‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 11: Recap & Ending, Explained: Will Nell And James Get Into A Serious Relationship?

The tenth episode of “Not Dead Yet” had Nell falling sick because of the crazy night out she had with Sam and Denny. Seeing the way Nell is with Sam and Denny, Lexi wants to be as fun-loving as Nell and decides to take the two of them out for a day on a Tuesday. Sam and Denny are taken aback to see what Lexi is trying to do. With Nell falling sick, her roommate Edward too falls sick, and they both end up in a terrible space. Will this sickness bring them closer as friends, or will it test their relationship as roommates?

Spoilers Ahead

Nell’s New Mantra For Dating

Nell and Edward have a conversation in the morning about dating when Nell discovers that there is a dating app for people who are into saving the earth and leading a life to make life on earth greener. Nell is intrigued by the efforts Edward is making to put himself out there so that he can begin dating once again. Now that he is sure of himself, he wants to be with someone as serious about climate change as he is. Nell claims that she tried dating through the apps, but it never really worked for her. She has reached a point where she doesn’t feel like dating at all. She wants to go out with someone, but she never felt anything for the person she was on a date with. She makes a pact with herself that she will start having a fling with someone just to keep herself active instead of jumping into a relationship. Nell is not over Philip, and it is not just that. Nell has not felt a genuine attraction for anyone. That’s why she is seeking physical attraction. Maybe with someone who is seeking what Nell is seeking as well.

Nell discusses this plan with Sam, who approves of it, but Sam also knows that Nell has a habit of jumping into a relationship too quickly, only to have her heart broken. Nell, this time is sure of not wanting any emotional relationship. That’s when she is informed of another obituary she must write. This time it was about a police dog who was also a therapy dog. Nell gets to see the dog’s ghost as well, and this time she is happy because she can finally have a conversation with a living being who listens to her. It is a juxtaposition to all the ghosts that she has encountered where they were the ones doing all the talking, and not letting Nell converse at all. She runs into James, who comes back to the newspaper after having been a war correspondent for years working abroad. Nell is intrigued by him because he has had years of experience being outside the country, which has made him a globetrotter and a man with worldly knowledge. Nell wants to have a fling with him, but she doesn’t know how to bring out that flirty side of her. It will be nice to finally see Nell put herself out there.

Lexi’s New Podcast

The whole idea of bringing James to the office desk job is to have a designated war correspondent who will speak on behalf of the newspaper with their new partner, ABC News. Lexi is excited about this venture, but another person who is keen on this venture is Denny because he thinks he could be ideal for this job since he always wanted to do TV journalism but ended up studying print journalism. Denny nags Lexi into giving him the job because he believes James won’t be here, and that’s why he would be the ideal replacement for it. Denny wanted to do something out of the box from his usual job profile, and he hopes being part of this new venture with Lexi will provide him with more experience. Lexi is not keen on giving the replacement job to Denny if James leaves for another assignment based in a war torn country, because she is not sure if Denny will be up for it. This is a new venture for her, and she wants an experienced man like James to take it up, and to be honest, she does not trust Denny to pull off this job at all.

‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 11: Ending Explained – Will Nell And James Get Into A Serious Relationship?

Nell and James begin flirting in the workplace itself, and they end up sleeping with each other. Proud of herself for not having felt anything emotional towards him, she suddenly feels empowered, as if no man could bring her down with any sort of emotional talk. James is a handsome man, and she also thinks that this man is also seeking what she has been looking for lately. James, on the other hand, gets carried away by the attention Nell showers on him, and he starts communicating with her. Not worried about his behavior as of now, Nell also takes it in her stride that the man is looking for a physical relationship. Sam and her husband, Keith, are also looking forward to heading out for a couple’s night because they are parents now, and they both hardly get time for one another. Nell suggests they do a double date with her and James, which will ease the pressure on Nell because she does not want James to think they are on a romantic date.

James gets along well with Keith and Sam, and Nell makes a rule that there will be no talk of the baby at the dinner table since it is their night out after so long. Unfortunately, Sam and Keith must cut their dinner short because of their child, and they head home, which makes James and Nell the only ones at the table, and a whole evening ahead of them. Though Nell is in no mood to get into any emotional chatter, James is showing signs of wanting to get to know Nell since he had a good time with her. She comes across as a smart woman, which he finds very attractive in her. Nell, on the other hand, is struggling to like him, but she is happy to carry on the physical relationship with him because, right now, she is not sure if her mind is ready for another emotional relationship. Nell feels very out of touch after feeling anything emotional right now. Her breakup with Philip had a deep impact on her, and that’s why she never dated anyone after coming back from London, and right now, she feels only physical attraction toward James.

James starts showing signs of wanting to continue dating and understanding each other more; that’s when Nell politely lets him know that she is not seeking an emotional relationship right now because, currently, even with a man as handsome as James sitting opposite her and wanting to know her deeply, she is feeling nothing, and it has been a while since she has felt that. Maybe the heartbreak caused by Philip led her to be emotionally closed, and her mind went into defensive mode and shut off, giving no chance to anyone to come close to her. James understands her point of view and her predicament, but he also lets her know that she shouldn’t make a habit of being in this state of mind. Nell is happy to have ended things neatly with James. “Not Dead Yet” Episode 11 ends with the dog’s obituary still yet to be sent as she takes him on a final walk before he crosses the rainbow. He takes her to a place where she finally sees someone she never thought she would see in a long time. Philip, her ex-fiancée. She feels that emotion and the love in her for him the moment she sets eyes on him. Nell’s heart sinks, and she realizes she is not over him yet.

What To Expect From Episode 12?

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 12 will also have another life-changing ghost that will help Nell decide how to talk to Philip and how to tackle the love that she still has for him. The pain and the love she felt when she left him will all resurface with Philip’s arrival in town. The episode would help everyone understand what went down in London between the two and whether they have any chance of getting back together. Will Nell give Philip another chance?

Final Thoughts

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 11 happens to be the funniest episode of the season, or probably the humor in the show has finally picked up, and it was blended well in the narrative. The flirty and funny banter between Nell and James and Denny and Lexi was written very well. It felt as if the writing was finally bringing out the colors. It would be interesting to see the writers continue this good comedy writing in the last two episodes of the season.

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