‘Faceless After Dark’ Ending Explained & Movie Recap: Did Bowie Become A Killer?

Who doesn’t like a low-budget slasher film with a clown causing havoc and bloodshed? Raymond Wood’s Faceless After Dark takes a new approach to this genre and turns the prey into a hunter. Wood goes with the classic slasher tropes, and you can see he has fully given in to the vision, and it pays off handsomely. 


Spoilers Ahead

What happens in the movie?

A small-time actress, Bowie Davidson, is tired of going through life barely subsisting. Her last movie was a dud, and she finds herself signing autographs at Slashercon for nothing. Her girlfriend Jessica is also an actor, whose popularity is only growing day by day. Jessica doesn’t acknowledge their relationship out in public, and that doesn’t sit well with Bowie, but there’s nothing she can do about it. When Jessica leaves for London, Bowie finds herself alone in the house. After getting rejected for a few roles that she wanted, Bowie’s friend Ryan advises her to work on something of her own. Bowie tries to write something fresh, but soon her demons take over, and she starts to party alone, with the bottle of vodka being her only companion. What seems like a normal night soon changes course as one of Bowie’s fans sneaks into the house wearing the same mask as the clown who was hunting Bowie in her last movie.


Does the clown kill Bowie?

Bowie has had plenty to drink, and one of her framed movie reviews has found itself reduced to ashes. She can’t sleep without her phone, and she starts to look for it. After finding her phone by the grill, she notices that the motion sensor in her living room has detected unusual activity. She notices the clown creeping into the house, and the clown chooses to attack her just then. Bowie drops her phone but manages to run away from the clown. She gets the worst of panic attacks after she locks herself upstairs and only comes back to normalcy after several minutes. She tries to find an old phone, but the ancient phone has no battery. She then puts the phone on charge, and the killer clown turns the power off. Bowie can only make one emergency call, which gets disconnected too. She gathers up courage, arms herself with a prop machete from her movie, and manages to catch the clown. The fan seems to be a basic sicko who asks Bowie to call the cops on him if she wants. Bowie slashes his ankles instead, and as he’s cursing her, she slashes his throat. 

How does Bowie kill more people?

A cop shows up at Bowie’s doorstep just after she murders the guy, but she manages to convince him that it was a scare and everything is fine. She dumps the clown’s car in a parking lot and watches the footage of her killing the man. She’s kind of in love with how she did what she did, and she picks up a call from another obsessed fan and invites him in. He thinks he’s in for a hookup, but he then gets knocked out. Bowie has tied the man to a chair, and now she is filming him. She’s found out that the man is a pedophile and a creep who creeps on young girls on social media. Soon she kills him too by cutting off two of his fingers and stabbing his head with the machete. She’s no different than a wild animal now, as Bowie is now obsessed with the bloodlust. The same pattern follows when she finds a middle-aged man in her texts. This guy gets the worst of it, hoping for a good night that turns out to be his last. Bowie castrates him for being a cheater and a sexual predator, before putting his junk inside his own mouth. Bowie puts clown makeup on the guy before killing him, as she’s now compiling the murder clips to make her own movie. She needs a third act, and she finds her new victim on Jessica’s social media. 


Who’s Bowie’s final act?

Bowie invites a troll named Soccermom, who kind of slutshames Jessica for being too forward in her pictures. Bowie pretends to be asking for help from her, and as soon as she arrives, Bowie has her eyes set on her final act. Soccermom notices Bowie and Jessica’s pictures together, and before she knows it, Bowie hits her in the head. The soon-to-be victim is not out yet, and she drags herself to the kitchen. She stabs Bowie and twists and turns the knife many times, but Bowie has become a full-on psycho killer. Bowie chokes her unconscious and then burns her, just like they did in the Salem witch trials. She goes on to edit all the killings and apply lots of cutting, joining, and cinematic effects; it’s done. She goes to find blood from her victims and uses it as her lipstick to shoot herself in front of the camera. The police find the body of her victims, and each of the corpses are pinned with an actor’s contract on. 

Why did Bowie become a killer?

Bowie had demons that were too inexplicably complex to understand for anyone but her. For someone who’s seen days of success, she reached her rock bottom, and the trolls only worsened it. When the first clown came to kill her and she acted in self-defense, little did she know that she’d take three others down soon after. She performs a scene where she’s showing all kinds of emotions, but she’s numb when the cops come to arrest her. She jumped off the edge after being scared for too long, and that leads to her ending up in an asylum.


What happens in the mid-credits scene?

After a few months of Bowie’s killing spree, Jessica Jennings is getting interviewed about how she feels about playing Bowie in the new TV show Blood Monsoon based on her killings. Another female actress listens to a podcast where two men criticize female actors for complaining about stalking. They believe it’s a part of the business, and there shouldn’t be much whining about it. The woman looks at her table, where a knife is resting. She might be the one taking over the killing clown role since Bowie now rots in an asylum.

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