‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Sofia And Isaac Break Up?

The fifth episode of Loot season two ended with Molly celebrating her birthday with her team as they were headed to Las Vegas for a Mariah Carey concert. This was Nicholas’ plan; he was sure Molly would eventually want to celebrate her birthday. Arthur does not join them, as he has his daughter to tend to. It is assumed Molly has begun to fall for Arthur for being there for her and constantly making her smile.


Spoilers Ahead

Was Molly ridiculed on the morning show?

Molly was a part of a morning show “the Cup”, and she was invited to talk about “Space for Everyone,” an initiative she was running with the help of Sofia to shelter the homeless in the city. Molly was excited to talk about it, but the hosts of the show never allowed her to do so. Molly was given a certain time to speak about this project, but the host changed the subject, and she was left flailing by the end of it. 


Why was everyone curious about Sofia and Isaac?

Sofia was in the office in gym clothes and revealed she had set out for the office from her boyfriend Isaac’s home, and everyone was curious what the status of their relationship was. Sofia revealed their relationship was steady, but not far enough along for her to leave her clothes at his place. Sofia was the kind of person who would never open up about her emotions with anyone, which was why the team was curious about how serious Issac and Sofia were. She revealed herself to have spent several days a week at his place, which helped the team realize that the couple were probably in love. 

What was Molly chosen to do?

Since Molly appeared on the morning show, she was invited to be a model at LA Fashion Week, and the theme was ‘Women Who Rule.’ Molly was excited to be a part of the show and was looking forward to showing off the perfect outfit. During the trials, her stylist assumed Howard to be her son, which put Molly through a midlife crisis and made her question her looks. Molly agreed she was a middle-aged woman, but Nicholas came up with a plan to make her look young before the show. Nicholas put Molly through rigorous facial and body treatments. Her assistant had turned into a tyrant who wanted Molly to finish the treatments to make herself seem young amongst the crowd of models. Since Molly was rich, she could afford any number of treatments.


Was Sofia petrified of being in a relationship?

Isaac wanted to attend the Hollywood Bowl, a concert that was a part of his yearly ritual. This time he asked Sofia to join him as they were together. She felt overwhelmed by the feeling that the relationship might be going too fast. Isaac wanted to buy the tickets at the discounted rate, and his urgency to book the tickets freaked Sofia out and she soon confronted him. Isaac was quick to pick up from her body language that she was scared of them getting closer. Sofia turned the argument around and made it sound as if he was inconsiderate of the work she was passionate about and was forcing her to give that up for a concert. Sofia assumed she and Isaac had broken up and attended the fashion show without him.

Who was Arthur mistaken for at the event?

Arthur was excited about LA Fashion Week, as Molly was planning to take all the core team for the event. Arthur was confused about what to wear for the event. Howard suggested he wear a classic black suit that he would be comfortable in. Arthur arrived at the fashion show looking dapper, only to realize his suit and tie matched that of the uniform of the security team at the event. Arthur was also mistaken for one of the members of the security team, and he played along without clarifying himself. 


Arthur also helped a young woman using his faux outfit, and she turned out to be one of the models taking part in the show; her name was Willa. Willa was highly impressed by the way Arthur helped her and she asked him out on a date. Howard was happy for Arthur at this juncture, as had unexpectedly impressed a woman who was way out of his league. 

Was Molly not having a good time?

At fashion week, Molly was having a terrible time because of the awful aftereffects of the treatment Nicholas put her through. She was also wearing heavy couture, which made her uncomfortable all the time. For the sake of the theme of the fashion show and to keep up the image of herself as a woman who could do anything, she was trying to be hip and savvy along with a young model who was spending every minute up until the show on social media. Molly was having a tough time which was borderline causing her anxiety. 


What happened on the runway?

One of the models from the show offered her a pill claiming it to be herbal and safe, and it needed to be taken with a glass of champagne. Molly consumed the tablet, thinking it would calm her nerves and boost her confidence. Molly was bothered by several things at this point. She was concerned about her midlife crisis, and at the same time, she was exposed to treatments she never knew existed that made her jitter. This was a satirical take on the kind of obscure body treatments men and women inflict upon themselves to make themselves look young. This treatment was done to boost Molly’s confidence, but it ended up making her nervous. On the stage, Molly thought she was feeling confident, but she was slurring because of the tablet given to her and had several meltdowns as a result. 

Eventually, Molly was taken off the stage and shifted to the hospital as a result. Molly soon realized the number of mistakes she had made leading up to the fashion show. The reaction to the tablet was probably the result of the countless treatments she put herself through. Molly was indeed a middle-aged woman, and her mind and body could only take a certain amount of everything.


Did Sofia and Isaac break up?

Sofia, on reaching home from the fashion show, was shocked to find Isaac outside her home with groceries waiting for her. Sofia had not expected Isaac to be back for her, and that could be because her previous relationship never worked out the way she had expected. She was under the assumption that Isaac would never return. Sofia wanted the scenarios she had made up in her mind about Isaac to be true, which would make it easy for her to move on. Isaac, on the other hand, turned out to be a green flag and only considered that the conversation both had was a disagreement and not a breakup. Isaac was smitten by Sofia, and he wanted to work on their relationship instead of giving up. 

Isaac was not the man Sofia had expected. Isaac’s coming back to her after an argument helped her see him in another light and possibly eased her commitment issues. Isaac was quick to admit he may have pressured her, which made him seem even more attractive to Sofia. The episode ended with Sofia and Isaac entering her home and possibly prepare the dinner he had promised. Isaac and Sofia did not break up, and their relationship took a turn for the better. 


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