‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 12 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Is Philip And Nell’s Relationship Status?

The eleventh episode of Not Dead Yet had Nell finally embracing casual dating. She dates her new colleague James, and she is happy to announce that this is the first time she feels empowered to be in a relationship where she does not feel anything. Her first triumphs in the casual dating scene. Unlike James, who begins to develop feelings for her and shows signs of wanting to get to know her better, Nell realizes she has not felt any romantic feelings for anyone in a while. She politely declines James, but at the end of the day, she ends up seeing Philip, the man who broke her heart and the man who was also the love of her life. Is Nell keen on talking to him and finding out what he is up to in Pasadena?


Spoilers Ahead

Nell Meets Philip

Nell is surprised to see Philip in her town. What bothers her is that he never got in touch with her after being in town for, who knows how long. Nell is not sure if she should approach him to talk. But she does not have it in her to face him or strike up a conversation with him. The breakup had taken a toll on her, and she had to begin her life from scratch after coming back to America. She manages to sneak a peek at his pastry shop in Pasadena along with Sam and Edward. They ask Edward to go have a chit-chat with Philip and ask him various questions. Edward is the safest bet here because Philip does not know him to be Nell’s roommate. Edward is awkward by nature, and he manages to get no information for Nell. Nell is confused about what to do about the situation. She is not over Philip, but her making the first move will also do nothing in her favor. Her confusion increases when Philip messages her to meet him, and she decides to do so. Nell is sure of the fact that she won’t let herself be carried away by this person. At the meeting, Philip apologizes for his behavior because he knew he was in the wrong by not being there for her after her miscarriage. Philip feels sorry for Nell, who has to face the pain on her own. The apology does seem genuine. Philip is just a human here, and he is allowed to make mistakes, which is why his apology seems heartfelt. But he also expects Nell to apologize for the way she exited. Nell goes into defensive mode and refuses to apologize. She walked out of the meeting because she was not surprised by his behavior.


Janice, Nell’s Latest Obituary

Nell must write her latest obituary about Janice, who was a mailwoman. Her ghost is the happiest one she has met so far, and Janice is happy to share the news that she lived her life to the fullest, had a loving family, and enjoyed her job till the end. She talks endlessly about how much she enjoys delivering letters, mail, and gifts to people and seeing a happy face behind the door. Janice is also the one who hears about Nell’s situation with Philip. She lets Nell know that it is important to try their level best to make things right with the person they had a tiff with. Janice has a good influence on Nell, and she thinks about maybe having a conversation again with Philip and sorting out the weariness and tension between them.

Lexi And Sam’s Birthday Party For Their Daughters

Lexi and Sam plan to throw a birthday party for their daughter’s birthday at their workplace. Though Sam’s daughter Tilly wants a princess-themed party, Lexi’s daughter Kendall wants a work-themed party. Since Lexi is the boss, she goes ahead with the work-themed party, but Sam also lets her know the amount of work she must put into the princess party. So, it would be best to let the girls choose what they like. This is the first time there has been a hint of friction between Lexi and Sam. They never have two different opinions, and usually, Lexi listens to Sam’s ideas and always considers them, but this time Lexi is determined to throw a work-themed party for her daughter, while Sam is sticking to her guns and throwing a princess-themed party. The two of them want to stick to what they have promised their daughter, and neither is willing to back off.


What Is The Relationship Status Of Philip And Nell?

Nell confesses to Sam that she ended the relationship with Philip back in London in a hasty manner. Which means they did not break up the regular way. Nell just took off from London on the night of Philip’s restaurant opening. She did not speak to him, let alone inform him of her leaving the country and this relationship. Sam is quick to let Nell know that she could have ended the relationship on a better note. Leaving without informing is kind of like ghosting, which is not right because people deserve answers. Nell and Philip were in a relationship for five years. Nell’s leaving the relationship in this manner and not speaking to him ever after sets a bad precedent. She realizes the mistake she made and why he expects an apology from her as well. She heads to the pastry shop, only to see it closed. Janice, the mail woman’s ghost, lets her know of her story, where her sister has never spoken to her since one incident in high school. Janice all her life tried to patch up with her. Her sister sent back only one reply years later, which was like the closure Janice needed. The sister was still angry at Janice and never forgave her. Janice is content because she passed away knowing she tried to patch up the relationship, and she has no regrets. She advises Nell to try to make things right with Philip and end it decently. Nell learns her lesson here too.

Lexi and Sam’s parties for their daughters turn weird as Lexi gets Kendall and their friends dressed up as working women while Tilly is the only one dressed as the princess. The party soon becomes one-sided, which distresses Sam a lot, but because she does not want to create a scene in the office, she refuses to get into any arguments. But Denny is quick to have a chat with the girls, and he lets Sam know that Kendall is a bully who forced the girls to dress as working women and not as princesses. Kendall also bullies Tilly at school. Sam has a word with Lexi about her daughter and lets her know that giving her everything she demands is not the right way to bring up a child. Since Lexi is going through a divorce, she feels she must comply with her daughter’s demands, and that would make her a loving mother. She does not realize it is not the right way to bring up a child. Lexi will have to step up to set an example for Kendall and show her the right way to treat others.


Nell steps in to save the princess’ party. Dressed as a fairy princess, she lets the girls know that princesses don’t need a prince charming to save their lives. As she says this, Philip walks in to have a conversation with her. Philip confesses that after she left, he got into therapy and understood a lot about himself and the mistakes he had made in the past. Making amends with Nell was at the top of his list, and that is why he flew down to America. Philip finally being able to understand himself and letting Nell know about it is his first step in making things right with her. He is deeply sorry for whatever happened between the two, and he wants to fix things. Nell apologizes, too, because she also should have given him the benefit of the doubt before exiting his life so quickly that it didn’t give her time to consider if it was the right thing to do.

Nell and Philip decide to start talking again, and they would like to see if they have any feelings for each other or if there are any emotions left in them for each other to salvage the relationship. The ending of “Not Dead Yet” Episode 12 has Dennis surrounded by girls from the party and having a tough time getting away from them. Lexi, Nell, and Sam are rejoicing to see Dennis surrounded by kids because all of them are aware of the fact that Dennis and his husband are planning to adopt kids. To see him having a hard time controlling the kids is a reminder of what his life would be once he and his husband become fathers. It is an amusement for Sam, Lexi, and Nell, who do not mean anything bad when they chuckle over his adversity. Surrounding himself with young kids is only a practice for Dennis, who is excited to be a father.


What To Expect From Episode 13?

Not Dead Yet Episode 13 will have Nell and Philip trying to make things work by hanging out with each other as often as they can. They would work on themselves and try to understand the new version of each other. It is too soon to say if they would consider being in a relationship all over again because they must unlearn a lot of things and not repeat any mistakes they made in the past. Sam, Dennis, and Lexi would be worried for her for sure, and they would again ask her not to make any sudden plans with him. There will be another ghost who will help Nell find an answer to her biggest question. Should she give Philip another chance?

Final Thoughts

Not Dead Yet Episode 12 was the weakest of all because of its story. Personally, the girls wanting to have a princess-themed party is too cliche, and to let Lexi and her daughter feel bad about wanting a work-themed party is straight out of the patriarchal book. Sam did the right thing by confronting Lexi about her daughter’s bullying tendencies, but girls as young as them should be allowed to break away from stereotypes and not further push them into their minds. The Nell and Philip story did not have enough chemistry to understand how they were together. It would be interesting to know where their relationship arc heads and to see if they get into a relationship again or break up for good.


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