‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 10: Recap & Ending, Explained: Why Does Lexi Try To Be More Like Nell?

The ninth episode of “Not Dead Yet” has Nell, Cricket, and Edward contemplate what to do with Monty’s ashes and decide on his resting place. With Monty coming back to speak to Nell and letting her know his favorite place where he wants to be laid to rest, Nell comes very close to letting Cricket know that she can see and speak to Monty. But circumstances stop her from doing so. Meanwhile, Lexi and Sam help Denny choose an egg donor for their surrogate, which puts him under a lot of stress. Will these small events in their lives help them become better friends from here on?


Spoilers Ahead

Nell’s Sick 

Sam and Denny start the day by talking about the previous night when they saw Nell take it to the next level when it comes to drinking alcohol. They could not believe she would indulge in such drinking and keep going till the end of the night. They think it is hilarious for her to be doing such weird fun stuff. Meanwhile, Lexi is excited to know what kind of fun the three of them were indulging in, and Sam reveals that Nell ended up drinking a cocktail of all the leftover alcohol from the bar in an attempt to be fun and adventurous, and they are sure she is not hungover. Sam and Denny have been Nell’s oldest friends, and they are aware of what that woman is capable of, even after hitting her thirties. Nell seems to be the epitome of a party girl who can handle her drinks. But Nell enters the office with a severe cold and cough, and Lexi is forced to send her home because of it.


Nell will have to send across one obituary before she goes into a hibernating mode to recover from her cold. But as she is working from home, Edward is fixated on keeping Nell at bay because he fears getting sick. Very soon, he gets sick, too, and starts acting like a baby. He blames Nell for making him sick and starts forcing her to take care of him even though Nell is equally down and tired from her sickness. Edward is a hypochondriac who is afraid of getting sick because he thinks it brings his strength down, and he never wants his strength to be compromised. Nell has been bogged down with more work thanks to Denny, who assigned her to write about a deceased husband and wife the music teachers. The ghosts of Bill and Susie are always excited about music and teaching it to the kids. Nell is too sick to be hearing any sort of music, but she must be subjected to it because writing an obituary comes with the added disadvantage of having to interact with the subject of it.

Lexi Is Fixated On Becoming Nell

Lexi, though, is fascinated to see how Nell seems to be the fun personality of the group. Slightly jealous of Nell’s way of pulling off a party, she starts fixating on making a fun day out of taking Sam and Denny out for lunch at Lexi’s favorite place, her expensive club. Though Sam and Denny don’t seem to be in the mood to be smothered with fun activities, Lexi pushes them to do so. Lexi has somewhat got it into her head that she needs to be like Nell and act all fun and adventurous so that she, too, becomes likable, and people will have stories of her to retell as well. Lexi goes out of her way to make a fun day out of their busy workday, but Sam and Denny find it uncomfortable to see another version of Lexi.


‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 10: Ending Explained – Why Does Lexi Try To Be More Like Nell?

Nell is having a hard time managing a sick child, Edward, who’s acting like a baby because he keeps pushing Nell to help him with his growing cold while no one is helping her with the cold. And with Bill and Susie running around like love birds, Nell is finding everything exhausting. But before Bill reveals that Nell better not get in touch with their old classmate because he has a history with her, Nell assumes Bill cheated on Susie, and she is disgusted by their lovey-dovey act.

Edward, on the other hand, keeps pushing Nell to take care of him for making him sick, and Nell, after not being able to take his man-baby behavior, yells at him and lets him know that she is not apologetic for making him sick, and she is not sorry for Edward not having a social circle so that someone would come home and take care of him. Edward backs away and retreats into his room so that he can stay away from Nell for a bit. Nell did not mean what she said, but she was feeling overwhelmed by the sickness, Bill and Susie’s ghosts, and Edward acting like a man-child even though he could have taken care of himself by just quarantining himself. Nell finally makes peace with Edward by having a conversation about them being friends, and about how he does not have to depend on anyone else when she is around. They promise to be friends with each other, taking care of each other in their time of sickness comes with the package.


Lexi, on the other hand, tries hard to make a fun day out of a Tuesday with Sam and Denny. Both of them feel weird around this control freak Lexi, who is trying to act like she is having fun. Sam confronts her and lets her know that she already has a Nell, and she does not let Lexi turn into her as well. Sam has a different kind of dynamic with Nell, and her dynamics with Lexi are far different, but she loves both equally. Lexi is going through something that she is unable to convey. Lexi meets up with Nell and lets her know that she wanted this day to be as fun as Sam’s time with Nell because Lexi and her husband have separated, and she did not have it in her heart to be vulnerable to Sam because she feels she might not understand the pain or stop being friends. Nell lets her know that Sam is better than that; as friends, she knows how right it is to be with them during their tough times, and Sam is not the kind of person who would just abandon Lexi. Lexi fears losing Sam, which is why she puts up a fake, fun version of herself to make sure Sam stays by her whenever she is informed of the separation. Edward and Nell spend the night recovering from the sickness and helping each other out. Lexi reveals her situation to Sam, and they promise to be with each other. The last scene of “Not Dead Yet” Episode 10 has Denny requesting a sick Lexi to give him a pay raise at work, and she readily accepts his request.

What To Expect From Episode 11 Of ‘Not Dead Yet’?

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 11 will probably have Nell coming across another ghost who will give her the life lesson she needs to make her life better. So far, many ghosts have come and gone, and few of them have had an impact on her in a good way. But there will be a point in this season where Nell will be forced to tell one person about her ability to see and talk to the ghosts. Not sure who that would be. But that would surely be a game-changing point in the episode. It will be interesting to see who that person is. Will it be Sam or Cricket?


Final Thoughts

“Not Dead Yet” Episode 10 felt like an extension of what Edward and Nell’s friendship would look like. They have gone from being just roommates who hate each other to becoming good friends. This was an unexpected arc, which is so far working out. It is interesting to see Nell and Edward’s dynamics here, and we would like to see more of them. Kudos to the writers for giving them a meaningful story arc. Hopefully, their friendship will have more to give in the coming episodes of “Not Dead Yet” Season 1. Looking forward to seeing more of Edward and Nell in this show.

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