‘National Treasure: The Edge Of History’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was Salazar?

In the previous episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” we saw Jess helping her father escape the prison. Jess solved the puzzle pieces with her father Rafael’s help and came to the conclusion that the treasure was hidden in Devil’s Swamp. Unfortunately, Billie arrived there by tracking Rafael and captured both of them. To save her father’s life, Jess was forced to give Billie the treasure relics. Billie now possessed all three relics, and she was also aware of Devil’s Swamp. Will Billie be the one to locate the treasure rather than Jess? Let’s look at that.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Billie’s Boss? 

The ninth episode opens in Mexico, where Billie kidnaps Rafael and Jess and takes them to her private jet. Jess and Rafael were preparing to flee, but it appeared that it would be impossible for them to do so because Billie had captured them surrounded by high security. Jess, however, had a plan. The phone Ethan had given her was still in her pocket. She slipped it into Kacey’s luggage covertly so that Kacey wouldn’t find anything when she was searching for her. Rafael tried to remind Billie of her brother and parents, but Billie’s heart wasn’t as easily won over. She looked through Rafael’s journal and discovered a pencil with a needle popping out of it. In the meantime, Jess was trying to retrieve Ethan’s phone from Kacey’s bag; even though she was successful and opened the phone; Kacey caught her while she was trying to make an emergency call. While this was going on, Billie learned the needle’s purpose, so she grabbed the medallion from Jess and inserted the needle into a hole in it. When the medallion was opened, it appeared to be a compass. This compass would be helpful in locating the hidden treasure. Billie imprisoned Rafael and Jess while preparing to appear at the Devil’s Swamp to recover the treasure. Ross already knew of Myle’s murder thanks to Oren and Liam, so she looked into it, but there was no body or sign of blood in Sadusky’s room. Ross decided to look into it further because there were things scattered all over the floor, and the glass breakage seemed fishy. Meanwhile, the FBI had already arrested Ethan and Tash, so Ross questioned Tash about Jess. Tash didn’t want to believe Ross was going to help them; instead, she suspected Ross was planning to arrest Jess. But Ross persuaded her that she genuinely wanted to believe Jess was innocent. She gave Tash her phone number so that she could contact her in an emergency. Ross let them go. The emergency call that Jess had sent from Ethan’s phone had initially reached Meena. She called Oren to see if Ethan was all right. Ethan explained to her that Jess was in danger, so Meena sent him the SOS code to help. Tash used the SOS code to find Jess, but she needed access to Billie’s plane to figure out where they were going. Tash, Oren, Ethan, and Liam arrived at an old motel, where Tash unplugged a television antenna. She set up her system and eventually gained access to the security cameras of Billie’s private airplane. When they discovered that Billie was taking them to Mississippi, they took off immediately. During the journey, Liam discovered through secret codes written in his grandfather’s book of lost treasure that Billie was a treasure destroyer and worked for none other than Salazar. Ross and Dr. Zeke went on a date, and during their conversation about Liam’s testimony regarding Myle’s murder, Zeke advised Ross to go check out Sadusky’s house one more time. They both searched but were unable to detect another bloodstain. However, at that very moment, they heard some thugs approaching the clue room. When Ross saw that the thugs had come to take Myle’s phone from that location, she believed that Liam was right about the incident. When Ross emerged and started firing at them, one of the thugs managed to flee before the other was shot to death. Ross informed her department, and the cops arrived at Sadusky’s house with force agent Hendricks. Ross attempted to persuade Hendricks that Billie was responsible for all this, but Hendricks demanded proof. Meanwhile, Tash sent Ross video footage of Billie abducting Jess and Rafael. Hendricks was finally persuaded to launch the investigation and arrest Billie.


Who Was Salazar?

When Ross and Hendricks got to Billie’s empty plane, Ross discovered something that completely shook her belief system. Ross informed Hendricks that Billie had taken Rafael and Jess to the swamp after getting confirmation from Tash, but she soon noticed that Hendricks was holding a box of tic tacs, which made her remember that Zeke had earlier informed her that tic tac orange flavor candies contained orange dye. Ross was able to make all the connections and came to the conclusion that the orange stain she discovered on Peter Sadusky’s palm was caused by these tic-tac candies. That showed that Hendricks was the only one who could have killed Peter Sadusky, which is why he’d refused to let Ross look into his murder investigation. Ross understood that Hendricks was trying to cover up his own wrongdoing by pressuring her to arrest Jess. Ross ordered him to put handcuffs on himself as she pointed her revolver at him. Hendricks made an attempt to convince Ross that she was mistaken, but Ross trusted her gut. Hendricks was apprehended inside the plane, and Ross left for Mississippi.

With the use of the compass in the medallion, Billie was eventually able to find the exact spot where the hidden treasure was hidden in Devil’s Swamp. Ross, however, arrived there to stop Billie and her entire gang from harming Jess and Rafael. She thought she had control of the situation, but at that precise moment, Hendricks stabbed her from behind. Rafael gave him a puzzled look and uttered his name, “Salazar.” Therefore, it became clear that agent Hendricks was Salazar, who had disguised himself as an FBI agent the entire time. However, as Rafael recalled, we see in his flashbacks that Salazar was the one who’d murdered Billie’s brother, Sebastian. Thus, the reason Billie is currently working for Salazar is now in dispute. Billie may have been Salazar’s partner from the beginning and may have been convinced by Salazar that Rafael had murdered her brother. Alternatively, Billie may have been hatching a scheme to get revenge on Salazar in the future. Until the final episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History” airs on Disney screens, we can only speculate. So let’s just wait for all the mysteries to be revealed.


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