‘My Demon’ Episodes 13-14 Recap & Spoilers: Was Madam Ju All Good?

My Demon was all fluffy and cheesy up until one episode ago, and now we’re veering into dramatic territory. Last week, we learned all about Gu-Won’s past life. Before killing himself, he vowed not to go to heaven because the god he believed in took away the love of his life. This is how he became the great demon that he is presently. Gu-Won and Do-Hee’s relationship is stronger than ever, because at the end of episode 12 of My Demon, Gu-Won promises to himself that he will prevent Do-Hee from suffering because of him, unlike in his past life. However, he is in for some surprises. As God said to him, history always repeats itself. Will Gu-Won be able to give Do-Hee the happiness she deserves? What is his big connection with her life? And what is Suk-Min up to?

Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 13?

Episode 13 of My Demon starts with Gu-Won admitting to Do-Hee that his past human life ended in tragedy when he took his own life and swore never to go to heaven. Now, he promises Do-Hee that he’s going to have a happy ending with her. While everything is rose-tinted, Do-Hee still suffers from trauma attached to her parent’s deaths. According to Seok-Hoon, she always buries herself in her work when she has to deal with feelings, and so he advises Gu-Won to simply be by her side and make sure she doesn’t overwork herself. On the other hand, the Mirae F & B team decides to collaborate with Gu-Won’s company because Ga-Young’s performance is all the rage currently. It’s Christmas time, and despite Gu-Won having a strained relationship with God, he will do anything to give Do-Hee the best time. She’s all sad that she has no one to celebrate with, so he makes it so that she feels like she’s surrounded by her parents and Mrs. Ju, celebrating Christmas together in her dream. The next day, he even goes out of his way, not using his powers, to bring a tree to decorate with Do-Hee.

Suk-Min invites the whole family for dinner, including Do-Hee. There’s something fishy because he insists. In the meantime, Suk-Min’s wife is still dealing with her son’s death. Her burn mark seems to be getting worse too. It’s pretty clear that this is Suk-Min’s doing, as she looks more depressed and haggard than ever. Later in the day, she tries to take some pills to end her life but can’t finish the job. Instead, she opens Suk-Min’s safe to see what kind of monster he really is. She finds the Demon Manual, and that’s when Suk-Min finds her. He decides to lock her up because she’s overstepping, but only after dinner, so everyone thinks they’re doing just fine. Their kid just died, but sure. Suk-Min has invited everyone to ask them to support him against the rest of the board in his decisions. It turns out he’s not doing so well with the team because he works very differently from Madam Ju. However, the real blow is that he wants to buy everyone else out, Do-Hee and Seok-Hoon’s shares of the company included. Of course, the two of them refuse to sell him their shares. Do-Hee even asks Suk-Min if he was just pretending to be ignorant about his son’s actions or if he really didn’t know. Suk-Min acts offended, saying he’s just lost his mother and son, and Do-Hee can’t throw accusations his way. However, Do-Hee’s the one who is truly appalled by his behavior and points out that if he were grieving, this meeting would not have taken place. This is a hard blow, though, because the next day Suk-Min shows his true colors by dismissing Seok-Hoon as CEO of his company under Mirae Group.

At the end of episode 13 of My Demon, Do-Hee goes to see Suk-Min, asking why he would trample on everything that Madam Ju had built all this time. At this point, Suk-Min is done playing nice, and he finally tells Do-Hee something cryptic. According to him, the Madam Ju she loved so desperately never cared for Do-Hee but was trying to chart her way to heaven after a life of sinning. Suk-Min tells Do-Hee that her parents had tried to stop Madam Ju from doing something illegal when the company was meant to be getting a large investment. Madam Ju had fought Do-Hee’s father and told him that she could never lose such an opportunity. Suk-Min had been there that night and recorded the conversation. Ultimately, he chokes Do-Hee, telling her to go ask Madam Ju herself. On the other hand, Gu-Won meets up with Suk-Min’s wife, who Suk-Min intends to lock up so that she doesn’t spill the beans on him. She knows Gu-Won is a demon and admits that Suk-Min is the cause of all the problems, calling him the devil.

What Happens In Episode 14?

Suk-Min tells Do-Hee that his mother killed her parents, and just as Do-Hee’s about to go unconscious, Gu-Won shows up to save her after hearing the truth from Suk-Min’s wife. Gu-Won takes Suk-Min up to the clock tower and threatens to drop him off the edge. Suk-Min even tries to make a deal with Gu-Won; he claims there’s no evidence against him; however, Gu-Won reminds him that his wife knows it all. Suk-Min lets go of Gu-Won himself, supposedly falling to his death, because that way he won’t have to deal with any consequences. Everyone learns that he’s the one who killed Madam Ju, and Gu-Won claims he must really be dead since he can’t find him anywhere using his powers. At night, Do-Hee tells Gu-Won that she needs to keep checking if he’s always behind her because it brings her comfort. He promises to respond whenever she calls his name.

Did Madam Ju Kill Do-Hee’s Parents?

Do-Hee and Gu-Won go to the church that Madam Ju always visited. Madam Ju had told the priest to tell Do-Hee the truth if she ever came asking. She had always prayed that Do-Hee would forgive her. According to the priest, Madam Ju had been angry and had driven after Do-Hee’s parents. Do-Hee’s father had been speeding and then ended up in an accident. Madam Ju believed that if she hadn’t followed them, it would’ve never happened. However, she claims to have seen the devil that day. In truth, Do-Hee’s father had made a deal with Gu-Won. However, he had begged to make a new one because his wife had died instantly in the car accident, which would leave Do-Hee alone. We don’t know what exactly Do-Hee’s father had asked for; however, Gu-Won obviously didn’t allow him to make another deal, sending him to hell and leaving Do-Hee all alone (oops). Madam Ju had been feeling guilty all these years; however, it was all Gu-Won’s doing, so even if she hadn’t been there, Do-Hee’s parents would’ve ended up dead.

This is when Gu-Won finally learns that he already brought all the suffering into Do-Hee’s life that he was trying so hard to avoid. God reminds him that she only observes and never controls anything, so it’s always the human, in this case the demon, who needs to learn to deal with things for themselves. The next day, Do-Hee ends up in Gu-Won’s office without his knowledge. A woman whose contract has ended shows up there too (not sure how) and asks Gu-Won to cancel the contract. She claims she doesn’t want the success and money he’s given her, and she made a mistake ten years ago. Gu-Won’s eyes turn red, and he reminds the woman that he’s a demon, not an angel, as she writhes in pain in front of him. Do-Hee sees it all and realizes how evil Gu-Won can really be as the woman dies. This is when Do-Hee realizes her father would’ve also been in a similar position, just a name and a clock in Gu-Won’s massive office. Do-Hee feels suffocated and leaves, running away from Gu-Won when his assistant tells him she’s there. Everyone she ever loved has now become her personal hell—her father, Madam Ju, and Gu-Won. At the end of episode 14 of My Demon, Gu-Won realizes he’ll only bring more pain and suffering into Do-Hee’s life and decides to leave her. Do-Hee can’t help but continue to love him, and she calls out his name expectantly, hoping he’ll answer, but he doesn’t. The question remains: is Suk-Min alive, and will Gu-Won come to save Do-Hee? We’ll find out in the final two episodes of My Demon.

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