‘Loot’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Did Molly Celebrate Her Birthday?

Episode four of Loot season two ended with Molly hooking up with Benjamin Bratt, and it was her first step towards having a casual, no-strings-attached relationship. Also, Howard and Arthur hired Nicholas to be the ‘heel’ for their wrestling league because they could see how naturally mean he was to the people around him. The next episode would further expand on the Space for Everyone project, which is Sofia’s dream.


Spoilers Ahead

What did John give Molly on her birthday?

Molly reached the office to witness a huge gift awaiting her, and she wondered if her colleagues would be throwing her a surprise birthday party. None of them were responsible for the over-the-top decorations and nobody had even been aware it was Molly’s birthday after all. Molly refrained from celebrating it this year because her last one turned out to be a disaster as she learned of John’s affair, which was followed by their very public divorce. They soon found out that John had sent a pre-recorded hologram video wishing Molly a happy birthday, and this was followed by a song that he claimed was her favorite. Molly was disgusted by this display of affection which screamed the fact that he had money and could use it however he wanted. John could never take the hint that Molly was never going to get back with him.


Why was Molly selling her yacht?

Molly felt she needed to get John out of her system by selling one last thing he had given her as a gift, a yacht. She claimed it was not a gift but a declaration of the fact that he had the money to buy one of the best yachts in the world for his wife which Molly knew was problematic. She asked Arthur to help her understand the loads of tax-related work attached to selling the yacht. Arthur was more than willing to help because this subject was his forte. Arthur also liked Molly but was afraid of sharing his feelings with her, keeping in mind that she came from a different financial background than him.

Where did Molly and Arthur spend the day?

Molly was busy selling her yacht to her Swedish friend, who wanted to look at the vehicle one last time before he purchased a multibillion-dollar piece of property. He needed a few hours, and Arthur suggested they head to a mall and spend time window-shopping. Molly was elated to have visited a mall for the first time in many years, and she remembered the amount of time she had spent back in the day buying stuff for herself. She always wanted a personally engraved photo frame, but she never had enough money back then to make any purchases of that sort. Now that she was rich, she probably never found novelty in it.


It was a trip down memory lane for her, and Arthur revealed he used to be a mischief-causing kid in the mall growing up. Molly and Arthur had a good time at the food court and created some low-level harmless offenses. Her response after being caught by the authorities was to purchase the mall. This was a good day for her as she sold one of the last objects that would reminded her of John, and on the other hand, she purchased a mall, which Arthur playfully dubbed ‘Mally’s’

What was Sofia’s plan for the day?

Sofia wanted to get the neighborhood around the Space for Everyone Hotel to visit their establishment and support them, as they were not very far from opening the place for the homeless. In that pursuit, she assigned everyone to get signatures from every store around the hotel. Sofia wanted to make a fun game out of it and offered to pay with ice cream to the person who would get the most signatures. By the looks of it, Sofia had done this work before, and Nicholas, Howard, and Ainsley were not used to it.


Were Nicholas and Howard successful in getting signatures?

Nicholas and Howard had hoped to get a good number of signatures, as the former claimed he had lived in this area many years ago and had made many friends and acquaintances. To Howard’s shock, in every store they visited, both ran into Nicholas’ ex-boyfriends, who revealed he ghosted them. He had gotten close to them emotionally and suddenly disappeared, only to reappear a couple of years later, asking for their signature with Howard.

Howard could sense a pattern in Nicholas’ behavior and wondered if Nicholas had a chronic case of emotional unavailability, which forced him to break up with his partner before he could get hurt. Howard and Nicholas forgot the task assigned by Sofia and began to indulge in conversation about his relationship pattern. Howard helped him understand he needed to give people their closure instead of detaching himself without having the uncomfortable talk. Nicholas kind of understood the point Howard was making and agreed to apologize to one of his ex-girlfriends, getting only one signature in that process.


Did Sofia buy ice cream for everyone?

Sofia was shocked to know Howard and Nicholas managed to get only one signature, but the men claim to have gained something bigger when it comes to personal achievements. Sofia was hoping for some tough competition, but she was disappointed to know she and the other two women who joined won by a landslide. She offered to pay for the ice cream for all of them, including Howard and Nicholas, because, at the end of the day, they were colleagues and had to see each other every other day.

Why did Molly lie to Arthur?

Molly and Arthur were having a good time at the mall when she received a phone call from the Swedish purchaser who approved of the yacht and was willing to buy it. Molly was not done spending time with Arthur and lied to him about the buyer wanting to spend more time on the yacht to make a final decision. She probably did this to get closer to a man who was willing to make her smile and never treated her any differently. Molly felt Arthur was a kind and honest man who was by her side when she was at her worst. She and Arthur had come closer before, but many obstacles in the form of a French businessman and John stopped them from becoming a couple. Molly was having the time of her life in the mall thanks to Arthur, and she did not want their day to end so quickly. 


Did Molly celebrate her birthday?

Molly got back in the office and declared that she indeed wanted to spend her birthday with them. All of them were elated with the news. Molly had been through a lot in the past year, and celebrating her birthday with the people she liked was something she was looking forward to now. She also revealed she purchased a mall that day, and nobody was surprised by this move. Everyone in the office had gotten used to the rich people’s activities she indulged herself in from time to time. Nicholas declared he had not canceled his backup gift, which was the tickets to the Mariah Carey concert in Las Vegas.

Nicholas was the only person close to Molly. He probably knew Molly would feel bad about not spending her birthday the way she wanted to. Nicholas knew Molly had a soft side, and she would want to do something for the people who stood by her during her worst times. 


Loot episode 5 ended with Arthur giving her the custom-made photo frame that she always wanted, and she was touched by his thoughtful gesture. Arthur chose not to come to Las Vegas because he was a father as well. Molly began to think of Arthur as a desirable partner who was considerate of her wants and feelings. Hopefully, the upcoming season will be about her and Arthur’s chances of getting together as a couple. 

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