‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 9: Recap & Ending, Explained: Do Edward And Cricket Find Out About Nell’s Powers?

The eighth episode of “Not Dead Yet” was about Nell and Edward becoming friends as she meets his girlfriend Charlotte, and she realizes how different Edward is in front of her. Nell makes it clear to him that he need not lose himself just to be able to keep his girlfriend close. He is not being honest at all. Edward hears her and comes clean about himself to Charlotte as a result. On the other hand, she is haunted by a ghost who happens to be a television soap opera star. How will Nell and Edward go forward from here?


Spoilers Ahead

Monty’s Ashes

Cricket reveals that she was going through her late husband’s things at her house, when she came across his hat, which she is willing to give to Edward. She also came across his box of coins, which is just a collection of the loose coins he always had on him on a day-to-day basis. She reveals that she got his ashes back, and she is contemplating where to lay him to rest. Cricket is happy to have friends like Nell and Edward, who listen to her and understand the grief she is going through. They always listen to her and make sure to help her find the right answer. Nell offers to be there for her when she is heading to the place where she’s decided to spread Monty’s ashes. Monty, who appears again to Nell, is now considering if she should reveal to Cricket that she sees her dead husband. Cricket is confused about where to submerge Monty’s ashes, and she has made a long list of places she thinks would be ideal, but Monty has one place in mind, and there is no way he can communicate it to Cricket. Monty gives Nell the option of letting Cricket know that she speaks to ghosts and can see her dead husband, but Nell goes against it for the time being. She is not sure if Cricket and Edward will take this revelation of hers in the right spirit.


Denny’s Dilemma 

Denny and his husband have decided to go ahead with surrogacy to have a baby of their own. Denny has been assigned the job to choose the donor. Denny has narrowed down to three options from all the files he was given, and he feels he will remain forever confused about who to choose out of the three. He tries to enlist the help of Lexi and Sam, and they help him to some extent to find the right donor out of the three to finalize who would be the right mother for their kid. Denny is insanely skeptical and scared to choose any of the women, worrying if it would be the wrong choice for them in the long run. This makes him worry about how choosing the wrong egg donor would also affect his marriage. All of this and more makes Denny nervous, even with Lexi and Sam on his side trying to sort out his nerves, even though Denny knows he will have to find a solution and finally chooses the best person out of the three.

‘Not Dead Yet’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Do Edward And Cricket Find Out About Nell’s Powers?

Nell is having a hard time helping Cricket sort out the matter of where she should submerge the ashes of her deceased husband, Monty. Though Monty makes it clear to Nell that he wants Ojai Valley to be the last resting place, the issue is that Ojai Valley is not a place mentioned in Cricket’s list of places where he could be laid to rest. Nell cannot randomly mention Ojai Valley without Cricket suspecting how exactly Nell knows of this place. This is where Nell is considering letting Cricket know that she can see ghosts and speak to them, and as an extension to that, she can see and communicate with Monty as well. Nell goes against the decision and does not mention the Ojai Valley at all. Edward, on the other hand, is there for Cricket and tries to help her by being reasonable and a detailed discussion with her about what would Monty want, but again they reach a dead end on the subject.


Monty is frustrated, too, about how to let Cricket know what he wants and where to be laid to rest. Nell is feeling frustrated at the end of this conversation because she cannot just simply reveal what she can do, and she will have to consider Cricket’s feelings as well before dropping the bomb on her. Edward is also a skeptic, and he will also have a hard time understanding what Nell can do. Nell frustratingly keeps the information to herself. Cricket takes them to a psychic named Cassandra, who apparently can speak to ghosts. Nell, understanding the juxtaposition she is in, joins Cricket on this expedition and journey. Though Cassandra reveals that Monty got in touch with her and he wants to be laid to rest at the beach. Nell knows this is utterly false and, as an extension of Cassandra, is fake. Cricket and Edward kind of get carried away by Cassandra’s revelation and believe her words. Cricket is at a juncture in her place as a widow where she would believe anything that she believes is true for her and Monty. Nell confronts Cassandra about why she is lying to Cricket. Cassandra reveals that she just tells people what they want to hear, which helps them decide a lot quicker. Cassandra also implies that maybe Nell should stop lying about her life and what she is going through and be honest once and for all.

Nell is not sure if she should reveal her life’s biggest secret and let it affect her friendship with Cricket and Edward. She keeps the big secret to herself and lets Cricket finally decide what she wants to do for her husband because it is her husband, and she knows what is right for him. That’s why Cricket decides to lay him to rest at the beach. The beach helped her come to terms with the grief she felt after losing Monty. Monty also comes to terms with the fact that he would agree to anything that Cricket does because their life together was all about doing everything right, and she would not choose a place without thinking about what he loves. Monty feels happy and satisfied, and probably for the last time, he will see Nell. He says goodbye and goes away one last time. Nell is happy to have not revealed her secret to anyone, as this is something she wants to keep to herself unless it is necessary to come out and tell the world about it.


Denny, on the other hand, finds it tough and takes the toll a lot more seriously when Lexi and Sam bring in Benny, his husband, to discuss the issue at hand. Benny lets him know that he feels bad for putting all the pressure on him to choose the egg donor because, just like Denny, he also wants everything to be perfect. They decide they want to have a kid, be it through surrogacy or adoption; both know they want to raise a child together. That’s why Denny and Benny chuck the surrogacy plan and go ahead with the adoption plan. They know they would be good parents no matter how they brought a child into this world. That’s why they decided to be a parent to those who already exist and are keen to find a home where Denny and Benny can give them all their love.

What To Expect From Episode 10 Of ‘Not Dead Yet’?

“Not Dead Yet” Episode ten would have Nell finally have to tell her close-knit group about her ability to see and speak to the ghosts of the people she writes about in her obituary. There might be a collective shock, and probably they’ll know the reason why she can write them so beautifully. Sam, Cricket, and Edward will likely understand her, but Lexi will have a hard time coming to terms with knowing Lexi and Nel are not that good friends as well. Either that or one of the friends will accidentally find her secret and will probably confront her about it. Nell will have answers for her secret, but it might lead to fallout. Looking forward to the next episode of “Not Dead Yet” and discovering what Nell is up to this time.

Final Thoughts

This was the first time Nell did not have a new ghost hanging around with her throughout the run time of “Not Dead Yet” Episode 9, giving her some life lessons. This episode was more emotional than dramatic because it was important for one of the characters to feel closure and catharsis. Nell was there for her as a good friend, and all of this combines well in the 20-minute-long episode. Nell choosing her friend’s choice over herself is a big step towards being selfless, and it comes out well in the screenplay. Hopefully, there will be more emotionally charged episodes in “Not Dead Yet” Season 1, and I really look forward to them.

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