‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is The News Sofia Shares With Molly?

The sixth episode of Loot season 2 ended with Sofia and Isaac not breaking up, even though the former assumed their relationship had ended. Meanwhile, Molly was in the hospital after having a bad reaction to a pill given by a fellow model to relax her nerves. The last episode was a reminder of how good the writing for the show had become over the past two years. The next one would be Molly’s feelings for Arthur and how she plans to articulate them.


Spoilers Ahead

Who did Molly run into the office washroom?

Molly was in a good mood when she reached her place of work, and just in the washroom, she ran into Arthur, who was just in his boxers. Molly was surprised at the sight of a half-naked man in the washroom, which further fueled her feelings for him. Both had an awkward bathroom chat, but Molly couldn’t get the sight of him from her head ever since.


What did she share with Nicholas?

Molly finally confesses to Nicholas about her feelings for Arthur and how she feels he has a great physique thanks to running with him in the washroom. Nicholas was excited for her, but he needed her to find a way to get Arthur’s attention and make him interested in Molly. Since Molly had the money, she needed to find a way to make sure he would stay with her and converse in a setup that would be easy and would not feel airtight for him. Nicholas finally confessed that Arthur in Europe had revealed the feelings he harbored for Molly. From now on, Molly was keen to know what Arthur was feeling. 

What was her plan for herself and Arthur?

Molly decided on a small retreat for her colleagues in Dubai, where she had a huge palace with every amenity they could imagine. She believes a tropical, exotic location would help Arthur loosen up a bit, which could help her convey her feelings. Since she knew Arthur’s feelings for her, Molly wanted to find out where he was mentally in terms of wanting a serious relationship with her. Sofia and Howard were extremely excited to be traveling across the ocean and enjoying some sun and surf. They had begun to enjoy the perks of having Molly, who was willing to spend on her colleagues.


Why did Molly change her plan?

Molly had a change of plan after running into Arthur’s new girlfriend, Willa, whom he’d met at the fashion show. Willa turned out to be a lot more in touch with herself and took good care of Arthur. She brought in muffins for him at work. Molly was shocked to know Arthur was into another woman. Willa walked in when Molly was conversing with Arthur, and she was spiraling soon on realizing both were into hiking and other nature-related activities. The exotic work break might not have had any impact on him, so she decided to take her team to a cabin in San Bernardino, USA, which was a bummer for everyone, especially Sofia and Howard, who were looking forward to Dubai. Molly wanted to show she could be in touch with nature as well, and this might impress Arthur. 

Where did Ainsley land?

Ainsley was the only person who was not informed by the team about it. An absent-minded Ainsley reached Dubai by purchasing her tickets, and she hoped the rest of the team would arrive shortly. She waited for them at the airport and sent several messages to Nicholas in the hope of keeping him in the loop about her situation, but Nicholas ignored most of her messages as, just like the rest of the team, he was also oblivious to her absence. 


How did Sofia and Howard adjust to the trip?

Sofia and Howard realized this trip would be a disaster as the stay in the cabin reminded them of their school camps, which were a nightmare for them. Sofia and Howard did not have an ideal school life, and reminiscing about it was not part of their itinerary. The cabin brought back memories of being bullied and forced to remain quiet. The absence of a phone network further antagonized them. Nicholas reminded them to find work to keep themselves busy. Howard found sticks to create fire, while Sofia was assigned to find wood to keep themselves warm. This activity brought them closer as friends, for before, they had had the bare minimum knowledge of their personal lives. 

When did Molly realize Arthur might be in love with Willa?

Molly decided to cook for the team, and that included Arthur as well, to impress him. Molly hadn’t cooked in ages, and this was a giant leap of faith. Arthur decided to help her cook chicken pot pie. Both were bonding and having a good time, and this was her way of distracting Arthur from Willa. Arthur soon began to speak about the kind things Willa introduced him to, which annoyed Molly. She figured Arthur could very well be falling in love with Willa, and there was probably nothing she could do without it. This caused a lot of tension at the dinner table, as she was annoyed by Arthur’s phone constantly receiving messages. Molly was used to seeing things go her way, but watching the person she liked have feelings for another woman was becoming stressful. 


Why did Molly get angry?

In a fit of anger, Molly decided to head to the grocery store herself by driving the van they arrived at the cabin in. Nicholas reminded her she was a bad driver, and it would be harmful for her, especially to be driving the huge vehicle out of the pure spite and jealousy she felt for Willa. Arthur could sense there was something off about her behavior, as she was not herself throughout their time in the cabin. Her awful driving skills were on display when, accidentally, she almost ran over her colleague Rhonda. Thankfully, Rhonda got away unharmed, but this tiny accident was a wake-up call for Molly. 

Did Molly decide not to pursue Arthur?

Molly needed this jolt to get her out of the rage she felt for not being able to woo Arthur. There were things she could not control in her life, which made her go on a rampage, but thankfully that episode ended quickly. Molly decided not to pursue Arthur anymore because her infatuation turned her into a different personality. Molly had a heart-to-heart with Nicholas and conveyed her plans to concentrate on her life and work, an element she could be in control of. Molly wanted to concentrate on ‘Space for Everyone’ going forward and let destiny take its course regarding her love life. Molly’s previous attempts at being in love did not work out, and this time she could only hope to be with Arthur, who was the kindest soul she knew.


What is the news Sofia shares with Molly?

As Sofia walked into the office, Molly revealed her plans to expand the ‘Space for Everyone’ project throughout the country. She believed getting into work from this point on would help her remain distracted. Molly and Sofia were doing a really good job with helping the unsheltered men and women, and the former wanted to expand in the hope of turning ‘Space for Everyone’, into a movement that would help reduce poverty in the country. Since Molly had the money, she was willing to contribute as much as she could for the benefit of society instead of indulging in it herself. To her shock, Sofia revealed that Molly does not have enough money to expand the project. This was the news Moly may have dreaded, and it was not a reality. Molly had announced at the end of the last season about her plan to give away her money to as many charities as possible, and by the looks of it, she finally reached the point where she wasn’t a millionaire anymore. 

Molly had not expected to reach this stage in her life this early, and instead of expanding the project with Sofia, she would probably have to work towards acquiring money for the future of the company, its flagship project, and herself. Everyone assumed Molly to be a supremely rich woman, and as reality hit her, she would have to make some tough decisions to survive. It was bad news, but Molly would find a way to flip it in her favor. 


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