip Live Together

As Nell is getting ready to head to work, she is bothered by the ghost of celebrity home organizer Grace, who has one look at her bathroom in her apartment and can make a quick deduction about who Nell is and what her status with Philip is. Nell reveals that she is letting Philip stay over at her and Edwards’ place till they figure out what they want, and Philip gets a job in Pasadena. Grace is not feeling good about this, and she lets Nell know about it. Nell is still hung up on Philip, and that is the reason why she is letting him stay at his place. There are plenty of unfinished feelings between them, and Nell is subconsciously not willing to let him go as well. Philip probably feels the same about her, and that is why he is staying at her place instead of giving each other some space. Nell has not mentioned Philip living with her to Sam or Cricket because she is aware they would overreact and probably take her out of her bubble. Her friends care for her, and they do not want her to be upset and heartbroken again.


Edward, though, is shocked to see how clean the apartment is with Philip back in town and living with them. It is his dream come true. Grace, the ghost, seems impressed by Philip as well. Nell behaves a tad bit differently whenever she is with Philip, which Edward notices. Nell is happy to see people around her getting along with Philip. Philip, too, is happy to be getting along with Nell’s friends. Nell is just getting the hang of things with Philip back in her life and conversing with him. There is no animosity between the two, but there is a vacuum that can be felt.

Sam And Cricket’s Opinion

Philip is hoping to move back full-time to the city, but his biggest concern is if Nell wants to make this work at all. He lets her know of a job offer he got at a restaurant, and he would be willing to take it if Nell decides to start a relationship with him. Philip’s predicament makes sense because why would he want to live in Pasadena if not for Nell? Making things work would only make sense if they lived in one city. Nell is not sure if she should say yes or no to him because she is confused about whether she is making the right decision or not. She asks the two women whose opinions matter to her. Sam and Cricket are the closest to her, and she would be happy to hear their opinions because theirs matters. Sam is not in favor of Nell getting back together with Philip because of their history. Meanwhile, Cricket believes in giving people another chance, and Philip’s taking therapy is a sign that he wants to evolve. Nell hears them out and decides to give him a chance because it would not be starting from scratch; it would be starting from where she and he left it off. Nell wants to be with Philip and give their relationship one more try. Philip is someone she knows, and that would make her feel comfortable as well. Nell let’s Grace know about her decision, and she is also excited to let him know. As she finished the call with Philip, Grace disappeared.


Why Was Nell Not Able To See Any Of The Ghosts?

Nell is not able to understand why Grace’s ghost disappeared. She is sure Grace was hanging around till the previous night, but suddenly, like a poof, she was gone. Nell asks Dennis to assign her another obituary so that once he does, a ghost will appear. No one comes across to her, and she finds it weird that this is not happening. Philip shows up at her place of work and invites Nell’s friends for a feast to be cooked by him. It is Philip’s way to get to know Nell better now that he is in Pasadena. Sam is skeptical of his behavior, but she takes up the invitation.

Dennis and his husband are planning to adopt kids, and they have opted to become foster parents for kids who are looking for homes. Lexi has taken up Dennis’s cause as her pet project and makes sure she is always around whenever he gets a call from the foster care system in case they have a ward for them. Dennis must make sure that he remains sober and stays in control of his behavior. As Lexi, Cricket, Edward, Dennis, and Sam come over for dinner, a lot of things start coming up. Nell learns from Cricket that she will have to be honest with Philip if she is serious about starting over; otherwise, she will not be able to move on. Nell believes in being honest and in taking things forward with Philip; it would be better to let him know that she can see ghosts. On hearing this, Philip does not react in the right way, which makes Nell feel a bit odd about it. Philip again asks her to take a break from work once they move to their place, and that would probably help her get out of the dark phase. Nell is again not feeling right after confessing her biggest secret to Philip. She feels something is wrong.


Edward comes by her room and lets her know that he noticed that Nell speaks to herself when she is upset, and he can now sense that she is upset. Edward hugs her and lets her know that Philip is probably not meant for her because she becomes a different person when she is with him. He does not want Nell to change at all. Edward’s words are heartfelt because, as a friend, he cares for her, and he is just reciprocating something that she did for him. Asking her to be herself in a relationship. Nell realizes why she can’t see ghosts anymore. She has a chat with Philip, and she lets him know that maybe whatever she went through after the breakup was not a dark phase. It showed her the right path, and she is not willing to give that up yet. She has been on a new journey since the breakup, and she will continue on that road. Nell and Philip break up over this, and the man finally moves out. She realizes that with Philip back in her life, she felt content, comfortable, and safe, and there was no one to challenge her. Ghosts used to challenge her, which helped her become a better person. Grace reappears, and Nell can see her as soon as Philip leaves.

Dennis, on the other hand, finally gets a call regarding the fostering of a pair of siblings, which he is excited to say yes to. With a yes from his husband, Dennis is finally happy to be a foster dad to two kids that are going to be a part of his family. Dennis and his partner have been planning to become parents for a while, and finally, their dreams are coming true. Nell is finally happy to see her friends on the right path, and she is happy to have them around her.


Final Thoughts

For Not Dead Yet finale episode, it was a very lukewarm treatment of the ending. As a viewer, I was expecting Nell to reveal her ability to see ghosts to all her friends, but that did not happen. Hopefully, if there is a second season, we will get to see how Nell’s trajectory changes, but she will not stop seeing ghosts, that’s for sure. Her and Philip’s tale ended before it could start. The writing was very mediocre because no chemistry could be sensed between the two. With Not Dead Yet Season 1 over and out, it would be interesting to watch what path Nell would take, and will she want to write obituaries for her career just to be able to see the ghosts? It looks like we will have to wait and find out.

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