‘My Demon’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap & Spoilers: What Happened In Gu-Won’s Past Life?

Based on how similar K-dramas are every year, one could imagine that there’s a mandate handed out at the beginning of each year that everyone should follow. What else can explain the similarities between them? Take, for example, all the shows in the last year that have used the traditional fireworks scene. Or all the shows that have taken their protagonists to Thailand? Obviously, I’m a conspiracy theorist; however, it is a bit tedious to see the same thing happen over and over again, even if it includes a different pair of faces. While My Demon started off a little bit unique (as unique as it can get with a demon involved), it’s now simmered down to the same old thing we’ve seen 100 times. I suppose if you’ve got two of the hottest stars on your show, anything works, right? Personally, I don’t think so; however, here we are. So let’s quickly get into what happened in episodes 11 and 12 of Destined with…, my bad, My Demon.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 11?

Now that Gu-Won is back to being a demon, he’s gone back to behaving like a narcissistic god looking down on all the humans in his vicinity (he didn’t realize demons and men had so much in common). Well, most of the episode is about Gu-Won returning to his demon senses and loving them. Of course, Do-Hee is also well and healed, thanks to Gu-Won’s powers, so they have all the time in the world to spend with each other. While Gu-Won is excited to have more contracts signed, he can feel his human empathy creep up at the back of his neck and starts to grant wishes for free (whoops). In the meantime, Bok-Gyu and Secretary Shin have fallen in love (not surprising to anyone except Gu-Won and Do-Hee) and are meeting in secret. Comically, Do-Hee believes her beloved secretary would betray her only to learn that she’s simply infatuated by Bok-Gyu.


Amidst all the fun, Gu-Won continues to have dreams about his past life. He’s not meant to dream as a demon, so why? Homeless God tells him that it’s possibly because he wants to go back to being human. He needs closure for something he did back then, which is why he probably erased those memories earlier, considering they must’ve been nightmares. According to the homeless God, fate always repeats itself, so whatever he’s been dreaming about is probably going to resurface soon enough (as soon as the next episode!). In episode 11 of My Demon, we learn that Do-Hee’s father had left the company before he died in the car accident. Suk-Min gives Do-Hee a picture of Madam Ju and her parents as a symbol of truce. However, Suk-Min notices that the cross has returned to Gu-Won’s wrist while he’s there.

In a vulnerable moment, Do-Hee requests Gu-Won to give her a hug and grant her a wish: to always be by her side. Unsurprisingly, Gu-Won promises to stay by her side no matter what happens. We finally got answers about Seok-Hoon after that negative episode preview we got two weeks ago. It turns out Seok-Hoon is still on Do-Hee’s side and pretends to join Suk-Min’s team as a mole. Seok-Hoon finds the Demon book in Suk-Min’s house and tells Do-Hee about it. They’re all quite confused as to why he’d have it with him. On the other hand, we see Suk-Min tell a bedridden Do-Gyeong to turn himself in for all the murders, including Madam Ju’s. Suk-Min is taking advantage of Do-Gyeong’s mental state to make him believe he actually killed his own grandmother.


Do-Gyeong confesses to his father’s crimes to the police, and Do-Hee tries to understand him. He tells Gu-Won he wants to make a deal with him before showing signs of being very mentally unstable. The detectives decide to do a psychiatric evaluation on Do-Gyeong. At the end of episode 11 of My Demon, both Seok-Hoon and Jin Ga-Young show their support for Do-Hee and Gu-Won as a couple. Seok-Hoon admits that he’s happy to see someone like Gu-Won by Do-Hee’s side to always protect her, and Ga-Young (somewhat) apologizes to Do-Hee for being a brat.

What Happened In Gu-Won’s Past Life?

Gu-Won used to be a nobleman’s son named Yi-Sun in his past life. He fell in love with a courtesan named Wolsim, who happens to be the Do-Hee of the time. While at first Wolsim stood him up and didn’t pay heed to him, owing to their different classes, she succumbed to her feelings after many chance encounters. Obviously, as the rich guy, Yi-Sun has the naive notion that he and Wolsim can be together because love defeats all else. After some deliberation, he learns about the Western culture, which believes all humans are equal. When word goes out that Yi-Sun is associating with Catholics and falling in love with a courtesan, his father is furious. Yi-Sun is sent off to another town under the guise of work, so Wolsim can be held responsible for everything that has happened and be punished. Before leaving, Yi-Sun gives Wolsim the crucifix that we see Gu-Won wearing in the present day. Now it makes more sense for the demon to be wearing a cross around his neck.


As expected, Yi-Sun returns just in time to witness the love of his life get killed for his own naivety. Unlike other heroes of the K-drama world, though, he turns to the dark side and kills everyone—his family and friends too—that stood against Wolsim. At the end, he kills himself, promising never to go to heaven if that’s where God is, thus birthing a demon. When Gu-Won wakes up, he’s in tears, realizing he’s the reason Do-Hee died back then. For most of the rest of episode 12 of My Demon, Gu-Won spends time pondering how he might cause harm to Do-Hee in this world too. God fuels these feelings by reminding him that history always repeats itself.

What Happens In Episode 12?

On the other hand, Do-Gyeong’s mother is tired of being trampled on by her husband. It appears as if the whole family has made deals with the department, or it could be the brunt of Suk-Min’s deal that they all have to pay. Do-Gyeong and his mother have a conversation in prison, where he calls her out for never taking his side. She tells him that she lived by the rules, so she never got punished; however, Do-Gyeong made mistakes and gave into his dark feelings, ending up getting punished. She basically tells Do-Gyeong he deserves to rot in prison and leaves. This leads Do-Gyeong to kill himself. The psychiatric evaluation reveals that Do-Gyeong was in a bad way; Seok-Hoon even calls him a ticking time bomb; however, Do-Hee was saved thanks to Gu-Won. Do-Gyeong may have been treated differently if he hadn’t had the conversation with his mother. At the funeral, we see the same kind of marks on Do-Gyeong’s mother’s hand as his own; this could either mean that Suk-Min “punished” her or she may have harmed herself, knowing she led her son into this terrible fate. She also seems suspicious of her husband, so it’s not quite certain if it really is a suicide.

What Did Madam Ju See On The Day Of The Accident?

At the funeral, Suk-Min pretends to be devastated and even apologizes to Do-Hee. He has the audacity to speak about the company right outside the funeral of his son. It’s simply so that the word about his son having mental illnesses and killing his own grandmother doesn’t get out. Ultimately, seeing how things are going, Gu-Won makes the decision that he will protect Do-Hee and not let the past repeat itself. They promise to live through the misery together too. Elsewhere, a priest prays for all the demonic entities on earth to be destroyed as we go into a flashback to the day of Do-Hee’s parents’ accident.

At the end of episode 12 of My Demon, we learn that Do-Hee’s father made a deal with Gu-Won in front of Madam Ju. It appears as if she may have wanted to make one as well, because Gu-Won simply gives her a smile before the end of the episode. How is everything linked, and what did Madam Ju ask for? Will they be destroyed by their fate, or will they be able to save themselves? In the preview of next week’s episode, we see Suk-Min rub more salt into Do-Hee’s wound by telling her that Madam Ju killed her parents. Is this true, and will Do-Hee get over it? We’ll find out in episode 13 of My Demon.


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