‘National Treasure: The Edge Of History’ Episode 8: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To The Relics?

Previously in “National Treasure: Edge of History,” episode 7, we saw that Jess unexpectedly discovered her father in a Mexican prison. She went there intending to speak with Salazar, but instead, she received information from her father about the third relic. She followed the lead and discovered the third relic in Sor Juana’s museum. Billie, however, had her sights set on the treasure and continued to use her advanced trackers to keep tabs on everyone. When she arrived at the prison to confront Salazar, she eventually ran into Rafael. Let’s check Rafael’s future to see what it holds.

Spoilers Ahead

Did Billie Kill Rafael?

In the opening scene of episode eight, Billie confronts Rafael in a Mexican jail and holds him responsible for her brother’s murder. Although Rafael insisted Salazar was responsible for Sebastian’s death, Billie thought Rafael was actually the one who robbed the bank under Salazar’s guise and killed Sebastian. Rafael was under threat from Billie to reveal the location of the treasure or else she would kill Jess, but Rafael chose not to. To free Rafael, Jess, Tasha, and Ethan planned to break into the prison, but Oren didn’t like the idea. He recanted, and Tasha and Ethan advised him to return to the US so that Jess wouldn’t raise any suspicions in the eyes of the law. While he was returning, Oren mentioned a drainage channel that led straight into the prison. He implied that Jess could enter the duct covertly to get to the prison.

After drafting a strategy, Jess, Tasha, and Ethan went to the duct to break into the cell. Jess descended the pipe and entered the prison. She discovered her father’s cell, where she didn’t find Rafael. A guard, however, spotted her and attacked her, but Rafael appeared and stopped him by attacking him from behind. Rafael and Jess escaped the prison after the guard was knocked out. They entered through an old and unutilized prison cell. However, they would have to cross the fencing that was watched over by a sharpshooter. Rafael urged Jess to cut the fence while he could use a mirror to try to blind the shooter’s eyes. The marksman aimed at Rafael as his mirror shattered and broke into pieces, but he was fatally shot in an instant. Rafael and Jess were stunned and had no idea who might have shot the security guard. Nevertheless, they left the prison as Tasha and Ethan arrived to pick them up in their car.

Myles, Peter Sadusky’s nurse, assisted Liam in getting access to Billie’s tracking information. Myles called Dario and attacked him to get all the information, but Liam discovered from the records that Billie had kept track of his father and that the last date she had tracked him was the day he drowned, proving that Billie was responsible for his death. He did learn that Billie and Jess were in Mexico from the tracking records, so he would need to be there. Billie’s minion, who had arrived with Dario, attacked Liam and Myles, and during the firefight, Myles was killed, but Liam managed to escape the scene. As Liam had already received Billie’s call, she was also able to track him. Meanwhile, as Oren returned home, FBI agent Ross confronted him, inquiring about Jess’ whereabouts, which Oren categorically denied knowledge of. Ross informed her boss, who was adamant that Jess was the one who murdered Sadusky, but Ross refused to believe it.

What Happened To The Relics?

Rafael and Jess were to be left in the middle of a field close to the border, as Ethan and Tasha were to leave. Rafael showed Jess a very important tree in their culture. This tree was used in a number of rituals, and Rafael had hidden the journal there. When Jess assembled all the pieces of the relics and showed them to him while claiming that they were puzzles, Rafael assisted Jess in locating the stars and the river, which would have provided a hint as to where the treasure was hidden. Jess discovered Devil’s Swamp when she used an app to examine the stars. But as soon as Rafael and Jess figured out the puzzle, Billie showed up there. She might have been keeping tabs on Jess and watching for her to locate the place where the treasure was kept. Jess hid behind a rock when Billie captured Rafael, but she had to emerge when she realized her father’s life was in danger.

Since Billie already knew about Devil’s Swamp, she took the puzzle boxes from Jess and began her quest to find the treasure while holding Jess and Rafael as hostages. Liam might have been about to travel to Mexico to rescue his beloved since he found out she was there, and Oren had confirmed it. However, the FBI detained Ethan and Tasha in Mexico after Ross told her supervisor where Jess was. We can suppose that Jess would have difficulty uncovering the wealth in later episodes while attempting to keep her father safe. See what happens after that.

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