‘S.I.T.’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Who Was The Real Killer? 

In the movie S.I.T., directed by Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy, the mystery revolves around the death of Navya of Navya Software Solutions in her own home. ACP Partha Saradhi and his team of four dive into the investigation to solve the case. There’s only one death, and yet there are multiple suspects, each raising their hands as if it’s some kind of twisted game show, and they are all claiming they did the killing to win prizes. Rather than solving a murder, it becomes this monotonous game at one point and makes you think, “Here we go again,” leaving you to guess who actually murdered her. Here, all the suspects have different motives and intentions, including her husband, her ex-boyfriend, her parents, and even the police. Let’s dive into S.I.T.‘s story to find out what happened to Navya.


Spoilers Ahead

Why did the police suspect Navya’s husband? 

Navya was the managing director of Navya Software Solutions, a renowned organization. After Navya was murdered in her own home, the Telangana police assembled a team and assigned the responsibility of solving the case to the renowned ACP Partha Saradhi. Partha was very serious about his job and was always determined to bring justice, even if it meant encountering those who committed heinous crimes like rape and murder. In a recent case, he’d ‘encountered’ a perpetrator named Vasu who’d raped and murdered a girl named Laxmi. It created quite a buzz, and though this action had consequences and put his job on the line, he was not ashamed of it. This gives you an idea of how determined he is and why he’s the best person for this job. Partha assembled a team of four—Kiran, G. Das, Deepti, and Rishi. However, they had to solve the case within 48 hours, putting a lot of pressure on them. They began gathering information from those close to Navya, such as her husband, parents, milkman, watchman, or maid, who might have known something useful for the investigation. Even though talking to her husband seemed to indicate that he was genuinely worried and wanted the police to find the killer, it became clear later that he was a doubting person who had always mistrusted his wife.


Navya’s parents revealed to the police that they used to fight all the time because her husband was very suspicious of her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Varun. He even installed CCTV cameras around the house and followed her everywhere. One day, he saw her with Varun in a café laughing and holding hands, which fueled his insecurities even more. When he snooped on Navya’s phone and found out that she had sent twenty lakh rupees to Varun, his doubts grew, and he insulted her by calling her all sorts of names. Although the CCTV footage from his office showed that he was at work at that time, he was not actually there. Instead, he took the help of a private investigator, who reported that nobody was home. He then took an autorickshaw to a gun dealer’s house and went home to shoot his wife, Navya, to seek his revenge. He justified his actions by stating he believed that Navya had betrayed his trust and deserved to die. But he can’t be the sole murderer. Why? He shot Navya at 6 o’clock in the evening, but the forensic report revealed that she had been strangled at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. This meant that her husband had shot Navya’s already-dead body. The question remained: who killed her first? They were yet to find out.

Why did the police suspect Varun? 

After receiving this information, obviously, the police thought that Varun, Navya’s ex-boyfriend, might know something since he and Navya were close. Initially, Varun claimed that on the day Navya was murdered, he was undergoing a kidney operation. However, further investigation revealed the truth because the private investigator hired by Navya’s husband reported that Varun had entered her house the afternoon Navya was murdered. Varun then admitted that he and Navya had indeed been close during their college days and were planning to get married. However, he forcefully tried to become physical with Navya, which she obviously didn’t like, and they broke up. Despite Varun’s attempts to get back together, Navya wasn’t interested. But after Navya got married, they reconnected since Varun was also married, and they became good friends. There’s a chance that Navya’s husband saw them together at the cafe on the same day Navya gave Varun 20 lakh rupees to help him open a restaurant. But later, Varun pressured her to sign a bank document as well for loaning that money. Navya’s married life was already terrible, and she practically begged Varun to stop contacting her because she wanted to save her marriage. However, Varun wasn’t okay with that and continuously called her, even coming to her home to threaten her. He threatened to leak a video he secretly took of her changing clothes before her marriage if she would not sign the document, and he stormed off to the bathroom in anger. While he was in the bathroom, Varun heard Navya scream for help, but he couldn’t get out because the door was locked from the outside. He managed to escape through the bathroom window. So, no, he did not murder Navya.


Why were Navya’s parents suspected? 

When Partha Saradhi and his team went to Navya’s parents’ home to investigate them, they discovered that Navya’s parents were not her biological parents. The police found out that her parents had been married for 22 years, and Navya, who was 24 years old, was brought up by them after her real parents passed away. The problem between them was pure greed, as Navya’s parents had put all their property in Navya’s name. Despite having done everything for her they couldn’t even access the property, which didn’t sit right with them. So, they visited Navya’s house to force her into signing documents transferring everything to them. Navya, who loved them dearly and considered them her parents, actually signed everything. However, despite signing the documents, her parents couldn’t suppress their anger towards her. They attempted to choke her to death, but Navya managed to call the police in time. Fortunately, the police arrived, and Navya was saved from being killed. But she was already half dead when she was rescued by the police.

Who was the real killer? 

You know, saying Navya was saved by the police would be stretching it because the very policeman who was supposed to protect her turned out to be her murderer. And you know who it was? None other than ACP Partha Saradhi himself. Actually, Navya was also working for an NGO for rape victims, fighting for their rights and justice. While working there, she filed a complaint against ACP Partha because of his crimes. You see, Partha Saradhi isn’t who he pretends to be; deep down, he’s a very flawed and corrupt police officer. Remember that case where he ‘encountered’ a boy named Vasu for raping and murdering a girl named Laxmi? Well, in reality, the crime was committed by Partha Saradhi’s own brother, Vicky. To get Vicky out of the city, Partha planted evidence in Vasu’s name, who actually saved Laxmi. Partha then ‘encountered’ Vasu, even though he didn’t commit the crime. Navya found out about this and complained against him. But sadly, she ended up being killed by ACP Partha as a form of revenge. But the story doesn’t end there.


In S.I.T.‘s end, we see that the police department wanted to bring justice by making ACP Partha Saradhi ‘encounter’ his brother Vicky for his crimes. As we witness the police department preparing to encounter Partha Saradhi for his actions, they receive a phone call. We don’t know the details of that call—perhaps it revealed that Partha didn’t actually commit any crime; maybe he didn’t kill Navya after all. Perhaps it’s something entirely different. Maybe he was taking the blame for someone else. We don’t know what the future holds for him, but one thing is certain: he won’t be working in the police department as an ACP anymore after all this. But what actually was said in that phone call? We’ll find out in the next part of S.I.T.

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